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  1. Have no issue with the turkey bowl at all an think it's a great tradition. But that's not the question. DD an the CHC AD voted for the playoff. So if they want one an want to participate in it why should everyone have to make accommodations for them? Now the MIAA voted to do so which is great. It's fine now because one school is in rebuilding mode an not a factor. But we'll end up where we were when the playoffs were shutdown at one point. No way is CHC gonna bow out of a state wide private school playoff. You guys say that but if one was being put together after this season like I heard, CHC will want a seat at the table. Then we'll really see what is what.
  2. This is were you're wrong. DD wants a playoff an wants to be a part of it. Loyola I have no idea. So as long as they are a part of the MIAA the league will honor the turkey bowl. No way CHC will opt out of a state wide private league playoff. That would kill their recruiting. MIAA will not hang each school out to dry so yes these two schools are preventing it.
  3. Gonna chime in and say Damascus and Wise 1a 1b.
  4. The DMV stops at Fredericksburg according to my buddy at Highland Springs. Said that's were the VT UVA an SEC coaches draw the line between the 757 an DMV.
  5. Is this talk all over a scrimmage?
  6. Dam man first you kick off the mass exodus thread now this. What MSJ ever do to you LOL.
  7. Re: Logan Holgorsen transferring Friday at 5:59 PM Last edited Friday at 6:01 PM by TXEER If he is planning on playing football in Katy TX he better be really, really good! And there is no St Francis or St Frances HS in Katy.
  8. SFA cranking up the hype machine what better way than bring the WVU head coaches son to play QB.
  9. LOL better tell Saban to retract that offer an hire you to recruit for him.
  10. Did you ever think it was going to be any different
  11. any poll that has McNamara in the top 10 can't be taken seriously
  12. Yup agree, MSJ has a great incoming class to go along with these two young men.
  13. Yup the dapper dan was close but the Capital Classic is what started it all IMO. First game I ever went to was in 81 and those teams were stacked.
  14. DJ my boy an I were talking about this the other day. I was telling him back in my day the capital all star game was the biggest. But is the McD game an the Jordan all star game the same thing? Don't follow like I use to.
  15. Seems like 15 people might know plus some on here