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  1. Yeah, just saw they changed that.
  2. ESPN said Ravens are in 6 spot and win tie break over Buffalo via common opponent records.
  3. Bingo! At least somebody gets it.
  4. Doesn't matter where he was trained, or where he came from. What matters is WHY he did it.
  5. I really didn't have a problem with the playcalling. There was little chance they got a first down running the ball on the second to last series, the Steelers had brought the safeties up and were selling out against the run. The problem was, as usually, the plays broke down right off of the snap, the Steeler's dline found another gear, and caused the usual problems. Maclin had a horrendous game. I don't know where his head was, but it wasn't on the task at hand. At the end he had a great chance to set up a GWFG, and somehow managed to set his feet up out of bounds before the ball got there(perfectly placed sideline pass). I would love to see a rematch in the playoffs. The Steelers are the the team I'd MOST want to see actually.
  6. Yeah, nothing that happened last night changes my thoughts on any of this. Getting to the playoffs is no guarantee. The Browns always play us tough. The Bengals are probably no threat given it appears they have quit on Marvin. 9-7 probably gets us in, but obviously 10-6 guarantees it. The Steelers and Ravens defense both feasted on poor competition. Now both, minus a key player each, look pretty bad. I would say the Ravens probably have the best chance to fix things in time for the playoffs, because the Steelers problems are physical talent level(lack of speed). The Ravens last night just flat out made some real coaching mistakes in the secondary. Dropping those LB's back so much really allowed Ben to just dump off over and over again and whittle their way down the field. Leaving Carr 1-1 on Brown was also a major mistake.
  7. Yeah, that last play by Maclin was ultra frustrating. Game was right. there. for. the. taking. And he screwed it up.
  8. Willie's been on fire lately. The big rig has some real get-up-and-go and we saw a great example of it last night. Putting him on the first line with Ovi and Backstrom was a good move that's really been paying off. He needs to remain there. Finally getting to see the potential seen to make him a first round pick. After a slow start, the Caps are picking up steam and now are tied for first in the Metro. I really like the make-up of this team, there seems to be a looseness in the way they play, and the speed is better now.
  9. Tough loss, but the D was the reason. The offense was pretty good for the most part.
  10. No chance the Ravens stop them. None.
  11. Ravens lose by one
  12. That was clutch, but I still sense heartbreak. Defense will let then go right down the field for a td.
  13. Gonna be a heartbreaking loss, guaranteed.
  14. Ravens blew it.
  15. So damn predictable. Can' t stand those towel waving yinzers.
  16. Need another score, on this next possession.
  17. It's going to go to the wire, trust me.
  18. Flacco has to stop playing like a robot, if it' not there, don't throw it.
  19. Agreed. Getting so sick of that playcall, time to throw it to the scrapheap.
  20. Win or lose, looking like a great game unfolding!
  21. Yup. Looks like they are dialing up more pressure in the second half so far.
  22. The defense in this game is horrendous.
  23. Watched the Terps vs Butler, and have to say this year's team has got something going on. They're still getting the gears oiled, but they demolished a solid Butler team, despite a high amount of turnovers. Fernando, Morsell, are great additions, and getting Wiley back another. Cowan runs the offense very well. This team is very, very deep(and just wait until the incoming class next year!). I loved Trimble for his grittiness and heart, but at times the rest of the team just stood around and watched him. This year they all move well, and they have some explosiveness on offense that I haven't seen in a Terps team in a very long time. We'll see what they're really made of come conference play time, but so far I like what I'm seeing and have a feeling they'll be dancing in March.
  24. I don't believe either Democrats or Republicans on the national level have their hearts in the right places, at all. Two sides of the same coin. Any other view IMO, shows partisanship.
  25. Did that really just flow out from your lips? (well, fingertips). You have got to be kidding me.