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  1. But maybe coughlin has belichicks number . Would be awesome to see him beat the pats with bortles.
  2. No matter what Brady and co. Say publicly it feels like there's some truth to this situation. Belichick is great at evaluating talent- he would've been very hard pressed to trade Garrapalo away imo. He knows how good that guy is. The only pressure hard enough would come from the owner.
  3. Agree. Its tough to find a franchise qb. More reason they should start investing/drafting them this year on out and hope one hits paydirt!
  4. Never looked at it this way but seems fitting. We always seem willing to scrap up old vets to patch holes rather than spending the investment / resources in fixing the problem and making it a stregnth.
  5. I agree mostly except where you say "I don't think it is any one unit or player that needs to be a little better". Joe directly impacts the game moreso than any other player so - although yes it's a team game- Joe touches the ball more than anyone else (except the center) and thus has a more direct impact on the end result. So- him playing better means that much more than Maclin, or Weddle, or Collins or Perriman playing better because the plays and the ball are in his hands and he can affect the play more than anyone. If he plays better, the chances of us winning goes up much moreso than any other player or unit. If weddle has the game of his life- we could still lose by 2 tds. If joe has the game of his life we win. I don't think there's a silver bullet either- and at the same time it's simple- get better players! having said all this- the team is closer to Joe than any of us- know his flaws and strengths more than any of us. The fact they haven't addressed getting him what he needs is mind boggling.
  6. I just think the Titans have the better QB, better RBs, better TE, better WRs. Every piece of their Offense is better, except maybe their O-line, and that's probably even or better. Also going down 21-3, without needing turnovers by their D to really help them come back. I don't see the Ravens capability to do that. The Titans actually had more Turnovers than the Cheifs! They will get blasted by NE no doubt- but so would any other team imo except maybe Pitt.
  7. I like your analysis resto- but I just don't buy this as the reason the team fails to make the playoffs last couple years. Sure the Defense should've held. But at same time, if Joe was consistent or played better (he is the absolute most important player who determines the fate of the team) the Defense probably wouldn't need to bear the responsibility to seal these game. Even if all he did was protect the football slightly better over the course of the season- we win more games in both seasons and don't need to rely on last minute defensive stands in win or die games to make the playoffs. He's the QB. He's inconsistent and average- and so the team is inconsistent and average imo.
  8. Imo- Titans are clearly better than the ravens.
  9. Mariota makes me dream of an athletic playmaking QB. Did you guys see the block he threw to spring Henry on the game sealing run? That guy is a baller.
  10. Mikemor1 you watching Derrick Henry? Man I love watching huge backs hammer the defense. We have one in Alex Collins too wish they would give it to him 25 times a game minimum.
  11. That looked like a fumble to me, plain and simple.
  12. Agree I doubt Oz will load up on Offense like he did defense last year. He just doesn't seem to prioritize it as heavily. As far as James Washington I think 16 may be high for him. I like Courtland Sutton better at 16 but even he's risky- big guy with great athleticism and good hands but not best at separating from DBs. The more I look at WRs the best ones can seperare from coverage and that should be coveted more than size /athleticism imo.
  13. GURU - always glad to have some draft talk on this forum! Lamar Jackson declared for the NFL Draft but I don't think he will last until round 2. If he's there at 16 that would really interesting. I'm not a fan of his accuracy but his playmaking talent is undeniable. I don't think Calvin Ridley will last till 16 as he's going to be the 1st WR taken. Troy Fumagalli also - will be gone by round 2 or 3 imo. But if this is how the draft shook out I'd jump through the roof!
  14. We should be in contention next year with an off season to fix defensive issues & put some weapons around the qb. This new year the problem seems much easier than the last many years where we were constantly trying to fix secondary and o-line and rb and multitude of issues. Right now it seems more simple. Cut some veterans to whittle down that cap, develop the young defenders (there should be someone athletic enough on there already who can learn to cover TEs - Bowser!) Get the QB some WRs who can catch the freaking ball. This can't be that hard. We're in decent position to get one of the top Wrs from the draft. Also signing one of solid FAs will help.
  15. This is like deja vu- I remember saying the same thing last year and year before...