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  1. Why, that there's gibberish... Focus.
  2. Ah, no, it is not. It is YOU that holds an extreme view, so far 'to the right' that everything else looks like an evil, librul conspiracy. No, my comrade, WashPo is an award-winning news journal well known for separating the wheat from the bullcrap. Own your views. Take responsibility for your opinions and feels. Stop blaming every little thing on 'teh left'.
  3. https://www.38north.org/2018/04/rcarlin040218c/ Fortunately, there are few in the State Dept that are willing to trust lil' Kim's platitudes. Most Americans don't remember the Korea War, or why it never really ended. Fewer still are willing to invest the time required to understand the North Korean mindset.
  4. Of course you trust lil' Kim and his commie thugs...
  5. The Straw Men of 'welfare' is alive and well. It's just another part of the 'poor shaming' meme, where 'they all' are to be lumped in with 'the worse fraud offenders'. Reality is, most 'poor people', or folks on SNAP and the like, DO work, many full time, and many in the freakin' military. But the 'welfare queen in her pink Cadillac' is such a convenient, racist, elitist frame that it has stuck and become a cultural milepost. Some of us here have lived on assistance of one form or another, myself as a young teen when my dad left us for his other family. My mom and I were on some sort of assistance (she shielded me from it all, so I don't know the details) for a couple of years. Oh yeah, she worked... most of the single moms in our little neighborhood of rented duplexes did... but hated every minute of it. What most of us don't understand is what happens to the human spirit and mind when surrounded by and part of intergenerational poverty. All we 'see' is what we want to see. I recently had the occasion do drive through a seedier section of Baltimore on evening, driven by a retired NSA geek, quite educated and smart, a gentleman. As we drove through the blighted neighborhoods with their burned out shells of homes, he mentioned that he just looked straight ahead... didn't 'want' to see what was on either side of him. It was all 'unfortunate'... left at that, like an image on his computer screen. That's how most of us see 'the poor', through the frame of the worse thing you've seen on YouTube this month. We don't see the soldier or sailor whose spouses must use SNAP to get by, or the family of five, both parents working full time at minimum wage jobs, who still need Medicaid to keep their kids healthy. Yet that is the 'majority reality' of America's 'poor'; one paycheck away from eviction, one broken bone away from bankruptcy, parents working multiple jobs, then getting blamed for not spending enough quality time with their children. Since the thug Donald Trump became Preznit of this great land, simple 'compassion' has been abandoned in favor of self promotion and greed. No, I don't blame Donald for the deplorable behavior of a large swath of my fellow citizens. I blame the large swath of deplorable citizens for Donald Trump being preznit.
  6. He who laughs last laughs best... How's that moon base coming long, comrade?
  7. You could argue that Russia randomly decided to go all in for Trump and Trump was too hapless to properly conspire. And I've got a Trump Tower to sell you. excerpt; There are two options: Donald Trump’s campaign and Russia worked together to help elect our current president of the United States, or we are witnessing the greatest coincidence since the Big Bang. Call it collusion. Call it a collaboration. Or, even better, call it a “conspiracy against the United States” — since that’s probably what the indictments will keep calling it. Just don’t call it a coincidence, especially if the FBI is interviewing you. ............................. Question for Trump supporters; Do you really believe teh Don is innocent of working with the Russians to win the election? OR... ...are you still covering up for him hoping, hoping, hoping that He and Giuliani will somehow prevail? If the latter, how much responsibility are you willing to accept for His election and ultimately, demise?
  8. Any bets that teh Don just stays in Moscow after his next visit...?
  9. It doesn't take too many 'bad cops' to spoil the public's perception of the whole barrel.
  10. Aren't Rooskie trolls simply precious...?
  11. Of course not. Neither is a mythical creature named XXX responsible for my scoliosis. 'Inspired by' is not the same as 'responsible for'.
  12. Do you deny an uptick in racist incidents since teh Donald became preznit?