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  1. Yea I remember Bowser having a promising start but seems like he has been missing of late. Against Tenn he barely played- only 4 defensive snaps. Wonder if he got in the doghouse for some reason as it wasn't stated he has any injury.
  2. that's probably true. my dad always said 'moderation' is best!
  3. What happened to our draft class? Only see Humphrey having any real impact. Tyus Bowser, Tim Williams, Chris Wormley and the rest are all MIA for whatever reason. Anyone else think our draft philosophy and The scouting dept might need a complete overhaul? I'll admit I was excited about going all defense initially but right now it seems like another mistake. Its not like these guys have to sit behind a myriad of super star players either. Of course 9 games in isnt enough time to judge but its disheartening.
  4. Interesting analysis of MM by ravens06. I think theres truth in a lot of things here- mdrunning is right too in the sense the coaching staff is trying to succeed with players not suited to this style of play. WRs need to run quick precise routes and have hands. I also think Maniac is right honestly- look at the game when we had Griff Whalen as a new WR. You'd think on the sidelines Flacco would be studying defensive alignments or plays with him- to try and see how they could both get him more acclimated into the offense - I mean the guy was just signed off the street. Every shot of Flacco on the bench was him sitting staring off into space. That's not a guy who seems to care that much imo.
  5. Their 2 minute drill is atrocious and is an indictment of Harbaugh's intellect as a HC imo. His style may have worked when he had leaders and smart players who could manage the in game nuances on their own (IE Ray Lewis/Ed Reed/ Boldin, etc) but once those guys were gone he's been a losing HC record wise with 1 playoff appearance (which was mostly by luck that they snuck in).
  6. Re the Title of this thread- week after week it seems like we are moving towards wholesale changes after this season. The defense is too talented to not be great by this point in the season imo. The offense is bottom of the league. When both the offensive and defensive coordinators are under performing, a head coaching change needs to be evaluated imo. I think this off season we will see a new coach come in with new personnel and a new QB to lead and reinvigorate this boring, apathetic team.
  7. Flacco isn't Payton Manning and cannot dissect the Defense/Game Strategy in his head while in game. He also doesn't seem to care too much to do it. Payton, Brady, Brees - never see them sitting on the bench without the tablet trying to decipher the defense and scheme. Flacco is a footsoldier with a huge arm and tough as nails and calm collected demeanor which is all important for a QB. But he isn't one whose going to lift the offense to new heights through his own brain power/football intellect imo. He needs good staffing, players, coaches around him to realize his potential. He's a cog in the machine- not the motherboard that runs it.
  8. Makes second guess how good this defense really is. Shouldn't they be steam rolling teams consistently? I'm not sure- I guess as the season rolls on we will find out. Definitely they should be top 3 Defense or something is wrong imo - with all their talent. Although I do feel the two Safeties are too similarly skilled at the moment, and not complimentary to each other.
  9. Fwiw- Jensen was graded out as the 4th best center in all of football after 8 weeks by PFF.. To follow up on this- Ronnie Stanley was graded as the #1 Run Blocking LT in the NFL. Not sure what goes into grading but they grade every snap/every player:
  10. Jenson is solid but inconsistent right now. He is young and getting experience and will be legit next year if he keeps doing what he's doing. Not the quickest, biggest, or most powerful but he's a brawler and the kind of guy you don't want to play against and the guy you want on your team. Unexpected surprise and I'm not sure why he wasn't regarded as the starter coming into the season. Seems like the staff isn't great at estimating their own talent at times. IE Why did Griff Whalen get cut and not Perriman??
  11. I think that's a solid line. Problem now is Lewis and Yanda coming off injuries and Yanda is starting to get up in age. They're going to need to put more into it- also a good line I don't think will work with our personnel honestly- I think we need a great one for us to actually contend for something...
  12. The packers have had this problem for years - Rogers should have multiple rings by now if they ever got around to providing him a great o-line. Our O-line should be getting better next year- I expect them to invest heavily in it because honestly there's no other choice with our QB situation except get him the best and hope for the best. It would also make sense if we are drafting a young QB to come in and learn- to set him up for success when Flacco is gone.
  13. this has been their M.O. last 4-5 years hasn't it?
  14. What "facts" did you spout off? In 2014 "Joe" was about to win the Div Round Playoff game? Was that the o ne he threw a pick at the end of the game into double coverage?These are all team losses and team gains so I don't see how these stats are relevant. The individual stats is what you should be looking at. The most important fact that I shouldn't need to state is that it's a results oriented biz- his results since he won the SB have been atrocious. He leads the league in INTs since then. His YPA is league worst. The team has had an overall losing record since then. And the fact is they have made the playoffs 1 time since then. Now you're going to tell me it's because the team around him has failed him. Yes I know it already, heard it already. Gimme some more 'facts' OCF go ahead. Also this is an internet forum to voice opinions and discuss things about the team. Telling people to shut up and wise up? Old confused fool...
  15. How about the extension- is that also vindicated with you guys? http://www.businessinsider.com/joe-flacco-signs-new-contract-and-it-is-a-monster-2016-3