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  1. The ending was tough to watch. Well done by Michael McKean. Utterly disturbing.
  2. IMO, CNN was probably the most neutral and respectable outlet until this election, or really, I should say until post-election. Now while they are still nowhere near as bad as say FOX, or MSNBC, their own credibility has taken some major hits. They still have some good people there - but - they also have some others that need to go, and some others behind the scenes that need to go. A housecleaning is in order. The other networks are not salvageable, but CNN still is - at the moment.
  3. Fake news? They have the guy on video. Pretty sure it's actual footage and not CGI, right?
  4. The owner may believe he had legal workers - or not - could be a major case of CYA. Maybe he did, at least have workers with documents, though perhaps faked/forged.
  5. Great article. Outside of Baltimore, seems more are confident the team will be back in the playoffs. Ravens fans, on the otherhand, seem to be less optimistic. I think they have some moves to make yet. If they do the right things, this team will be good. The division will come down to the Ravens and Steelers again this year. I think though the Steelers window is hinging heavily on Ben playing to the level he has the past few years - and with his age, health, and apparent love of sweets/beer, you just don't know...
  6. That's largely because with today's equipment pretty much anyone with decent athleticism can blast a tennisball 120mph. The trick is blasting it that hard and keeping it in the lines. Taller men and women have a huge advantage on serves - simple math really - because shorter players have to put a bit more spin on the ball to get it to curve down enough to stay in(not just on serves).
  7. Sent you a PM
  8. I haven't seen that, not from this article anyway -
  9. The city is nearly in a state of anarchy, at least from what I personally witnessed on my last visit there. I won't be going back until something changes.
  10. There is no way the kick itself caused the car to spin out. It also didn't look like "avoidance" - he swerved AT the biker, not away from him. It looked positively to me that he was attempting to run the biker off of the road, and now that we know he was screaming and yelling back at the biker prior to this, it's pretty reasonable to assert that he made the move with rage, and malice.
  11. Yeah, you missed the link to the eyewitness account that explained the situation before the kick and what prompted it.
  12. Okay, well now we know the story. Both biker and driver are at fault at various points. 1. The driver of the Nissan made an honest mistake, initially, bumping the bike. 2. The biker was upset about it, justifiably, and tried to get the attention of the Nissan's driver. 3. The Nissan driver, instead of apologizing, started yelling back - THIS - is the first real mistake, and I've seen this so many times - somebody cuts me off, and they yell at ME. This is the kind of shyte that today's "me first" society has produced. 4. Emotions escalate now, would likely have been diffused had the driver of the Nissan simply apologized AS HE SHOULD have. Biker kicks the car (this is the biker's first real mistake). 5. Driver of Nissan swerves to run the biker into the jersey wall. This now becomes an attempted homicide. Seriously, that is what the charges against him will wind up being - it is what it is. 6. Car crashes, causes another to flip, and biker then leaves the scene - bad mistake on the biker's part, and he will be charged for that.
  13. I can't tell if you were actually being serious here. You have no idea what prompted the incident, and it's very clear from the video that the driver of the car swerved to take out the biker after the kick.
  14. Maryland Marina, on Frog Mortar, not far from you actually Where do you usually anchor? I'll PM you some info, maybe we can meet up some time.
  15. I've noticed that, conveniently leaving out that he is also Hispanic. I've also notice quite a few "it's the victims fault" posts as well.
  16. Here is an article, which IMO everyone on this board should read. It's probably the most fair, balanced, and thoughtful article about the incident - there are some truths there that are going to upset people who just cannot seem to see all of the angles - Honestly, if you read this, and continue your(and I'm talking about 99% of the board) rhetoric, than I'd suggest you need to really start examining yourself on a personal level.
  17. Hey PG! Yup, still lingering, lol. How is life treating ya? Speaking of the Irish man, I keep meaning to stop in on his trivia night when he's at my marina, but been super busy.
  18. And immediately you take a defensive position... I'm not saying any of what you just inferred.
  19. This thread is proof that the division in America(no, actually the entire world) is unhealable. Look at you people. Every single one of you, takes the lock-step position without any room for having an open mind. This is PATHETIC. Every single one of you should be utterly ashamed of yourselves. Free your minds.
  20. Of course it happens and exists. I don't think anyone denies that. What people conveniently try to deny is that anyone other than white people can be racist.
  21. Yeah, this guy is amazing, I was cracking up. Really nailed the facial expressions.
  22. I'm all for staying out of the ME - but we know that won't happen because...oil - and our own reluctance to harvest it from our own land. However, I don't think the driving force of Islamic terrorism is because we are "in their backyard". Sure, it's *some* of it, but not the driving force. The driving force is religion - and this is where things get dicey. The PC crowd doesn't want to admit it, or even mention it. People get murdered over cartoons that "insult" their religion. People get murdered for being non-Islam. People get murdered for speaking out against it. Christians have had their share of atrocities over the centuries, and continue to, though in less dramatic ways. However, as a whole, there aren't a lot of Christians strapping bombs to themselves and blowing up innocent people, there aren't a lot of Christians shooting up a crowd(in the name of Christianity) - and don't cite a few random examples to try and refute that. You know, I know, we ALL know that the vast majority of terroristic acts commited in the name of RELIGION, are being currently committed by Muslims. Comparing the two religions in modern history(I'm talking post WWII) is an utter false equivalency, and doing so renders any discussion about the *real* problems of the world meaningless. It's good to see some, maybe even the vast majority of Muslims speaking out and trying to find peace with the world. I'm all for that. Meanwhile, as long as most of this type of terror is being committed by Muslims, I'm going to be wary of them - particularly 20-something men.
  23. Yeah, well, finally a storm materializes. Entire weekend was shot to hell thanks to me being silly enough to listen to the weather forecasters predictions of catastrophe and doom hoving at 60-70% on Saturday(this on the Weather Channel, Friday, 9:30pm). Same forecast said Sunday would be hot, but only a 10-20% chance of storms, so we decided to wait until Sunday to go on the boat. Woke up Saturday morning, downgraded to 40%, but my wife had already decided to go into work. By noon, the chances were diminished to 20%, but Sunday was being labled as 60%. Cancelled boating plans again for Sunday with my sister and her boyfriend. Not a drop on Sunday, was a perfect day, of course. Not an entire drop of rain the entire weekend, despite the Storm Lovers and Weather Geeks predicting the End Of Times. I guess this wouldn't be as big of an issue if I actually lived closer to the water...instead of over an hour away. Still though, I'm getting tired of weather forecasters who are now Storm Lovers, who just live for any type of weather events and their predictions constantly reflect it. From now on, unless I see a very solid line of crap coming on radar across WVA, I'm paying them no attention whatsoever. Throwing darts at a board and hoping something sticks is not weather forecasting. Sadly, it seems that what it's become. Don't get me started on giving every little thunderstorm or snow even a name either. /rant
  24. Horrible. Terror is terror, and the Muslim extremists are getting what they want - all out war. Only the beginning. A lot of blame has to lie at the feet of the British government - however - every human is responsible for his/her actions, and this person should never see the light of day again.