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  1. It's not just you, but a significant percentage of the modern Right are ready and willing to airbrush Trump's deviance out of history. 'Quite a legacy for the Pubbies to pass on to their progeny.
  2. Unfortunately, a significant percentage of our country's 'cops' are simply bullies and thugs, much to the consternation of those honorable and forthright. 'Bad cops' are a problem for everyone, everywhere, especially in a large country with no borders, where we pride ourselves on our rights to unlimited road trips. I pass for white most of the time, but as a former 'long haired, bearded, motorcycle-riding hippie freak', I've had my share of uncomfortable and unnecessary police encounters. It was OH SO fashionable for bored, doofus cops to hassle and harass us, though I'm quite sure few of us ever experienced the levels of hatred and violence shown to people of color. Good cops make good communities great. But there is always a shortage, to no one's surprise. Rather than raise standards and pay, departments (read; politicians) instead lower, or 'broaden' standards and tussle with Police Unions over everything else. One of the results are an increasing percentage of people becoming cops that really don't belong there. Of course, 'kids' shouldn't be yelling profanities out of car windows, but that's a whole 'nuther subject.
  3. It's a part of the 30-some-odd years of 'teh rich' stealing value from the lower classes. 'Mission accomplished' indeed...
  4. Most of my rant wasn't limited to political candidates either. I speak of the generalized way our PC culture like to pigeonhole events, such as the notion, 'all men are guilty as charged', or 'all women are innocent flowers'. The PC culture frames our debate in many areas, but in areas involving sexuality, and the nexus of sexuality and power, it is loud but shallow. It myopically jumps to quick, banal conclusions rather than open discussion and balance. I also think this trend is exacerbated by our present 'anti-intellectual' craze, where 'nuance' is a French word for 'surrender', and those of us that work in science and academia are deemed 'disposable elites'. Oh, but wasn't it nice to have an educated and honorable man for Preznit for awhile, even if teh deplorables fought him tooth and nail. For awhile, it was fashionable to be proud of one's education and academic accomplishments, to frame the challenges of modern living as a string of possibilities to be achieved through careful study and hard work. Oh well, the pendulum swings...
  5. I think the phenom of which you speak, namely, that men are presumed guilty until proven otherwise, is yet another manifestation of our 'PC' culture. Over-reaction, blaming, shaming, re-labeling,... it's all the same method, whether we're talking about male-on-female sexual exploitation or which pronoun to put on the bathroom door. Separating the issues from the hysteria is required to get off the bus. There was a piece I read somewhere this morning (I'll look it up) that asked the question, 'just how pure must our candidates be?', in a broader context of judging actions on a spectrum rather than in a binary fashion. Is it possible to take on the issue without the hysteria? Perhaps, but not around here....
  6. It's tuition... a 'business' expense. Why shouldn't it be deductible? It would be if she incorporated, eh?
  7. "Waste and abuse" can be minimized by adequate administration and management. As anyone working in Gommint can testify, 'admin and management' is either sorely lacking or mortally incompetent. More bad management makes it impossible to fire deadweight and reorganize. All are the result of inadequate Congressional supervision... once again, a failure of our management class. Funny, how most of our problems are related to this systemic failure. Yet we, the people, are led to believe that if we just trust them with more and more of our resources, they will someday 'manage' to create a capitalist utopia. Repeal 'Citizen's United' (don't get technical) Agitate for term limits. Eliminate intentional barriers to voting. We can do this...
  8. It continues...
  9. It takes a 'real rocket scientist' to equate the American Democratic Party with the so-called commie thugs of the PRC. It's sorta like the brain trust that relates Bernie to Mao or Che'.
  10. Spoiled rich kids doing what spoiled rich kids do best; screw up things for the rest of us.
  11. This is what we get by voting in a " 1%er ". It's like a horrible re-tool of 'the Beverly Hillbillys', where teh Donald escapes the wilds of Brooklyn for the clear, money-green skies of Wash DC. With the Trumps, we get a glimpse into the REAL ruling class, where money = genital size,... and women... well, they make good escorts.
  12. Johns Hopkins psychologist John Gartner suggests an “80 percent chance” that Trump will push the nuclear button excerpt Donald Trump's presidency is dangerous and destructive. Because he is an autocrat and petit-fascist, he has repeatedly demonstrated contempt for American democracy. His personal and political behavior has diminished America on the world stage. He has torn apart basic assumptions about political normality in an effort to expand his power. His speech and actions, first as a candidate and now as president, have either expressly or tacitly and encouraged political violence against nonwhites, Muslims and any other group the American far right views as its enemies. There is considerable evidence to suggest that Trump is personally corrupt and is using the presidency to enrich himself, his family and other members of his cabal at the literal expense of the American people. His behavior also indicates that he is likely beholden to Russian President Vladimir Putin instead of the people and interests of the United States. .................. Will Trump's psychological profile lead him to an insanity defense?