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  1. Watched the Terps vs Butler, and have to say this year's team has got something going on. They're still getting the gears oiled, but they demolished a solid Butler team, despite a high amount of turnovers. Fernando, Morsell, are great additions, and getting Wiley back another. Cowan runs the offense very well. This team is very, very deep(and just wait until the incoming class next year!). I loved Trimble for his grittiness and heart, but at times the rest of the team just stood around and watched him. This year they all move well, and they have some explosiveness on offense that I haven't seen in a Terps team in a very long time. We'll see what they're really made of come conference play time, but so far I like what I'm seeing and have a feeling they'll be dancing in March.
  2. Good observation. They definitley do tend to get burned by fast teams because of the amount of passing, and teams like the Penguins who seem to gamble a lot to disrupt passes.
  3. Great story
  4. Caps seem to lose all of their mojo when on extended breaks. Hopefully getting the win against Columbus gets them back on track.
  5. I found the call to be incredibly stupid, from my perspective. However, I am certain that if they did not go for it there, and some of the other times, they would have lost the game. This is why I'm not a Superbowl winning head coach.
  6. This ^^ I lost all of my baby teeth playing "smear the queer" and 5 on 5 with my neighborhood friends
  7. The Pats defense was exposed for the trash that it was. I suspected their "improvement" was an illusion after watching Bortles look reasonably competent, and that the Eagles had way too many weapons on offense for them to contain. Going to be an interesting off-season for the Cheats. End of the dynasty(more like Evil Empire)?
  8. Told y'all.
  9. Those are good points, and I see it's value from that perspective. However, not to nitpick, but Dungy had already had a head coaching job prior to the Rooney rule, as Tampa Bay's head coach.
  10. Actually it didn't. They had already interviewed Ron Rivera to satfisfy the rule. Tomlin was interviewed later on.
  11. I grant that I believe that Pees(and Marty) are better coaches than most (jaded) Ravens fans give them credit for, but Pees should have stayed retired. Overall he wasn't terrible, and had some pretty fine defenses during his tenure, but in recent years, his defense's lack of ability to close games out, almost peculiarly, shows that he really just doesn't have anything left in the tank.
  12. The Rooney rule is one of the all-time dumbest things ever. Has there truly ever been a case of a minority getting hired because he was granted a token interview when a team already had their man picked? No, there hasn't. It may have brought some awareness at some point, in regards to looking more towards minorities as head coaches, but it certainly hasn't worked in a sense that the rule itself has any meaning. It only serves as embarassment for the recipients of the token interviews, and causes yet more racial tension and division. Teams are going to hire who they truly believe gives them the best chance at winning, at least in most cases you would tend to think.
  13. Starting to agree. He is a great recruiter, but his teams play way below their talent level. Major offensive droughts continue to plague his teams.
  14. I agree. I think the Pats defense, much like the Steelers is vastly overrated. I also think Nick Foles is being vastly underrated. The Eagles were the best team all season, and they will surprise some people with a solid win.
  15. I don't think he's getting suspended.
  16. I'm going to disagree. The Eagles team we are seeing tonight is far more complete than the Jags. Foles is more than adequate, and the Eagles are utterly loaded on offense. The Patriots defense is not going to be able to slow them down. Yeah, Bellichcik, I know, but I don't think that New England has the defensive talent to stop this team. They've been a scoring machine all season long. I also think the Eagles D is going to get after Brady more than the Jags did...just a hunch.
  17. Eagles are dominating. Lot of weapons on this team.
  18. It wasn't the calls made, it was the calls NOT made.
  19. Horrendous one sided PI calls did the Jags in. That, and lack of pass rush in the 4th, thanks to Patriots holding and not getting called for it. Another black eye for a league that has been taking it on the chin this year.
  20. Yup, I do believe you were right.
  21. This one hurts. Jim Forrester was a friend, I shared the stage numerous times with him back in the 90's and early 2000's. He went outside from his tattoo shop to make a phone call to his wife and was senselessly murdered in cold blood. Two teens were seen running away from the scene. R.I.P. Reverend Jim.
  22. The Jags defense isnt in the 2000 Ravens realm. 42 points?
  23. I don't think the Steelers overlooked them. The Steelers just aren't as good as people think. I agree with Minny vs NE though.
  24. Yinzer tears are the sweetest of them all. Haha rot in offseason hell.
  25. Am I watching the same Game? So called great offenses you guys are chirping about? Yeah, 15 points. Ravens scored 27 in the game they lost and you're hyping the Eagles? Have another beer and make another observation. SMDH.