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  1. What did they confirm? And specifically what criminal allegations? What exactly has been verified?
  2. I disagree. It is mental illness in all cases. In cases of white singular shootings, it is definitely and probably genetic. I contend that the murder rate in Chicago is a form of learned mental illness, not genetic.
  3. Well we have had a year for you to verify the tales, and we have nothing. So I think I am justified in calling them lies. Produce the evidence!
  4. Which all witnesses say he did not commit.
  5. No it is "you guys" that that want to destroy the president. I am aware of Steele's history. Do you suppose his contacts were factory workers and farmers? Who does a spy pretending to be a diplomat interact with? I know a Never Trumper Republican contracted with Fusion GPS for opposition research. I have not seen a report that Steele and the Russians were involved.
  6. No they supplied the lies and let others compile and translate them.
  7. Flynn also has a butt-load of credibility. Once you go freelance, I'm not sure how far the credibility goes. And wow! If Steele didn't know who he was working for? I had not heard that, but that is entirely mercenary. Credibility drops to zero at that point.
  8. What do they know!? They said Flynn didn't lie!
  9. Well you have people on your side claiming it is a crime not to pay them. Personally, I find it hard to believe that when you want someone to create a story, that they do it for free. I think your side needs to get together and decide: did you pay the Russians or not? Are their credible, named Russian sources or not? Is it a crime to pay Russians, or is it a crime for them to make up **** for free. So you guys are all around the pretzel firing in different directions.
  10. The folks on your side said they know all Steele's sources. I haven't seen the list yet, so I am more than happy to join hands with you that the entire dossier is a fraud built on a house of cards resting on a thin branch on a tree waving over thin ice. My original argument was that we had no sources. Just a document generated under contract by a political campaign. The left said they had solid sources that had been identified. I'm waiting. Obviously Steele seems not willing to reveal them. So how can we claim the dossier has the slightest bit of credibility? Until the Russian sources show up on CBS, I call BS. But Steele says they were officials!
  11. https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2017/03/how-the-explosive-russian-dossier-was-compiled-christopher-steele This is exactly what I posted before. Could have been a different thread.
  12. So no Russian sources. Put you on record with that?
  13. I would think so. Who knows what transpired during the interview? But if Mueller wanted the job, I would think nothing untoward was said by him. I don't know if he was angry that he didn't get the job either.
  14. I own none. I would kind of like to own one or two for target shooting. But never could justify the expense. Probably never will. I was on a pistol team in college and pretty good at it. Haven't done much since. A few familiarization firings in the military. A SEAL taught me a little combat shooting one summer with some kind of short automatic weapon. He said if you basically throw the weapon at the target, you almost always hit it. That was a surprise to me, having learned to line up the sights and squeeze slowly. But it worked. They had 4" or 5" steel disks hanging for targets and you lower the weapon and then suddenly extend it toward the target and "ping." Hit it every time with no sights. Wild West stuff.
  15. The article says he got mad, unfortunately. And I'm not going to criticize him for that. I don't know what it is like to be a black player in a league that is almost all white. Perhaps some black fans should go to NBA games and taunt the one white player with "curling, curling." That would be pretty funny too.