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  1. Wow that is a shocker!
  2. Same here. I know we are putting a lot of effort into the college recruiting portion for the current seniors and all the 1A/ 1AA kids they have in the younger classes. Think just Friday Rich had 12 colleges come thru in one day.
  3. No rich isn’t like that he would inform the admin if he interviewed
  4. Bully I was the coach that did the Recruit presentation in October for Coach. I have not heard anything. We are having the 8th Grade official visit night Monday so everything is status quo as far as I know.
  5. That is hysterical. I was right you are delusional. Teams you mentioned wouldn’t be within 50 points of MSJ.
  6. Why don’t they select the team like most other people do? Have a first and second team Offense and defense as well as some honorable mentions?
  7. It was a fun weekend of football!
  8. I don’t know that area or team except from film and TV. But jeez that is crazy if he can’t win with the “supporters” up there who would ever want that job. It sounds worse then Texas ball.
  9. Haha yes I found out who “oleballcoach” is. I asked around he is a pretty good coach from everyone’s account so not sure what the beef is.
  10. Yea I ate my words I thought FH would be able to run the ball and control the pace. Dunbar did a great job actually could have taken it over earlier if not for some bad calls.
  11. Sorry busy weekend with my son. I have not heard anything. They had their end of season banquet and everything was status quo. The coaches even were meeting a head of time to pick the two coaches captains to be named at the pre Christmas players meeting and decide on new uniforms for next season. So it would be news to me and I help out with recruiting/ scouting.
  12. Serious guy has won 5 state titles straight or something ridiculous. Sounds like the crazies are coming out
  13. Wow this guy has some mental health issues. Don’t think a nap and pills will help him.
  14. Good incite!
  15. Like that rule!