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  1. Speaking of hate, you clearly respect the opinions of people with whom you disagree. LOL!
  2. Who are you going to restrain when it is a company that has been charged?
  3. Nothing new here. What do those links have to do with DOJ? What do you propose to do to prevent Rooskies from spamming Facebook? Can you prevent Russian people and people sympathetic to Russia from using the internet? And is it a crime for a Russian to take out a facebook ad? Let's compare & contrast the $1B Hillary spent with $90,000 the Russians spent. Had the Russians upped it to $1M, that would be 1/10 of 1%. $100k would be 1/100 of 1%. It becomes clear that the aim was not to influence the outcome but to get people's panties in a wad who are too ignorant to realize the US interferes in elections around the world in a far more grandiose scale.
  4. It would take another special prosecutor to determine that because Rosenstein is not keen on either investigating DOJ, or being transparent with Congress. So far as I can tell, the Russians spent a couple hundred bucks on Facebook, and not all of it pro Trump. Some was anti. And mostly in states that were not even in play. Their "interference" was minuscule compared to American meddling in Israeli elections and the Brexit vote. Those were blatant efforts to influence foreign elections and didn't stop when the Facebook campaign hit $500.
  5. Of course the arraignment must occur before the trial. Now why on earth would Mueller want to delay the arraignment? Is there some advantage to preventing the defendant from pleading not guilty? Well there is, if your goal is to delay the trial! I have been a resident agent myself in the past, so I am familiar with the concept. But it is nice of you to post actual information for a change. I'm not used to that.
  6. The purpose of a summons is to summon someone to court. His lawyer is already in court and said they are pleading not guilty. If you want to stand on formality, pass the summons across the aisle. Instead Mueller wants to take 2-3 weeks to investigate why they did not receive a summons.
  7. Interesting. So depending on what you post on Facebook, you could be defrauding the United States. I think this trial is going to be a laugh riot and the one person who will be hurt is Mueller whose reputation is going up in smoke. No wonder Mueller did not want to go forward.
  8. Actually if there is criminal activity, I would like the prosecutor to produce some evidence and at least allege a crime against an individual. It is only in Soviet style courts where you name the man and then search for a crime. In our system, you are supposed to name the crime and the suspect, and then prove the case. Which would mean Mueller would have to show the hand he has regarding criminal behavior. He would even have to come up with an actual crime which neither he nor Comey have been able to do after two years and unlimited budget.
  9. Like Mueller? LOL! My country does not submit frivolous indictments and destroy people to achieve personal ambitions.
  10. Do you? I have seen no evidence in several years. Perhaps with hard work and thousands of dollars in tutors, a GED lies in your future.
  11. https://www.nationalreview.com/2018/05/robert-mueller-tough-week-court-manafort/ Bottom line is Mueller can dismiss the indictments against the three companies, or show his hand to a Putin associate. Since the indictments were aa publicity stunt designed to get "Russia" into the news without having to actually try a case, dismissal would kind of undermine the publicity stunt aspect. It will appear that the Russians called his bluff.
  12. Compare & contrast the vast damage done by the Obamacare lies to Trump's exaggeration about crowd size. Hell, I'll even give you Stormy.
  13. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-trump-russia-concord/russian-firm-tied-to-putins-cook-pleads-not-guilty-in-us-idUSKBN1IA1I7 Mueller's team said they were not ready & tried to delay. Um, you indict someone but you don't have the evidence to present? Judge denied the delay & the trial begins immediately. I hope there is a whole lot of discovery demanded by the Russians. This could lay bare the gross abuse of power Mueller has engaged in. Laughably, another company Mueller indicted did not exist at the time of the alleged election tampering.
  14. Slam dunk: https://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/erik-wemple/wp/2017/09/12/study-91-percent-of-recent-network-trump-coverage-has-been-negative/?noredirect=on