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  1. Right now have to think SFA-McD-Spalding-CH have inside track
  2. Agree seen both Gilman should win even with injuries
  3. More I look at it more I don’t see Howard beating anyone in the top 17 just my opinion. Seen North Point this year they are for real it seems.
  4. I agree. I have seen them play as well as Wise. Howard in my opinion cannot be anybody in the top 10. They are good football team but not top 10.
  5. You could be right I had not seen them other then those two games
  6. You are talking specifically about the SFA game. I have seen Spalding and the PA team they looked good in those games haven’t seen the film yet of SFA game so you may be correct.
  7. Are you serious McD is soft did we watch the same game. Their DL is legit!
  8. All from my research on Maxpreps.
  9. Will do
  10. I thought Rod was there. Yes I had heard he can really scoot. Lackey is a funny place you always a mix of kids I think creates a good football environment. Glad to see Rod doing well. Awesome you are the man can’t wait to see the game.
  11. Yea that game specifically. Is Rod the HC there now?
  12. Very true. Have you seen the LaPlata game? Would like to see that film.
  13. Yes GA that has already been established
  14. Ok I thought they were on the Cheerios box because they were number 1. A guy I know played on that team said they were #1. Just going with what i was told by a player.
  15. DeMatha was number 1 in late 90s or early 2000s. They were on the cover of the Cheerios box that year. That team was just inducted into the DeMatha hall of fame this year.