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  1. Pats only because I cant stand Eagles fans
  2. Man I hope it is not as bad as it looks
  3. Yes it was a mistake WOULDNT wish it on anyone
  4. Yea, but I wouldn’t wish paralysis on anyone.
  5. Mock was in a bad accident this week. Broken nose, broken cheek bone, broken bone in her neck. She was rear ended by a distracted driver.
  6. Is it time to bench Flacco and give Mallet a chance or someone else?
  7. Oh I forgot you think he is Elite
  8. My guess is the airbag caused the face injuries
  9. Im wondering why Villanueva came out and apologized. He said he thru his team and coaches under the bus. Was he forced?
  10. O's have given up. They arent even trying anymore
  11. NYY Pitt Milwaukee Boston Detroit Cleveland Oakland Atlanta Minnesota Houston Cubs Colorado LAA Arizona LAD
  12. Toronto NYM Washington Miami Boston SF Minnesota St. L Cubs NYY Houston Arizona LAA LAD Cleveland
  13. Cleveland Miami Baltimore Pitt Washington Minnesota TB Houston Cubs LAA Arizona St. Louis Seattle LAD NYY
  14. Miami LAD TB LAA Cincinnati Boston Arizona Houston Cleveland Cubs Texas Colorado SF Washington St. Louis
  15. Darn I forgot to go back and change those 3 L to W's. Maybe next week 😜
  16. Saturday Pitt Boston Minnesota Cleveland NYM Washington KC Milwaukee Colorado st. Louis Houston Cubs Baltimore LAD LAA Sunday Toronto Colorado Cleveland Minnesota Washington NYM KC Milwaukee St. Louis Houston Baltimore LAA CUBS LAD NYY
  17. TB NYY StL Miami Pitt Baltimore Boston Minnesota Houston KC Washington Colorado LAA Arizona LAD
  18. TB Toronto Miami Houston Washington Atlanta Boston Cleveland cubs Arizona Baltimore Minnesota Seattle Pitt LAD
  19. TB Cleveland NYM Miami Milwaukee Houston Minnesota KC Colorado Boston SF Washington NYY LAD Cubs
  20. Boston LAD Washington Colorado Toronto Cubs Pitt Arizona Seattle Houston Milwaukee Texas TB Cleveland SF
  21. Saturday Milwaukee Houston Minnesots Washington SD Boston St. Louis Cubs Cleveland LAD LAA Colorado SF Seattle Arizona Sunday Milwaukee Houston Boston Cubs Washington SD St. Louis LAA Colorado Miami LAD Seattle Arizona Cleveland