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  1. ...because it ALWAYS has to be about you...
  2. Classic, classic circular argument in progress... ...and around and around and around he goes...
  3. 'Made it all about you again... LOL
  4. http://cjonline.com/blog/lucinda/2013-02-05/how-dixiecrats-became-republicans
  5. Whoooo - hoooooo! The Naked King wears a merit badge. He's still a racist, liar pig.
  6. .....but you're not trolling...
  7. Factually wrong, so the rest of your point is garbage.
  8. Round and around and around and around he goes...
  9. I actually DID address those questions on the first day of this discussion. You were there, and said something stupid. Do you not remember? ...or simply don't care? Sorry, but it is YOU making it all about YOU all the time. Like this stupid question you just asked, the answer of which you should know. Trolling...
  10. You are SO full of yourself, and excel at making each and every thread all about YOU. ...but you won't even take responsibility for your own trollish behavior. Sad...
  11. What's clear is that American BigBiz held back while that 'other' guy was preznit, not willing to let any success be labeled as coming from a 'Democrat' admin. It worked. It has the sheep all in a row defending the wolf's choice of dinner.
  12. First, I am. Second, you obviously know nothing about me, nor of logic. I didn't say 'drug tests are terrible'... I said they were 'a sledgehammer' where 'dental tools were more appropriate'.(or something like that) I stand by that, especially where cannabis and other herbs are concerned. There are many 'drugs', all with different affects. To lump them all together as 'bad' is simply ignorant.
  13. Present drug tests are a sledgehammer when dental tools are needed. Unfortunately, present priorities require having someone to blame, punish and vilify.
  14. Too bad the 'drug tests' are outdated and ineffective, echoing the laws on which they are based. They keep the po-po in running cash, though, and that's what's important.
  15. I'd like you to find a post of mine where I absolve the Dems from their many sins. No, I don't want to 'get rid' of my opponents; I want to dominate them. That's politics. We NEED opposition politics. Finally, it's obvious 'both sides' are guilty; they're run by the same ruling elite. In most cases, the only difference is the color of their neckties.
  16. Funny how this Russian thing has slipped out of the media feed with the 'Trump-****hole' riot going on. It's to Trump's advantage to keep this whole racism thing alive and in the media for as long as possible.
  17. There are some eye-popping revelations in the transcript of Glenn Simpson’s testimony before Congress. excerpt; ... he transcript of Simpson’s testimony, which ought to be required reading for every citizen seeking to inform herself about Russiagate, is highly informative, entertaining in parts, and shocking in other parts. (The 35-page dossier provides a detailed account of what various sources told Fusion GPS about a pattern of contacts, cooperation, and collusion between a series of Trump-related actors and various Russians. Its first sentence, written on June 20, 2016, reads: “Russian regime has been cultivating, supporting and assisting TRUMP for at least 5 years.”) In the transcript, Senator Grassley’s aide, Patrick Davis, repeatedly pushes Simpson to respond to charges that somehow Fusion GPS was improperly tied to Russia itself, that its ties to Democrats or to pro–Democratic Party clients were improper, and that Fusion GPS had improper connections to the FBI. Virtually none of the GOP side’s questions to Simpson deal in any way with the actual content of the dossier itself. Much of it was prescient, the GOP knows, so they’d rather obfuscate by tarring Simpson and Fusion GPS, hoping to bolster the president’s tweetstorms claiming that the dossier is “fake” and a “hoax.” ......................... Yeah, it's an 'interesting read'. ...and it shows why TrumpCo is so frantic about deflecting the media attention to Hillary.
  18. Your obsession with the 'both sides' meme comes out at your convenience, it is noted. As a publicly identified 'leftist' and 'progressive', it should be of no surprise that I concern myself mostly with the sins of the opposition. However, it is a public forum, leaving you free to oppose any meme I dare present with 'the other side'.
  19. Indeed. Widespread cynicism leads to low voter turnout... which is exactly what the ruling Republican elite desire. It is noted which 'side' feeds this division.
  20. Hashish, properly applied, has long been know for it's 'truth-serum' qualities. Just ask my wife...
  21. You can dance around it all you want, but there're enough of us around here that actually lived through that transition. It happened. It was ugly... and it still is.
  22. ...a situation completely outside of the experience envelope of our ruling elite.