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  1. No doubt FTWD is the better show now, and The Terror is awesome.
  2. Well, that was a wild one! Not expecting them to get past the Pens though. Last year was the year they should have. Regardless, I think the Lightning are beating either team.
  3. He is a lost soul with a racist girlfriend being a primary influence. I think he's got some guilt issues as well being raised by white parents and leading quite a privileged life.
  4. Yeah if not for Bobrovsky the Caps might be setting records. Tons of really good scoring chances, and just tons of puck domination.
  5. As it stands, 7-9 or 8-8 sounds about right.
  6. Best game Caps played this year. Sad to say, but I think had Holtby started the first two games the series would be over. Now that I've said that, watch him suck in game five, lol.
  7. When are you going to figure out that nobody owes him a job?
  8. If they walk out, they should be disciplined as if they were skipping class for any other reason.
  9. Jackson is interesting to me. The completion percentage is bothersome, but he threw a lot of low percentage passes.
  10. Ravens may have interest, but I think Ridley is going to fall to them.
  11. Stupid mistakes loss.
  12. Yeah, of course there will be trolls posting about choking if they don't win the Cup, but that's what trolls do Last year though, I do feel like they choked, and I think you might have pointed it out that in game six they were obliterating the Pens and let them get a few garbage time goals that gave the Pens confidence going into game 7. They were superior to the Pens and the pressure once again caused them to play ultra tight. A lot has changed for both teams since then though. I wouldn't call the Caps superior to the Pens this year, in fact I'd say they would be the underdog no matter who they face in the second round should they get that far even. It's an overachieving team, that doesn't have a lot of expectations, which hey, maybe that works in their favor for once.
  13. I really hate the playoff format. It's utterly stupid. That said, either the Flyers or Pens will present a tough challenge. That series is a tossup IMO. I'm not sure really. I have more confidence in Grubauer, but Holtby is probably the better choice in terms of experience. He's not been the problem in the playoffs past, it's always been the lack of scoring combined with horrendous luck with this group. Either goalie I think is on a short leash. I do think though that this version of the Caps is much better equipped to deal with fast, gambling teams like the Pens who pressure the puck and try to cause chaos. Caps are a fast team this year, and have been great at getting to the puck first. The youth on the team has come up big this year, not to mention Ovi who should be MVP. I think Kuzy comes up huge. He's surpassed Backstrom IMO, and eventually will be the face of the team. Might be the most talented player on the team really.
  14. Whoops, just saw that you already stated it Just for emphasis though, I added that it was Blaine Gabbert, of all people.
  15. I'm sorry, but he lost his starting job to Blaine Gabbert BEFORE his antics with the anthem.