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  1. The early days when we beat North Point at Westlake. 2007 45-16 at our place then I switched up the road after that when Kenny took over brought a lot of the old McDonough guys with him. I was on JV so can't take credit for any of the Varsity wins.
  2. Good research Sho! Yea seemed like when ever they left Chuck Co there were big expectations then they came back after round one. DW facilities envy. Right down the road from us and they built that palace. We took pride those first few years in winning that game.
  3. Yea this is funny. Has North Point ever won a playoff game. They get smoked by the AACo teams.
  4. A little off topic did anyone find scores on those two games just curious?
  5. Yea talked to my nephew said he is looking at being back worst case by their McDonogh game. Hope that is true for the young man.
  6. Wow awful great player sure the MSJ team will be fine but big loss. If I hear from my nephew will up date.
  7. Wow that sucks for him and the MSJ team if it's true. Hope he heals up and gets ready for college.
  8. Don't forget Jerry Franks coached DeMatha for a while before Bill too. Lot of good coaches built that program.
  9. This is a terrible situation all around. How can this happen at a school that size?
  10. Great question
  11. I just heard the same thing! Wow very unfortunate.
  12. Yes 100% right same guy. Yes that is Hampshire where I lived. Nice neighborhood. yea Zac would have us out laundry, field maintenance, etc. that by itself was a full time job. I agree the kids back in the day seem to be more savvy. But I don't know if that is just me being old or accurate.
  13. Sorry my old self fell asleep DW. Mumu was homegrown but got caught up in that ER transfer craziness he actually lived down the road from me in Hampshire development. If you know the area Hampshire is directly next to the HS. He came back to us for his junior and senior year I believe don't quote me on that might've been just a senior year. Been a while now since that day. So don't quote me on that. I do agree I find the private stuff a little crazy. It basically depends on who has the biggest bank roll determines your league champ. But have to support family and my buddy. haha this is why I read love the inside info and the back and forth. Hopefully we can meet up sometime at one of these games.
  14. Yes they played great Mumu won that game and the Seneca game almost single handed with his speed. Then they kicked to him at M&T and that was that.
  15. Yes his older brother played at Westlake while I was there. Both were great kids. North Point really did have huge numbers can't remember if it was that big you are right it was a lot. The school at the time was one of a kind for that area. Still a great school.