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  1. Lite Rail is a much better option, drops you off right near the stadium. I took the Metro because I was picking up my friend, and Owings Mills was much closer to where he lives. I'll come back to Baltimore when it's cleaned up. Until then, it's just no longer worth it to me.
  2. Lexington Market is the closest stop to the station. Charles Center is a little more "inward", but a longer walk. We took Charles Center going out, it wasn't as bad as Lexington Market, but also it was night, and raining by that point. Nope, sorry, if the O's make the WS, not going. Watching from home. When I said I'm "done", I meant it. NYC doesn't, and has never bothered me. Not once in many trips there have I ever felt threatened. Ditto for Philly, Pittsburgh, oh look, you know I could go on about the cities I've been to and get into YAPC with you(Yet Another Pissing Contest), but let's not, ok? Isn't it enough for me to say that as someone who's been(and lived) in Baltimore that I never once until that night felt threatened quite like that? Is getting stared down by half a dozen people saying "look at these *E*#&##(('ers" amongst themselves and clearly trying to intimidate us enough? Is having some crazy nut shouting incomprehensible garbage directly at you looking pissed off and walking towards you the "norm", and ok to just mind your own business? No, nothing "happened", physically, but there was no question something is different right now. Just because nothing "happened" that time, to me, doesn't mean stuff "isn't" happening. Like teenagers carjacking downtown, and threatening people and causing know "nothing". Move along. If you can't handle the truth, if you're city pride feelings are hurt, I'm sorry, that's your problem and not mine. I no longer wish to go there, and I don't care what you think about that that. Go ahead, minimilize it, go ahead, try to marginalize people's thoughts and feelings on it, and go ahead, watch more and more people stop coming. It's clear the police (btw, didn't see much of a police presense other than directing traffic for the game) are handcuffed in this city to do anything about it. You wanted anarchy, well you're close, you're close.
  3. Well, IMO, Sanctuary Cities have to go. Maybe there's a better, more creative solution. Maybe the Feds just need to send ICE into these places and permantly station them there. One way or another, willingly harboring illegal immigrants needs to stop. Actually, isn't that somehow a crime in and of itself?
  4. I agree with the States rights argument here. However, the Feds should be able to cut off funding for Sanctuary Cities if they wish.
  5. Last night I went to the O's game, took the Metro in and got off at the Lexington Market stop to walk to the ball park. The level of "crazy" I saw on the train, and especially on the streets, was unlike anything I've seen, at least in it's volume and overall percentage. There was a definite "arnarchic" atmosphere, mixed with some very obvious mental illness, and some induced mental states. I really have no words - I'm not one who usually worries too terribly much about these things, on a personal level. Never feared going into the city. I was with an elderly friend, and I was genuinely worried for our, especially his, safety. I felt like a target, and never in my life have I felt that way going there. Sure, I've talked about how the city is going to hell, whatever, but never did I experience, firsthand, actual fear and reservation like this. It's not that I cannot handle myself - I can and then some - but when you're outnumbered 20-2, or so, or more, you've got no chance(armed or not really). Sadly, that was the last time I will venture into Baltimore, unless I absolutely have to for business. I will miss her - I still consider Baltimore my "hometown", even though I only lived there seven years. I like Catherine Pugh, and I feel sorry for the mess she will have to deal with that was created by her predecessors. Sorry, but I am done with it. You've got to know when to hold 'em, and know when to fold 'em, and right now Baltimore is a junk hand that I want no part of until something changes. I think the only thing now that can save this city, and restore order is a military presense. That's an actual honest assesment after what I witnessed last night.
  6. Last night's episode was subtly riveting. You can just feel Jimmy's pain as he is repeatedly getting beaten down by circumstances and bad luck. He's a good guy at heart, but you can see something changing in him, and it's kinda, distressing to watch. And Kim, you can see she sees it, and feels his pain too - but at a distance. I wonder if she's about to turn away from Jimmy? Similarly for Nacho. He's already there - desperate - to protect his father. Through all of the unstability, there is one stable constant - Mike. He's like a singular, machine. You don't always know what he's thinking, or what his motives are, but you can be sure he's got it figured out ahead of time. The loss of his son destroyed his ability to have real emotion - and it serves him well. He cares, but only to a degree. There's a massive wall around his soul.
  7. Cool, if Jesus is your bag, good on you. Sorry, to me he was a mortal person.
  8. Why are you telling me this? I agree with you.
  9. Actually my friend, you should probably get one yourself. Material, or immaterial - clearly his lying was material and relevant to the case at hand.
  10. Guido, you're wasting your time with this clown. He's playing Silly Buggers and he knows it - no interest in legitimate, factual discourse - just talking in circles and deflecting. He knows that lying is not prosecutable in a general context. It's a sad, no, pathetic attempt to somehow exonerate his "hero" from any wrongdoing, or worse yet, score some "gotcha" points on an anonymous message board. You know, that's all some people have going for them in life
  11. Sorry, but the law makes no distinctions as the degree of the lie. Just admit you're wrong and move on.
  12. Was it under oath in a court of law?
  13. Answer my question first, then we can proceed with this discussion. Or, you can continue being an intellectual joke.