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  1. I'm sad.. one of the Berry College eaglets fell from the nest yesterday evening and did not survive.
  2. Happy birthday <spank!>
  3. Nope, retired June 1st. 44 years, 4 months and 9 days. I was going to stay till I had 45 years, but things had been going down hill and it just wasn't fun anymore. I want to get out of Baltimore alive... and away from the cold.
  4. Yep! South Carolina.
  5. I'm not local..
  6. Oh those were the days..
  7. Do you mean "alties"?
  8. sEEMed to WoRk OkAy..
  9. Crack out the Captain Morgan.
  10. Injured thigh keeping him out of this weeks game. I was looking forward to seeing him against the 1st stringers.
  11. My son rebuilt this Dyno Nitro but he's having a hard time selling it for the money he put into it. He'll think twice before rebuilding any other bikes. https://baltimore.craigslist.org/bik/d/1996-dyno-nitro-24-bmx/6265966243.html
  12. What I like about this is all the money will go directly to aid and not to administrative fees that some charities take for themselves.
  13. I hope this kid makes the team, he's all over that field, and two interceptions in preseason... Ozzie's undrafted rookie this year.
  14. Happy birthday again TFMM.. it's like an annual thing.
  15. I like that Woodrum isn't afraid to run. Keep him, release Mallet..