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  1. Uh oh Mop, you better not bet him either. $10k minimum.
  2. Something like that buddy. The Gilman implosion is the reason I came back. Also, I love seeing all these private guys moaning and groaning over SFA. Very comical. It is kind of like the president, they live in a fantasy land. This is just entertainment until the real season starts during the public playoffs.
  3. I thought I was you and you were me.
  4. No doubt
  5. He is stepping down and not returning at a later date. They already hired a new head coach from within. Bill Brinnager(sp?) From what I was told the new guy is a former player and ET grad from early 2000s and he has been on staff for 6 or 7 seasons.
  6. Yes. All are legit
  7. Wow. Murphy at Curley, Mesaros at ET and now Strunk from Howard all stepping down. The winds of change are blowing. Big names and solid programs will be replacing long time head coaches.
  8. stepping down
  9. Have it on good authority that Eastern Tech will be open.
  10. Would love that. Great idea. Never understood having an all-star game for seniors in the summer.
  11. It is all locker room banter......Just grab them by the p%$#@ - Donald J. Trump
  12. Not Patapsco
  13. Not SP. Another school. Will be announced soon according to sources. By the way, who filled SP?
  14. I am hearing there may be a head coaching opening in East Baltimore County.
  15. Interesting teams. This has to be the first time that I remember that no Gilman player made first team all-met