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  1. What do you gain by cowardly lying like that?
  2. It is just as or more likely that said imagined 'vacuum' would be filled by rational agnosticism and a love of basketball. In Europe, religions, skirt heights, hair styles, governments,... all change with alarming regularity. It is just this dynamic of constant change that keeps these old countries from dissolving into borderless chaos. However, you may be correct. 'White' Europeans may go the way of the Native American; practically extinct and living on/in designated reservations clinging to 'the old ways'. Yin/Yang
  3. It is what it is, dude... I'm sure you'd soar past all of us with your knowledge of helicopter guts.
  4. Thus proves your limited knowledge of both science and religion.
  5. Bolton's been itching to nuke Iran since Saddam did the rope dance. He's finally got his chance.
  6. About whom do I speak? No one named. Feeling guilty?
  7. It's all starting to raise the question, 'will Trump quit before he can be arrested or impeached?' ...or is he likely to go 'all the way'?
  8. Doesn't having two computers on your desk in grandma's basement entitle you to two SunSpot accounts as well? It's in the TOS somehwhere...
  9. Europe as a whole has done pretty well conserving ancient artifacts and traditions. It will tread X-tianity the same way. However, that won't stop a whole lot of butthurt Dominionists from crying crocodile tears over their declining participation and payment percentages.
  10. That was all 'BigInsure' and it's papa, WallStInc. ...and it marks the point the DNC gave away it's last scruples.
  11. 'Quite illustrative of the contempt certain 'cultures' hold for women.
  12. Not as much as you are by that lame comment. We get it. You don't like Bernie. Just be real in your criticism...
  13. That is the 'beauty' of have Bernie and his movement alive, well, and affecting policy, and healthcare is a great example. I'm not a purist... 'try to be more of a realist. 'Voted for Bernie in the primaries and Hillary in the General, and I have no trouble with either vote.
  14. As much a 'fan' of Bernie as I am, I completely agree with you on both points. Unfortunately, the 'Centrist' queue is rather thin at the moment. I think that whatever faction leads in Trump's impeachment will be in a position to keep leading.
  15. I've been wondering if the bomb in the car went off accidentally... He may have been planning a different exit. Oh well...
  16. Rooskie internet trolls are notorious liars and absolutists. I've seen little use in using logic in an attempt to 'win' an argument with one.
  17. It's long past time to call out these Russian trolls for what they are; dupes of Pootie and a danger to the Republic. It's no coincidence that these trolls picked 'the right' to join, study, influence and copy. Both groups admire totalitarianistic ideals and strong, Gommint control. Stay aboard this sinking ship at your own peril, betaversians. There's nothing so inherently wrong in what you believe that you need the Russians coming in to 'help'.
  18. Obama's 'reset' was doomed from the beginning. Pootie hates both blacks and women, and with Obama as POTUS and Hillary as SEC STATE, there was no flippin' way any real negotiating was going to take place. Something Hillary did or discovered when dealing with Pootie and the Gang caused great consternation in Putin's head. That seems to be about the time his trolls joined in on 'the Great Right Wing Conspiracy' that already had the 'Hillary-Hate' thing going. Whatever it is that Hillary discovered, or has on Pootie, she seems to have kept secret. I'm pretty sure Obama was let in on it at the time, but he's proven adept at keeping his mouth shut when required. Pootie's trolls continue to hit Hillary HARD to this day. Any ideas why?
  19. Sanders was a good candidate, but it is Hillary that kept Pootie up at night. Something she did as SecState got under the little guy's glorious skin. Putin's expenditures since then against Hillary have been legendary, as the 'troll farms' (and the presence of certain posters) aptly illustrate.
  20. I think the question comes down to one of permission. Did the people who comprise that data give their permission for it to be sold on the open market? I understand the research was marketed as academic in nature, and the Bannon and Co. essentially stole or misused the data. Like many others, I dove into Facebook's policy pages this afternoon, and admit the language used (gobbledegook) drove me into a kind of somnolence unsuitable for rational understanding. I'm glad the questions are being asked and answered in public. Data creation and use is a new frontier in intellectual property rights.
  21. Then hope they find someone to the left of Genghis Khan to run against him in the primaries. In spite of the DNC's leadership's best efforts, the rank and file are moving slowly but steadily leftward.
  22. You misjudge the depth of delusion the modern betaverse represents.
  23. Of COURSE Trump is kissing Pooties patootie; he owes his Preznitcy to the guy, plus Pootie's got pictures.
  24. Got me for hyperbole.... OK... However, my big beef with the DNC has always been it's lack of passion, of late compounded by complete acquiescence to Big Money. Bernie, for all his faults, has those tropes beat, and a young, enthusiastic following big enough to actually make a difference.