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  1. Their guys are about to get strung up for treason. Desperate deflection is all they have.
  2. ...or... Will the last person to abandon Trump please take the light bulbs?
  3. Surreal...
  4. I think most of the 'fuss' is coming from Trump and his minions. His position is to use the threat of shutdown, which, of course he blames on the Dems, to force them to drop DACA.
  5. You're making excuses to take it out on the DACA Dreamers. Why does 'the Right' always have to be so mean to dark skinned people?
  6. So, you have a point with this thread?
  7. So the Pubbies take it out on the Dreamers. I'm sure glad no one's making me pay for the sins of MY father. ...and I'd bet I'm not alone on that...
  8. The thought had occurred to me. ...but I thought the Rooskies had their brightest onto the task.
  9. Now that thar's funny.... 'don't care who y'are. This whole forum is all about you today. Own it.
  10. (sniff.... sniff....) I sense a meltdown comin'...
  11. Great explanation of the obvious. I'm sure it'll get rejected like all the rest...
  12. Gawd, but I'm getting dizzy.... I got caught again in one of the troll's circular arguments. Mea culpa.... I'll try harder next time.
  13. Dude; you're incorrigible. You've been given a good answer. You ignore it. Own what? You? .