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  1. Bundy 7 scoreless innings
  2. Boston NYY St. Louis Philly Pitts Toronto NYM Washington Minnesota LAA Cubs LAD Seattle SF Houston Monday Boston
  3. When will ownership realize they are losing a lot of money by not signing GOOD players
  4. NYY Boston KC Pitt Philly Houston Detroit Minn Cubs St. L Toronto Colorado LAD LAA Washington Monday Toronto
  5. Saturday Philly Arizona Milwaukee Sunday Balitmroe NNY Boston Detroit St. Louis Cubs KC Houston LAA Cleveland Washington LAD
  6. Pats only because I cant stand Eagles fans
  7. Yes it was a mistake WOULDNT wish it on anyone
  8. Yea, but I wouldn’t wish paralysis on anyone.
  9. Man I hope it is not as bad as it looks
  10. Oh I forgot you think he is Elite
  11. Is it time to bench Flacco and give Mallet a chance or someone else?
  12. My guess is the airbag caused the face injuries
  13. Mock was in a bad accident this week. Broken nose, broken cheek bone, broken bone in her neck. She was rear ended by a distracted driver.
  14. Im wondering why Villanueva came out and apologized. He said he thru his team and coaches under the bus. Was he forced?