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  1. Well I guess you better tell the head coach of a national champ and a team that made the elite 8 two of the past three years his coaches aren't very good at evaluating talent. Keep me up to date on this
  2. lol that would take the cake. Was talking with someone that does local sports radio and he told me the sun got blasted with emails over stuff that was posted on here but not put into any of the stories covering this. He told me his show followed up with two of the schools listed and they confirmed what was said. Guess everyone has a scoop now.
  3. You don’t need prove anything to anyone on here. Just be a proud pop who put his boys into college.
  4. Very very sad news. Thoughts an prayers to his family.
  5. Tony an Dancel are very tight.
  6. SFA

    And yet CA and TX have made rules not to play IMG.
  7. SFA

  8. Need all the prayers and support the family can get.
  9. SFA

    Davis is talking out his ***. Himself and Damico started all this last year trying to get all the coaches on board not to play them before the year then did again it for the playoffs.
  10. SFA

    Might have ran into a Ms Vampire
  11. What playoff Spalding and CHC have dropped them also. You have at the moment McDonogh, Gilman, and SFA and I'm guessing that will change also.
  12. SFA

    Recruting went well 9 kids signed thanks for asking. Guess you haven’t been to any MSJ-SFA games, MSJ is fine.
  13. SFA

    They dont want anymore after losing to MSJ two years in a row.
  14. Oh ya most definitely lol. I guess at some point with all these coaches an the best players money can buy you have to win the “MNC” right?