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  1. It's not the place it used to be, but every now and then someone pops in. Hard to believe it's the end of an era. I would like to thank you all for the many years of friendship you've given me... well.. most of you, all the laughs, all the caring, and even some tears. I know a lot of the regulars are on Facebook, and we can still keep in touch, but during those "old" times this place rocked! So as the final episode of M*A*S*H* put it... Goodbye, Farewell and Amen
  2. I’ll send you the link tomorrow, my phone is being stupid.
  3. Hi EY, glad you got a chance to stop by one more time. Open Mic has a Facebook page if anyone is interested.
  4. Well... not exactly. My new home doesn't have a basement (relocated to South Carolina in January). But there is a shed.
  5. Hi Rael! How have you been?
  6. One last time...
  7. I haven't seen Antman yet, other than a brief appearance in another one of the Marvel movies. That will be on my "to watch" list. I would guess most of the Guardians come back since there is a 3 in the making. I could listen to Drax's laugh all day..
  8. I loved the movie, but wasn't up-to-date on the characters and the connection to previous movies. Now that I'm all caught up I want to see it again. Can't wait for the next chapter.
  9. Sooo.. just curious, who saw the movie and what did you think? I walked out with a "what the hell?" face..
  10. Pepper, so sorry for your loss. Our pets are the best part of our family, they love unconditionally. I recently found a vet down here in SC that makes house calls, and ironically enough she's from Baltimore. When the time comes we'll keep Sadie comfortable in the place she knows. She just turned 11 so hopefully she'll be with us many more years.
  11. I love the guy... hate the team He deserved the Walter Payton Man of the Year award last year... and maybe again this upcoming season.
  12. Hey!! My feet aren't THAT big!! How long can a moose hold it's breath?
  13. I remember the "poo poo choo choo" from Maryland...
  14. Happy Friday the 13th!!
  15. The "common core math" is terrible! I helped Kay with her homework a couple times and the old way would have been so straight forwarded, but this new crap of breaking down all the ways to get the answer is confusing. I guess since she wasn't taught as we were she understands, but I just don't get it.
  16. I'm sad.. one of the Berry College eaglets fell from the nest yesterday evening and did not survive.
  17. Happy birthday <spank!>
  18. Nope, retired June 1st. 44 years, 4 months and 9 days. I was going to stay till I had 45 years, but things had been going down hill and it just wasn't fun anymore. I want to get out of Baltimore alive... and away from the cold.
  19. Yep! South Carolina.
  20. I'm not local..
  21. Oh those were the days..
  22. Do you mean "alties"?
  23. sEEMed to WoRk OkAy..
  24. Crack out the Captain Morgan.