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  1. It's part of our union-dominated public schools. You should be proud that they were teaching this crap instead of, oh, fractions. I mean you guys can't reduce 5/10 but you can go on all day long about race.
  2. Lately you are right regarding payroll taxes but originally it was only a couple of percent. As you know, part of the reason revenues don't go up with higher tax rates is because we begin to spend inordinate amounts of time, money, and energy to avoid these taxes as the rates go up. Higher tax rates on cigarettes in NY simply spawned a black market and revenue actually went down. Higher taxes drives industry and savings overseas. I'm pretty sure you also know that we paid for WW II with debt, and in the end many countries owed us huge sums of money which were paid back in the 50's and 60's. Americans did not enjoy any prosperity during the war, essentially the depression continued for them despite having jobs making things that would simply be destroyed later. The late 40s & 50's were really where Americans came out of the depression and partly because there was a national influx of cash from allies that owed us.
  3. Pot, meet kettle. You leave us wondering if you a 6 or senile.
  4. So you think 90% tax rates increase revenue. That doesn't pass the laugh test.
  5. So Muslims are not Americans? That's interesting, and a surprise to a lot of people.
  6. Kennedy cut taxes significantly. A rising tide floats all boats as you recall. That is another way of saying trickle-down. And he did it just as we began getting involved in Viet Nam. And I hope you aren't under the impression that WW II was a pay as you go affair. It was funded by debt. What we find is that no matter what the tax rate is, the tax receipts by government is always about 17%-20%. It doesn't matter whether the rate is 35% or 90%. But when it gets to 90% there is no growth. "In 1946, the highest-bracket rate was cut to 86.45% from 94%—and tax receipts were 17.7% of GDP. In 1952, the highest rate was back at 92%, and tax receipts were 19% of GDP. In 1962, the top rate was 91% and receipts were 17.6% of GDP. Two years later, the rate was cut again to 77%—and receipts were 17.6% of GDP. Identical. In 1982, the top rate was slashed—slashed I tell you—to 50%. And tax receipts were 19.2% of GDP. (Tax receipts were higher at a 50% top rate than any time during the post-WWII era of 80% and 90% tax rates.) The top rate was cut to 38.5% in 1987 then 28% in 1988, and tax receipts were 18.4% and 18.2% of GDP. Hands down, the highest tax receipts in the post-WWII era were in 1998, 1999 and 2000—at 19.9%, 19.8% and 20.6%—when the top rate was 39.6%. Why were tax receipts higher at 39.6% than at 92%? Easy—would you want to pay a 92% rate? The top earners often have flexibility in when and how they earn income. This is Art Laffer’s famous curve in action. Tax certain kinds of income more, and suddenly, folks earning that income have less incentive to earn it—which isn't terribly conducive to future economic growth. And they certainly have incentive to alter how that income is reported, using, most often, perfectly legal means." https://www.forbes.com/sites/larahoffmans/2012/07/31/tax-rates-and-the-great-fairness-debate/#5814deb16bfd
  7. Well here we have a liberal who thinks taxes should go down during the uptimes, but never raised during the downtimes. OK, I'll go along with that.
  8. So maybe their taxes should have been higher?
  9. Pick the tax rate you need to eliminate the deficit this coming year. And let's go for the whole enchilada. Eliminate the debt in 10 years. It will not work. But Indonesia will be grateful. So raise tax rates even more. Silicon Valley will be on a fleet of boats to China and India.
  10. And if the economy burps and the surplus becomes a deficit, do you raise taxes?
  11. When should they be lowered? As a business owner or even an individual planning for retirement how do you plan ahead if taxes can change at any time? I would hide my wealth perhaps overseas. Perhaps instead of expecting the citizens to ride tax increases and decreases (LOL much less often) maybe government should adjust their spending in response to fiscal conditions instead of throwing the results of their policies into the laps of the citizens? Let's decide what is the minimum government can live with, set a tax rate and tell people we will not change it for 20 years. Then you can invest with a little faith?
  12. Since deficits are not good, why don't we make 85% the standard income tax. Think deficits would go down? My business would close in bankruptcy, I would grow pot and sell it on the corner.
  13. Trumpanzee is a racist term. Everyone knows by now you can't call people apes without racial overtones. Sorry the culture passed you by.
  14. Do you think higher taxes prevent recessions?