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  1. Which happens when you can afford to advertise more and offer lower prices. There are plenty of houses and buildings without AC.
  2. Just like all the other presidents. Roosevelt tried to pack the Supreme Court. I will be concerned about foreign meddling when there is evidence that it occurred and evidence it had any effect. In the meantime, what do you think of Obama meddling in Israeli elections? Or the Russians donating massive quantities of cash to the Clintons?
  3. LOL. Our leader. We will see.
  4. The key word is "wannabe." He isn't and there is nothing he can do about that. Just like all the presidents that came before him.
  5. The other side of the coin is money stays in the US. Carrier will do something with the money, and ultimately that creates jobs. When you buy shares of stock of a US company, that enables them to expand. I have no idea what plans Carrier has. I would guess in the short run they would be buying robots, hopefully made here.
  6. THAT is the point. The troops take orders from their immediate seniors, not from watching the President on CNN or during a campaign speech. If the president wants sailors to do some particular thing, he would draft a message to SURFLANT (I assume on this) the admiral forwards it to fleet commanders with his additional instructions, the fleet commanders forward it to squadron commanders, who forward it to ship CO's, who promulgate it to department heads, who pass it to division officers who pass it to division chiefs who then deliver the orders to the troops or sailors. There is then a follow up to insure the order was followed. But if my company commander made that "comment" I know even at that level that it is not an order, it is a suggestion. We are careful not to be political in our official duties. Off duty we vote for who we like and support them however we wish as long as we don't associate that support with the military. That said, I will concede that Trump introduces politics in unseemly places. Not in a criminal way, in a distasteful way. I would extend that from the commissioning of the Ford to the Boy Scouts Jamboree.
  7. I have a hard time saying progress is sad. Certainly sad for some workers. Buggy whip makers are all but extinct. If AC is more affordable, maybe there are new jobs installing, maintaining and repairing these units? I don't know. But progress has always worked out to benefit people in the past, even when some people were displaced. In the 40's & 50's we did calculations with a room full of women on adding machines. They could all be replaced by an Apple II computer.
  8. Is that why you are quoting me but ignoring what I said? I think that is it.
  9. The problem is that you all don't know a campaign exhortation when you hear one. It is laughable that you could make an issue out of this, and that you need to, because you have nothing else to complain about. Do a little research on the chain of command and ask yourself when was the last time a president commanded troops at the individual level in the field? The claim that he "ordered" anyone to do anything is absurd to anyone who has ever served.
  10. A presidential order would go through the chain of command.
  11. So did you know her name before this tweet? I don't think the people of Nevada could have named her.
  12. Actually, they did much better. They publicized the retweet of an obscure lady in Nevada. The exposure this editorial got expanded by several orders of magnitude in their effort to discredit (successful by the way) this lady no one had ever heard of.
  13. I'm not defending it in any way. But your third paragraph is pure projection. This would never have been an issue until lefties noticed a Republican had retweeted it. That said, she should be removed from her post as a minor functionary in the GOP.
  14. No, not that I know of, but what has that to do with "draft dodging?"