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  1. I won 6 and on the 7th day I rested.
  2. You're forgiven.
  3. You will NEVER guess who I heard from today! Maybe he'll unlurk.
  4. You can remove the picture by clicking to edit your post, right click the picture and hit the delete button, then save. You can't add new pictures anymore, we knew that wouldn't last, never does.
  5. Come on, I know there are more lurkers out there. 'Fess up.
  6. Come on, you know who you are...
  7. They're still around.
  8. Happy Friday JD.. maybe some other posters will check out the new look.
  9. I just wanna scratch those ears! I can remember when you first got him.
  10. Okay.. this is funny (under the "Staff" listing). Old Admin must be really old..
  11. Actually, you're 100% correct, the cat does rule. The dog is afraid of her.
  12. But while it's here...
  13. The Ravens site also has an article.. the picture of the light shinning on Konrad's grave gave me chills. Excellent writing by Garrett Downing. http://stories.baltimoreravens.com/heart-of-a-raven
  14. He was actually moving the truck forward. I'm guessing it was so high up he couldn't see her. My heart breaks for him.