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  1. Gentlemen can we move off this race and other non football b.s. posts. I know many complain about Gilman taking over every topic but it seems a couple here have far surpassed that with the same b.s. in a couple threads.
  2. Agree having Dematha even ranked really makes the poll an the voters lose credibility. Also having Linganore an Dunbar two State Champions outside the top ten is even worse. To be so biased isn't a good look for these reporters who are supposed to be objective.
  3. I'm sure it's the same as every other school.
  4. But didn't they have a two year contract?
  5. Yes I know they are two years. There was a hand shake to keep it going just like MSJ is doin with GC. Cilentro called third week of July to cancel.
  6. Bullis also bailed on MSJ last minute after losing two years in a row to them. It goes both ways.
  7. To many ego's to make that happen. IAC likes to pick an choose when they play the WCAC an MIAA. And the MIAA an WCAC would never be able to work with the turkey bowl. But now that Loyola is out it can combine into one league. But the MIAA is a good old boy network that is completely mis-managed by these idiots. Not sure how Lee Dove still has a job.
  8. He had 101 yards on 14 carries. The Atl offense looked horrible an they helped them by kept throwing an getting sacked. The coaching staff lost that game completely. Can't believe the Titans won another game were the staff lost the game. 4th an 2 and you run a dam speed option with Smith what the heck. You lost to a team that had 2 turnovers an had a 18pt lead on. Same thing Hunt had 11 carries. Flip side Titans jumped on Henry's back an rode it to the win. 25 carries 150+ yards an the W.
  9. These coaches out smart themselves. How the hell you only give Gurley 14 rushing attempts. He should have had 25+.
  10. So let me get this straight. You guys are saying Mike Locksley born and bred in DC, who has been a college coach his whole life at the highest level. At this moment getting ready for a national championship game as the co-offensive coordinator at arguably the most prestige football program in the nation saw the Gilman opening and said hey I want that job? GTFOH.
  11. Look they suck no way around it. Ambrose has had one winning season without West and hasn't been in the playoffs without him. He's 52-54 overall, with West he was 29-10, without 23-44 you can do the math. You ask most that were on the team when West was there and figure out why Ambrose has a bad rep. And you can back that up with West's tenure in the NFL.
  12. Crab Bowl isn't run by the GYFL crew is it?
  13. I can see were you might have assumed I was talking about one coach, but I was talking about two. He's a Jr an has two more years to develop my friend, just like so many were down on Sticks and Morrsell. Tell you what anytime you want to talk to them in person let me know I'll have you over at practice.
  14. Well I guess you better tell the head coach of a national champ and a team that made the elite 8 two of the past three years his coaches aren't very good at evaluating talent.
  15. Easy Mr Bishop with be a top 100 2019 players by the end of this year. Talked with a few college coaches walking through the gym who think he'll be top10 PG in the country next year.