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  1. TB Colorado NYM Baltimore Pitt Washington KC Cleveland St. L Boston Chicago Cubs Seattle LAD Arizona Texas
  2. Why no Manny in lineup?
  3. Toronto Cleveland Miami Washington Boston NYM White Sox Baltimore cubs Texas LAD LAA CINCY ARIZONA NYY Monday Cleveland
  4. Starting pitchers getting suspended is a joke, unkess they get more than 5 days. You suspend them 3 days they dont miss a start. The appeal the suspension til they make there start then they drop appeal.
  5. Just because the ball is in the outfield doesnt mean it cant be infield fly rule. "Catchable by an infielder" Any fair fly ball that could be caught by an infielder with ordinary effort is covered by the rule, whether or not it is in the infield, and whether or not an infielder catches it, or even attempts to catch it. For example, if an infielder retreats to the outfield in an effort to catch a fly ball, the infield fly rule may be invoked because the ball could have been caught by the infielder. Similarly, infield fly may also be called if an outfielder runs into the infield to catch a fly ball, if it could have been caught by an infielder with ordinary effort. It may be helpful to think of it as the "infielder fly rule". Specifically, the rule states an infield fly call should be determined by "whether the ball could ordinarily have been handled by an infielder, not by some arbitrary limitation such as the grass, or the base lines. The umpire must rule also that a ball is an infield fly, even if handled by an outfielder, if, in the umpire's judgment, the ball could have been as easily handled by an infielder."
  6. So infield fly was not called?
  7. How was it a triple play? The batter is out and the other runners do not have to advance. Why was Pedroia out?
  8. TB NYM St. L Pitt Baltimore Boston Cleveland Washington Arizona LAA Detroit Texas SF LAD Cubs Monday Baltimore Cleveland
  9. Washington NYY TB Detroit StL Cubs Cleveland Houston Pitt Milwaukee KC LAA Arizona SF LAD Sunday Baltimore TB Pitt Cleveland Detroit Washington Milwaukee Houston Minnesota StL LAA SF LAD Arizona cubs
  10. Houston Cubs Baltimore Atlanta Pitts St. L Detroit Cleveland KC SF LAA Seattle LAD Miami Washington Baltimore
  11. 0-2 pitch and the guy hits a granny. Unbelievable
  12. So sorry. MESA, Ariz. — Former Baltimore Ravens tight end Todd Heap's daughter has died Friday after she was run over in the family's driveway, WBAL sister station KPNX reported. Mesa, Ariz., police said Heap was behind the wheel of a truck when he accidentally ran over his 3-year-old daughter, who was pronounced dead at a hospital. Police said Heap showed no signs of impairment, KPNX reported. An investigation continues. Heap was drafted by the Ravens in 2001. He played for the Ravens for 10 seasons and then with the Arizona Cardinals in 2011 and 2012.
  13. Maybe Flacco taught him
  14. Toronto NYM Cleveland Cincinnati Washington Boston SD LAA Cubs SF Houston Sox Texas LAD St. Louis