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  1. I was born a poor black child....
  2. I think he's back for sure by the start. That is their timetable, that he starts practicing the final two weeks before the season starts. This wasn't a tweak, Flacco said himself that it was an ongoing, nagging type of injury. MRI showed it to be non-structural, i.e, muscular in nature. Rest is the best medicine, and if you let it heal it'll be fine. Sounds like everything is on target, they are just being very cautious because of him being their star player.
  3. My wife is non-white, so maybe that's what you're thinking of? Me, I don't know for sure, it wouldn't shock me if I wasn't 100% white, I mean the odds are pretty much that I am not. Heck, my father's side of the family is predominantly Irish, so I may not even be 100% human! Ba-dah-ba-bum!
  4. Maybe I am...never had my DNA tested
  5. If I actually believed they were widespread in this day and age, I would. Funny, I live in one of the more upscale neighborhoods in Frederick, and there are dozens of black/minority families in my neighborhood, including my next door neighbor. Not one person I've ever talked to has once ever said "There goes the neighborhood". Quite the opposite of that really. In fact, the only concerns anyone has around here are the white tweekers that seem to be epidemic in this region, who like to break into cars.
  6. Pretty much. The missile would be shot down before it even left NK if Fat Boy announces it, which of course, he would because...ego...and being insane. Next, his days as Supreme Leader would come to a most abrupt end.
  7. I don't accept, or tolerate racism on any level. Never have, never will. Which is, why I call you out repeatedly on your brand of racism that you spew daily on these boards. The sad thing is, you don't even realize just how racist you are - both to whites AND blacks.
  8. Maybe it's the company YOU keep. I have many black friends, neighbors, and most all of them pretty much echo Ken's sentiments.
  9. So you, a white woman, are going to tell a black man how he should think and feel about what it means to be black? Sorry, but I think if I'm going to listen to anyone about the Black Experience, uh, it's gonna be a black man. Not some liberal who thinks they know.
  10. Agreed - but these cops did not do that. Did they deserve to die?
  11. Of course, "The White Problem In America" is quite a racist title in and of itself, as well as blanket generalization. Just more provocation.
  12. Well, have you made your choice to share the country? I did...long, long ago. And so have many, many, many other "whites".
  13. Watched it last night. The trailers did NOT do the movie justice AT ALL. This was definitely more horror than James Cameron style action flick, and I have to say it was brilliant. I like that it didn't drag out very long, and the atmosphere, cinemtograhpy, all very reminiscent of the first movie. Great sequel to Prometheus, and a great lead in to the original Alien. I had heard rumors there would be no more movies in this franchise, but I think there is room for one more between this and the original. However, I would advise that it might be best to let sleeping dogs lay, and the franchise on a good note. IMO, all of the Ridley Scott films are superior to the others, though of course I love "Aliens" for very different reasons(it was just FUN). Alien 3 was "ok", and Alien Resurrection was pure gargage that nobody should ever watch.
  14. Might want to rename Taneytown while they are at it
  15. Yes, no doubt about that. Just so we are clear, there are racists of all colors and creeds. It's not exclusive to white people, and I'm willing to bet the percentages of each group are probably quite similar - and much higher than people realize.
  16. Sure. The SPLC's new motto - "There's a racist under every rock!". Seriously. They are a joke, and have been for quite some time.
  17. Uh, you're the one dreaming pal. Maybe the Alt-Right *wants* to include Libertarians in their little Nazi party, but Libertarians are not going to have any part of it. And SPLC has become the Breitbart of the Left - the more you know.
  18. You're unreal dude. Get a grip.
  19. He swings...and misses!
  20. They latch on to the Democrats the same way that Neo Nazis latch on to Republicans. If you can't admit that, or realize that, then you need to re-examine your views.
  21. Fair point, but disagree on why there is this newfound movement of resentment. Most people have no clue as to when they were erected, or what they even stand for or represented one way or another. Heck, I bet more than half of them don't even know what the Civil War was even about or when it took place.
  22. Sounds like you're endorsing criminals. Again.