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  1. Levin is extraordinarily knowledgable about the Constitution and the law, and analyzes current events in that light. He gets a little over the top on the radio but I suspect he will tone down his presentation for TV.
  2. LOL. That's too much!
  3. John McCain is an avowed hater of Trump. Probably more so than Hillary.
  4. It is the first time in a long time a president has acted presidential and commanded some modicum of respect. Where were you living the past 8 years, or were you stuck in Junior High? The Chinese ignored Barry the Boob. Not so much now. If you think I'm lying, a bold statement, the onus is completely on you. Prove it.
  5. No, it is not heroics or glory. But if deploying a fleet after Pearl Harbor was madness, what was sane? After Hitler conquered all of Europe, what was the free world to do that would be sane? A playground fist fight is insane, but how many times to you say "please don't" when a bully is punching you in the face? The world has no principal to stop the madness. We wish it did, and invent things like the League of Nations and the UN. But the League of Nations failed to stop WWII, and the UN has given veto power to the most aggressive countries threatening the world. The UN is practically a league of dictators.
  6. Nice song, but no comparison.
  7. So you are siding with liars and traitors against your fellow American citizen! I am shocked, truly shocked that you will not defend the opinions and agree with everything said by a loyal American! But I expect that from you. And I reject the utterly unfounded premise of your "question."
  8. Pretty much every time Obama ever went overseas he apologized to the world for America's sins. Yeah, he kind of took EVERYBODY'S side except the WHOLE of this country, not just our intel community. Meanwhile, tell me how many Democrats still support the intelligence estimates of Saddam's weapons? Yeah those are the same people Trump does not believe. But no Democrat every would doubt that they could possibly be wrong on anything!
  9. You really have to be a ******* to ask for a link for an anecdote. But here you go: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/anecdote?src=search-dict-hed Once you have improved your reading comprehension and vocabulary: http://www.water2wine.com/ Ask for Chris Flynn when you call and ask him if you can buy a franchise.
  10. I can give you one anecdotal example of how a regulation has killed growth. I have a franchise winery. There are probably a dozen people that want to buy a new franchise. But the franchisor has ruled out adding franchises. One simple rule did it. Obama passed an order that from hence forth, the franchisor is equally responsible for any labor disputes at one of the franchises. The franchisor is not willing to fly from Austin to go to court in Wisconsin over a disgruntled employee he did not hire and had no control over his pay.
  11. Obama failed in creating higher prices. But he stated clearly that they "necessarily had to skyrocket" for him to achieve his goals. Capitalists cut him off at the knees on that one. And I disagree with Perry. No subsidies for any energy sources including solar and wind. (Good bye solar and wind under a Sample administration.)
  12. The Great Depression was exacerbated by endless government programs seeking to "cure" the crash. It should be a lesson in classical liberalism and laissez faire economics. We had many crashes before that and they cured themselves without help from the government taking everyone's last dime and spending it where some policy wonk thought we should. But I agree with some of your points. Trump, that is Congress has not passed any significant legislation. Hence my amazement at the economic boomlet we have had. It seems entirely based on confidence. But, repealing onerous regulations that hamstring an economy can't hurt.
  13. You mean working to create higher energy prices improves the economy?
  14. Normally when you have a crash 18 months to 2 years later, things are back to normal. So there are 7 unexplained years of sub par growth under Obama. I don't blame him entirely. Bush was all in on massive government spending to put a bandaid on failed government housing policies supported by both parties. So now Obama is out and suddenly we are for the first time since Bush over 3% growth, and you think that was Obama's doing? Maybe, just maybe, all those regs he passed and Trump repealed are the reason why recovery came 8 years too late?