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  1. That's silly. If saving on high school scholarships were the primary concern, these folks would be in public schools.
  2. What's absurd is your no transfer position when the law of unintended consequences come into play. I brought up one example of the military situation. I related another situation of a talented kid who was on a team behind a future NFL #1 pick but that backup kid could have started on practically any other team in the state but he was going to ride the bench not likely to be considered for D1 play had he stayed where he was. Let individuals make decisions in their particular situations they know best. I repeat, a recruiters thought of whether a kid would be committed to them if he has a history of transferring in high school would take a distant back seat if the kid he wants could be plucked by another program while the recruiter ponder the kid's commitment. Kids who transfer for sports reasons only are likely the same kids who are at the first school for sports reasons. The vast majority of kids don't transfer and you are making a big to do about nothing. And those who do transfer should be allowed to do so and not forced to stay where they don't want to be.
  3. And kids have parents who are adults to guide them to make decisions that are best for them. If you want football players to sit a season when they transfer and football is an extra curricula activity, then also have kids who play in the band or sing in the chorus or cheerleader or work on the school newspaper or other extra curricula activities sit and not participate for a year. Yes, that would put a stop to a lot of transfers. It would be the no extra-curricula transfer activity rule.
  4. I said Kasim left Gilman for what what he said would be a better situation for him and not necessarily make him a better football player. Any person should be able to go anywhere where one think would be better for them. On the make it like college and require transfer to sit, that is only true if one transfers at the same level of pay; D1 to another D1 school. But I don't think that the case if one transfers from a D1 to D2 school. Or am I wrong. Furthermore, the NCAA sit out rule is only to protect schools and to discourage players from bolting. The college transfer rules are not for the benefit of players. How fair is it to give kids aid for them to up and leave you ask. As fair as giving them aid for one year and then the schools having sole choice as to whether to extend the aid for additional years. Don't produce to the satisfaction of the school and a kid could find his schooly owned by someone else yet if the school is not to the satisfaction of the players, he'll have to sit a year if he leaves the program to play with another school on the same leave. Wasn't there a UMD QB allowed to transfer but The Terps prevented him the kid from going to just any school or they limited the QB on where he could go? Your fair is one-sided.
  5. Makes no difference. Kasim Hill just transferred his senior season from Gilman to what he and his parents feel will be a better situation for Kasim. Wasn't Kasim a starter and on the best team in the state at a school that is arguably one of the best academic high school institutions in the nation, let alone the state? Doesn't Kasim have offers already on the table. Should he be content with the offer he already has? Coaches may come and go as they please for what they see as better opportunities; McGregor, Schmitt, Poggi, Mencarini, Abdul-Rahim. Why restrict kids who it's all about? Offers are just that, offers. Neither player or school are bound to offers.
  6. I have known lots of kids who have transferred schools to include myself whose parents were in the military who often relocated, sometimes out of and into the country, and the duress, if any, involved leaving friends and not academics. Meade constantly have students coming and going every year. SFA and Gilman may not have the same academics but we are not talking about kids transferring to Gilman from SFA but rather more lateral: Gilman to SJC, Good Counsel to Riverdale Baptist, and so on. Recruiters, I think are far more interested in kids meeting the academic requirements to be recruited and whether they can play and play well at the next level than whether they stayed at a single high school. I use to be against transferring until I read a post here about a player who was a very good player but he was not going to see the field much except during mop ups because he played behind another kid who went on to a big time D1 school to start as a freshman and ended up a NFL 1st-round pick. That kid, making a choice that was best for him, transferred to another school, got lots of playing time, and ended up getting a D1 schooly himself he was not likely to get mopping up. So it was an individual choice that worked out for the kid who transferred over the blanket thought of it's blasphemy to go elsewhere over sports, when sports was an integral part of that kid's academic portfolio. Who are we to criticize choices others make for themselves.
  7. The you don't do that part of your statement indicates to me that transferring is a show stopper and I just don't think that's the case. Do you have evidence to the contrary? Graduate, meet the GPA - SAT/ACT requirements and other factors and can play the game, and one can be in the 6% with as good of a chance as anyone else who stays put.
  8. Two of the five in fact were corners. But your point of a kid not starting in high school and going to Del State is nothing extra ordinary there. It's common for DSU to even pick up players who don't have a single offer anywhere else. I think Perryville's Gabe Sherrod some years back, the kid who gained fame for defeating Fort Hill at Fort Hill when the Sentinels were destined to meet Dunbar in the state title game, was one such player with no offers who ended up at DSU with a very late offer.
  9. With that crew of 5 or 6 DSU players caught stealing, several defensive players, I'm not surprised that a lot of other players are now starting there.
  10. Has it been typical of the past, a sustained history of this?
  11. As I said, a school with a general student body matriculation rate of nearly 100% should have a corresponding matriculation rate of its athletes. Why be so amazed or brag about what's expected. I would expect more than 10 Gilman players going to the next league if there are more than 10 seniors on the team in year.
  12. And Damascus doesn't search the state to bring in top football players at nearly every position. These comparisons are useless.
  13. Like I said, OCD.
  14. Who cares about how some former and present coach feels about losing players pluck from them over what the parents of the kids feel about it. A coach upset does not over ride parents' desires for their kids. I would be more alarmed in parents catering to whether or not a coaches are upset over what parents feel is best for their own kid.
  15. Over your 1500 posts and my plan text reading of them for a long time, it's all about Poggi and your weirdo obsessive compulsive disorder over the coach. You've mentioned Poggi ad nauseum. Suck on that.