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  1. Thank you from someone that actually knows. I believe the Reggie Boyce and Ali Culpeper teams of the mid 90s were the best in my opinion.
  2. I said 2007-2008. I referred to both of them, but again both are much better than 2017.
  3. Then a Vamp must be set in their ways because obviously there is no changing your mind on this topic. Again it is just my opinion. I have been around the bmore area for a long time and have seen many local teams. I am just stating my opinion. We can now move on from this subject. Congrats to Dunbar 2017, a team who may be in the top 10-15 teams that I have seen from Dunbar over the last 20 years.
  4. Yes I would think they were great if they lost that game. New England Patriots lost to Giants in 07. Does that mean the Patriots were not the most dominate team that year? There were a host of superstars on that team that went on to play in college. I can only name the Dunbar qb this year but I can name off at least 6-8 studs from 08 til this day. Dunbar 2014-15 was better and more talented than this years team. Yes, they won the 1a state championship but I personally was not impressed with this Dunbar team as I have been in years past. Again, just my opinion.
  5. I just don't see the comparison. Just my opinion. We saw what happened when they moved to 2a. They made it far but couldn't win it. They are good in the 1a and I'm sure they are happy to be there. Props to them, but dunbar 07-08 would have eaten this team up. Again just my opinion.
  6. And YES The DayWalker is saying 2017 Dunbar is just as good as 2008 Dunbar. TA was the greatest player ever but THE TEAM, it's performance, wasn't appreciably better than 2017 Dunbar. Again, you are going off the mantra of "any given Sunday (Friday or Saturday)" You have just lost all credibility on this topic. Honest question. Could Dunbar beat Wise this year or even stay close. Honest opinion?
  7. You are talking theory, I am speaking reality. And if you are saying 2017 Dunbar is as good as 2008 Dunbar you have just lost all credibility that I had for you.
  8. Vamp, The reason I bring up the past is simple. Dunbar does not have as much talent as they used to, but the privates have just as much if not more. Private school talent will always be there, but public school talent comes in ebbs and flows. I did give them their props. I just dont think they would fair well against the other champs or the MIAA A. You are right we coulda shouda woulda all day long but you do the same by stating that Dunbar could. The City does have open enrollment that is why there is only a few good teams. All the talent is eaten up by a few schools so you can say that Dunbar does have a level playing field. Now they cant play out of state guys but they sure can play out of city guys, which they have.
  9. Vamp, I usually agree with you on most things but not this. Dunbar is good, but no where near as good as they once were. Even when they had Austin, McManus, etc they struggled with better talent. Wise would shut Dunbar out. Damascus and Linganore would beat them. If FT Hill had any speed on def and I mean any the outcome MAY have been different. What I look at is at how easily Ft Hill was able to chunk yards out on Dunbar. Wise, Dmass and Linganore has similar styles with much more speed. Props to Dunbar for winning and I suspect that they will have more at the 1A level. But lets not get ahead of ourselves. Discipline and penalties would kill Dunbar and that is usually their Achilles heel. They just have enough talent and speed to make up for it. Also, this years Dunbar team would be at the bottom of the MIAA A. Even when they were excellent they would struggle.
  10. Yea. I did not understand it. Can anyone else clarify?
  11. Ok cool. They did not mention the unsportsmanlike on the tv telecast. Makes sense.
  12. I did not understand one call in the Dunbar Ft Hill game. I believe it was 3rd quarter. 3rd and long for Dunbar. Dunbar qb throws deep downfield and there was a clear pass int called on ft hill but there was also an illegal chop block at line of scrimmage by dunbar. Dunbar was awarded a fist down and ended up scoring on that drive. Why didnt the penalties off set and Dunbar have 3rd and long again? Does anyone remember that play?
  13. Unless they can stop the run, unlike what they did against Allegheny, it could be a shootout. I know that the Poets have probably improved but so have the Sentinels. Should be a good one. 4A - Wise 3A - Linganore 2A - Dmass 1A - I'll go with FH because of their title winning streak, but could go either way. Pick'em
  14. Damn. I guess my shutout prediction was wrong, but a severe beat down nonetheless. Seems like the onside at the beginning of the game was the best call they made all game.
  15. Going to be a shutout.