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  1. Yeah... MAD's 'Spy vs. Spy'...
  2. ...then using that as a trigger for a nuke attack on various NK targets? I've seen behavior such as Trump's before. We all have... on the playground in elementary school. 'Anyone goad the funny looking kid with the big stick back then? How'd that work out for you?
  3. Peta...?
  4. Pondering what China has to gain by cutting of Li'l Kim... The China / North Korea border and it's relative porosity has long been a problem for the Chinese. Li'l Kim has not helped that situation one bit. Therefore, regime change in NK could be seen as a plus for the Chinese, as they'd have ample opportunity (post Kim's demise) to affect the process within NK. Let the Americans do the dirty work and reap the benefits of a more prosperous and stable NK under Chinese 'guidance'.
  5. Don't take it personally.
  6. Those numbers don't sound like what I've read for Maryland. You gots link?
  7. Certainly a fairer explanation... But it does inspire the question, 'is lack of critical thinking' merely a social observation, or is it more of a stubborn rejection of contrary thought?
  8. (actually, it's a sativa/indica hybrid called, appropriately, "green crack"...) (great morning bud.)
  9. GREAT topik... What else can you imagine we're saying?
  10. Is sincere belief in 'satan' a sign of mental imbalance?
  11. ....well deserved...
  12. It does indeed. I recall more than a few 'user names' that disappeared after the election.
  13. "Why would anyone care who got more votes?" Indeed...