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  1. Exactly. I would not say he played well - he did just enough to win, and obviously got very lucky on that pass.
  2. IMO Flacco is fairly far down on the list as to what cost us the game yesterday. Benching him would not be productive in any fashion.
  3. After yesterday, I'm inclined to officially declare Perriman a bust.
  4. The same thing that seems to be wrong with many teams in the NFL - inconsistency in all phases of the game and lack of discipline. I've never seen a more unpredicable season thus far.
  5. Totally agree. When the Ravens have been a balanced team, Flacco is absolutely at his best. He might not throw for 4000 yards(biggest most misleading stat on Earth), but he'll make 4 or 5 plays a game in which he just breaks the defense. Flacco is a great play action QB, and he's great in hurry-up. Those are the areas he is at his best. Where he's at his worst is when it's obvious passing downs - it's not entirely his fault, the line often gets blown up badly, but it's also just not where he can do the most damage.
  6. Great post, really hits the mark. It does look like Ben is getting close to the end. He just looks slow and fat to me. I never got the impression he was much into working out, more into drinking and partying. Maybe the partying slowed down after he got married(still question if that wasn't for show to this day, honestly), but he looks bloated as hell. Good riddance indeed. Never liked the guy, Steeler or not.
  7. Of course you quoted me before I had a chance to fix an honest autocorrect from my phone. However, let's just leave this right here, and maybe talk about your elitist, snobtastic attitude towards people you don't agree with. I am not a progressive, obviously. I guess I should sell my truck, power boat, fishing rods, boots, flannel shirts, cigars, beer, and focus on mah edumacation, eh? I mean obviously studying electrical engineering while at the same time working a civilian job on an army base as a computer programmer, learning Fortran 77 in a week and writing an award-winning piece of software in it by the time I was the age of 20 wasn't enough to satisfy the liberal elite snobs who think they are the smartest people in the room. I guess all of these years later studying and learning no less than two dozen different programming languages, being asked to lead seminars at conventions, writing countless successful software applications doesn't matter, because god forbid, my phone and my clumsy fingers tapped the wrong word and you got to quote it before I could correct the mistake to score some pissing contest points. Congrats. You're smarter than I. You're more liberal, enlightened, and EDUCATED. But hey, there's hope for me, I could enroll at some liberal college, shell out 55k per year and get a nice degree in Advanced Social Justice and join the hordes of bandwagon sheep hipsters in their snobbery and look down my nose at anyone, and everything masculine. Well, I do have a cat. So there's that
  8. Well, she might be that careless, lol. But in truth, I agree with you, and did prior to the election as well(as I stated repeatedly). Both candidates were probably two of the worst in modern history, too bad Gary Johnson came off as such a doofus stoner to make any inroads. I voted for Johnson anyway though.
  9. Of course you have no understanding of freedom, given your progressive views.
  10. No, what pisses people off is watching both your rate and deductible triple or quadruple in two short years.
  11. TBH, I think the Ravens still have to win a road game that I initially would have thought a loss due to losing at home to the Steelers and in London to the Jags(two expected wins) in order to win the division. @Minny looks like their best shot. If they can finish the first half of the season at 6-2, I really, really like their chances to win the division. We'll learn a lot about the Steelers on Sunday. Much like the Ravens, they seem to be a Jekyll/Hyde team, you just have no idea what you're going to get. I think for a lot of teams, the political BS has hurt them drastically. It was pretty evident for the Ravens against the Jags, and probably the first half of the Steelers game. The crowd booing even when they took a knee BEFORE the anthem, even with Bruce Cunningham explaining what they were doing, no question in my mind affected how the Ravens came out for that game. Had the game been in Pissburgh, and their fans booed them similarly, I think they would have been the team coming out flat. The Steelers problems go beyond it perhaps. There seems to be genuine dissent in the lockerroom. I don't know if it's political/racial, etc, but it is definitely there. I don't know about Ben. I hadn't realized he hasn't really played well in quite some time, going on around 10 or 11 games. He, and the team are going to have to have a good showing against the Chiefs. If they get hammered, I think their chances drop drastically, and really open the door for the Ravens, and perhaps even the Bengals if they can get their feet under them to some degree. I've learned never to count the Steelers out though. So many times they look like they're on the precipice after a bad loss or two, and seem to work their way back. Then again, you could say the same about a lot of teams, including the Ravens. The NFL has truly become a week-to-week league.
  12. Two things were inherently wrong with Obamacare. 1. Forcing people to carry insurance or pay a fine was wrong, and un-American. 2. Not allowing competition across state lines was patently ridiculous, foolish, and allowed insurance companies to gouge the consumer.
  13. You got that right! This thread explains a lot now.
  14. Ravens 20 Bears 10 - Originally I thought this had the potential of a Ravens blowout win, but Chicago's defense is fairly tough. However, their linebackers are a weak area, and the secondary is youthful and still prone to making mistakes, so the Ravens should still win comfortably. Chiefs 31 Steelers 17 - Ben will rebound a bit from last week's debacle, but the defense will have no answers to the Chief's potent offense. The team seems lost right now, and you have to wonder if age hasn't finally caught up with Ben. Could get ugly, fast. Texans 24 Browns 6 - I don't think there's much hope of this team beating many this season.
  15. I think you, and some others could learn a thing or two from Banner.
  16. Completely agree. The notion that they haven't been addressing the line is rubbish, they've done it in the draft and in FA in recent years. That would have been a very good line had they not been beseiged with injuries. As it is, the depth they had has allowed them to get their feet back under them, which is fairly remarkable. The Raiders were a really good test, given their pass rush. Keeping Mack a non-factor was the most impressive thing they've done all year. Maybe in two years.
  17. Things are getting insane. This country is a freaking powderkeg.
  18. Yup, truth is often stranger than fiction
  19. Bye Felicia.
  20. You simply cannot handle opinions different than your own without being an imbecilic jerk.
  21. Discipline has a been a problem during the entire Harbaugh era. Yesterday was easily the most disciplined they've been all season, especially on ST's where they were getting penalized what seemed like every play. That, and the offensive line played very well other than 2 series to start the second half where it seemed they looked lost, though maybe the Raiders threw some wrinkles in after halftime. Either way, the Ravens adjusted, and then simply overpowered the Raiders line. For me, the lack of discipline is probably the most frustrating aspect of Harbaugh's Ravens. Not just penalties, but players either missing blocks, or being out of position, or running wrong routes. It definitely falls on him, at least to some degree. Part of it is today's NFL players lack discipline in general - as do a lot of kids any more. The Ravens have a lengthy list of players that have outplayed their projected value and gone on to get fat contracts with other teams. That's simply a fact. Many, of not nearly ALL of those players wound up getting vastly overpaid. 2009-2013 was not a good stretch for the Ravens, most people acknowledge that. The last two drafts look really good though.
  22. It's still too early to draft a QB unless something falls into their lap. It would be utterly foolish to make drafting a QB a top priority unless something happens to Flacco, or he looks incapable of running the offense. IMO Flacco hasn't changed - he's still the same QB he's been for the most part. He's probably got 3-5 years left in the tank, barring injury, or barring "I've got so many kids now and no time for football" It's time to think about his successor, I agree, but in no way shape or form should they waste a high pick unless as I said, someone just falls into their lap the way Rodgers did for Green Bay.
  23. That actually is a feather in Ozzie's cap. They can't afford to keep them because they do extremely well and price themselves off of the team. The Ravens can afford to let these types go because they know they can replentish through the draft, and save money.