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  1. Oh the irony of protesting for human rights while wearing Fidel Castro t-shirt.
  2. Shaun King, white fake black guy, lol.
  3. Mexico has quite a few white people in it, you do realize that I hope.
  4. I joined these forums in 1997. It is incredibly sad to see them go...for an obvious greed move to drive subscribers up. Well that didn't work out so well the last time, right? Maybe we haven't seen the last of these forums, who knows. Anyway, I have so many great memories of this place. I met many people in person, some who have become some of my closest, lifelong friends in real life. I have watched many come and go, literally and figuratively. I remember the glory days of Open Mike, and I also remember when Open Mike was Ask Gigi! I will miss all of the dialog, the political sparring, the sports camaraderie, and I do not think it can be replicated in any other format. This was a unique moment in time, one of over 21 years for me. Wow. I can say in all honesty no matter how much crap I gave anyone here whom I disagreed with, I never wished ill will on anyone. It was all in good fun, I don't define my friendships in real life on agreement, and I don't here. I have enjoyed this immensely, and I wish everyone here well, even TheJudgement(don't let anyone knock Epiphone's, they are a fine geetar!). Peace out my friends...
  5. Wow, you're not "woke", are you? Skin color is but one minor distinction between races. There are bone structures, hair, musculature, etc. Recognizing these genetic differences can be important in prolonging lives. There is no "line" where race is defined. Its DNA, and it's not geographically defined at some longitude or latitude. Thinking like you sets us back centuries.
  6. But it can't be genetic, race is a social construct according to the SJW's. 😏
  7. Old poll, latest has Hogan as #1. Don't have the link handy, it is on his FB page though.
  8. Ben Jealous is black?
  9. Hogan now @ 75 percent approval, most popular governor in America. Seems the negative campaigning by his opponents is working reeeaall gooood 😀😀
  10. No doubt, this has been the most unforgettable playoff run in my lifetime! I never experienced this kind of unbridled joy, not even the Raven's Superbowl wins, the Orioles winning the WS in 83. Maybe the only thing that compared was the Terps winning the NC in 2002. I think when you have this long period of disappointments, when a team finally does win it all, nothing can really compare to that. In a way it does remind me of the 2012 Ravens though, in that the previous year's teams that fell short were likely the more talented teams, but this year's team was the better "team". That said, the Caps have found out that they have some tremendous young players and they should be in pretty good position to defend next year. Keeping Carlson would be a huge plus, and both sides appear to want to get it done. I think keeping Trotz is just a formality, he has said he wants to return, and obviously Leonsis wants him as well.
  11. Watched it, was a nice tribute. I think it was Andersen Cooper, or was it someone else, alluded to the past demons maybe coming back to haunt him. My speculation is purely me trying to wrap my mind around it, trying to make sense out of something nonsensical from my distant perspective. I mean no harm, I just don't want to believe that he had seen so much in the world, so much beauty and ugliness, and everything in between, and though life wasn't worth living...because that paints a pretty damned bleak picture for the rest of's unsettling.
  12. This is purely speculation, but just trying to understand why was a hot-topic this weekend among friends floating in the bay dodging rain storms... A few months ago we watched an episode where he was in Italy with a woman that seemed a bit rough around the edges, covered in tattoos, raspy way of talking, seemed kind of wild/dangerous in an obvious kind of way. My wife and I both said "oh, they are hooking up, big time". We didn't know that Bourdain was no longer with his wife, etc, but it seemed quite weird...and the "skankometer" was off of the charts with this woman - now maybe she is perfectly fine, I'm not judging because she has tattoos all over her body and in weird places(like between her fingers), but her mannerisms, etc, I just kept thinking one thing - drugs...big time drugs. Now I realize that this woman was Asia Argento, and that he's was involved with her. Not sure if he was prior to the show, or that's how they hooked up...but...I have to wonder if he didn't slip back into old habits(heroin), and just felt like he had completely failed life or something. I know, depression is a brutal, oppressive force that can make people do unfathomable things to themselves or others. I get that...but I just can't understand it. I can't understand it because my instinct has always been one of survival. Maybe he wanted to spare his child the pain of having a father that was a 61 year old heroin addict. Or maybe it wasn't drugs, and maybe the relationship with Argento went south and couple that with the failed marriage, and he just couldn't get over the pain. Maybe we will know the answers...maybe not.
  13. I bet you thought Cuba wasn't a majority white country when you posted this, ROFLMAO!