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  1. Watched the Terps vs Butler, and have to say this year's team has got something going on. They're still getting the gears oiled, but they demolished a solid Butler team, despite a high amount of turnovers. Fernando, Morsell, are great additions, and getting Wiley back another. Cowan runs the offense very well. This team is very, very deep(and just wait until the incoming class next year!). I loved Trimble for his grittiness and heart, but at times the rest of the team just stood around and watched him. This year they all move well, and they have some explosiveness on offense that I haven't seen in a Terps team in a very long time. We'll see what they're really made of come conference play time, but so far I like what I'm seeing and have a feeling they'll be dancing in March.
  2. Would love to hear your arguments to the contrary 😀
  3. Lol, have you even seen hockey before? No other major sport requires the amount of skill hockey does and it's not even remotely close.
  4. What a clutch game...Tampa looked like they were going to blast the Caps but nothing went right for them, and the Caps defense was spectacular!
  5. They are so gonna blow this, I feel I've seen this before.
  6. LOL, the jokes just kinda write themselves
  7. Caps seriously brought it tonight, just wow!
  8. We can thank Al Gore for the politicization.
  9. Oh I remember 1975. That was around the time the climate fear mongers warned of an impending ice age.
  10. I find it most interesting that it is now referred to as "climate change" and not global warming. Why?
  11. 8-18 according to your later post Regardless, it's a typical tit-for-tat crap post per usual from you. The point is, and that has been made by quite a few is, that for this type of savagery, a sawed off shotgun loaded with buckshot can do as much or more damage in a crowd in close quarters than any so-called "assault" rifle. Not to mention the POS had bombs, and that anyone can make a pretty lethal bomb from household products. The problem I have with you and your ilk's viewpoint is that you constantly focus on the tool used rather than the actual problem itself - which is why kids are doing this in the first place. You're NOT SOLVING ANYTHING by taking away the tool. They'll find another tool. Like a car to run through a crowd. Or a bomb. Or something worse. Supposedly this kid was "emotionally" bullied. Ok. Not even physically beaten up...and he goes off of the deep end and kills a bunch of kids for it. How about we focus on how we've raised a generation of ineffectual beta pansies who seem to think that the only way out is murdering a bunch of other kids? Is a bell ringing in your head yet? Guns aren't the issue!
  12. Well if you're aware of the point, why the initial swipe?
  13. Of course it's not going away, the one constant is that it is always changing. It's about as warm as it was in the middle ages, and not nearly as warm as it was in Roman times. If the current volcanic activity continues we might find ourselves in another mini ice age like the 1800s. Know what else is constant? Climate fear mongering. Been around for centuries. "Oh. THIS time it's different." No. It's not.
  14. Don't whine about climate change then.
  15. Agreed 100 percent. So called liberals wanting more people are NOT liberal. People are the worst thing for the environment.
  16. Really? A sawed off shotgun, loaded with 00 buckshot could kill a dozen people in ONE shot.
  17. Frustrating loss.
  18. This has been an obliteration thus far.
  19. I cannot believe they didn't get a 10 minute pp for that!!
  20. That was really impressive.
  21. Caps are the underdog for sure, but they might not realize they are supposed to lose.
  22. Same! Voice is trashed!
  23. Great game, but I sense heartbreak. Vrana missed the game winner, Pens are going to come out in OT firing all guns.
  24. Refs did everything they could to hand that to the Pens. I tell you what, if Guentzel isn't suspended at least one game for his shot on Carlson that was nearly identical to Wilson's, I rest my case against the league and their bias to the Penguins
  25. Woot!!