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  1. No for the most part been down in southern Maryland. The last few years are my first really being around this area.
  2. Yes was a great game. As a public school guy never seen that much talent at a HS b-ball game! Was a barn burner.
  3. And football had 50 families there for their second Recruit night. Seems like this school is really happening. They had 80 families at their first Recruit night.
  4. I don’t know. I saw that Gilman team Richs first year at MSJ. From Attalla perspective I think St. Francis would have them. If you’re talking about a complete team you might be right about that.
  5. I’m new to the private schools with MSJ. I will say this that was the most talented football team I have ever seen in 25 years of high school football. I have to think there are not many teams in the country they could hang with St. Frances.
  6. I believe that is him
  7. I thought so too being in public school my whole career till he showed me a list and contact info for what had to be 200-300 8th graders from all over the area. Definitely a different world.
  8. Yea think they had players when Rich got there and defense was starting to get really good just had to fix the offense and some other stuff. I know Rich was very complimentary of how organized Blake was in 8th Grade recruiting with his database system.
  9. Don’t know about the program before. But it seems to be rolling now.
  10. Didn’t know Blake but it is his 3rd season going on number 4 now.
  11. That is another point thanks BMore for pointing this out. It is pretty crappy to call that poor kid out. Had the offer pulled due to injury. But will head Shepherd and probably have a phenomenal career. He had some bad breaks this year.
  12. I am sure you will respond with some unhinged and delusional comment but that being said you just proved everyone’s point with this comment. You have a team of D2-D3 caliber players beating teams loaded with D1 talent. I would say that is good coaching then. And yes does have connections his references that called Gilman were 3 current/ former FBS HCs and a current NFL HC.
  13. I can tell you after texting Rich today everything is as it was before. The principal actually gave Rich a hug today as he came in the door.
  14. Yeah I think I just get annoyed because we’ve worked together for so long and he is a really good guy.
  15. Good intelligent arguement but not surprised.