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  1. No way very well coached won’t happen
  2. I was near a conversation recently with a CH coach that said yes this is a two year deal and will play this year also.
  3. Yes in my opinion both are going to be very good quarterbacks. I’m sure like everybody knows it’s just a matter of how hard they work and how much they grow physically. I know MSJ was trying to not play him this year this year to give him a chance to develop but because of injuries and such he got forced into starting action.
  4. No that was the the freshman who threw 3 INTs the starter wasn’t much better. They ended up rotating the two because both struggled.
  5. In my limited time MSJ is a great place. Was so impressed with the facilities, staff, Coaches and players. I can see why Rich left Meade. It is a wonderful school.
  6. We did at Westlake for a while but have always stayed in touch. I know of Hamilton now because Rich considers that a huge program for MSJ recruiting wise and really likes the coaches at the program. All I can say is he hasn’t told me anything. I’m not an official member of the staff I just help where I can with the seniors recruiting. I’m kind of on the tail end of my coaching career and that is something I enjoy. Been working closely with several MSJ seniors this Off season on their recruiting.
  7. You are right best towns are Nashville and San Antonio IMo
  8. Thanks very true! Always is a blast. Great tagging along with Rich he knows a ton of people and we end up in chalk talks for hours with all kinds of guys from all levels of coaching.
  9. I haven’t heard anything. I actually head to the National Convention with him this Sunday. We have talked a bunch all he has mentioned is the convention, which Clinic talks to see and catching up with his buddies. The workout program officially begins Monday as it always has at MSJ while we are at the AFCA so as far as I know everything is full steam ahead.
  10. Yea heard rumors last year but nothing materialized so figured it was just that. Who would be in line for DeMatha?
  11. Not true MSJ had GC on the schedule in that date and a league game on the other date.
  12. IMO this poll is off but still glad to see some of the teams get some recognition for great seasons.
  13. Actually they were when the state only took 1-4 for the Tourny so there you go have you some knowledge. Here is article for you to learn from. John Cox who was our Principal at Westlake was instrumental in the change to the current format. Good luck. Don’t worry won’t be responding because you will probably get frustrated and name call. http://www.gazette.net/gazette_archive/2003/200340/damascus/sports/180434-1.html
  14. Note I said games/ scrimmages fine print my friend. Guess you are not a detail guy. But that might be a hypocritical comment. Howard would not scrimmage.
  15. Not so all the publics were looking for games and scrimmages at that time it was when the new schedules came out. Why would Dunbar and EW step up and try to make it work but not them? But this was probably a hypocritical answer.
  16. Yea I am shocked. He was a very good DB. That is terrible for the kid but glad he found a landing spot.
  17. Thanks I appreciate we agree and don’t need to name call.
  18. Glad we agree on that.
  19. Definitely outstanding year in the state and local area for kids moving on.
  20. I hear you but we just said best this year not local kid.
  21. In general I agree with you. Over the long-haul been fairly even. I think in the last few years with the escalation of the recruiting there has been more separation. I don’t think that’s a good thing but it kind of is the situation right now. Normally I would agree with you on just about everything. I do disagree the only public school that could have beaten MSJ, Spalding , etc In my opinion is Wise. This year I just look at the dismantling of Northwest by GC. In my view the problem is the bigger publics don’t receive any benefit to playing privates because of points and such they actually could take a hit especially with what I feel is an inevitable loss for a lot of teams. But I agree with you I would love to see a “combined champ” public school champs in a Tourny with iAC, MIAA & WCAC but we know that will never happen.
  22. Can’t speak to what happened before Rich was there. I see MSJ lost in 2008 to Alco but beat them the next year. They lost to TJ in 2007 but beat them in 2008. They lost to Northern at some point which is bad. SEED was scheduled by Henry and I know Rich played the JV team the Varsity played 1 series. I can tell you for certain calls/ emails were placed in January of 2017 to NP, Old Mill, QO, NW, Howard, FH, Alco, ER, Suitland, Bowie, Broadneck, Meade. All calls were either a No or the messages were not returned. CH jumped on Wise faster then MSJ. They had a game with Dunbar in the works but logistics and administrators got in the way. I know Coach Smith and Rich were all in. Only public I could see beating MSJ now is Wise but until you play we don’t know. In MSJ case can’t really lump past performance under other coaches in with now it is a different day. Ask current players and parents.
  23. Nothing to do with the Dunbar QB saw him on TV good player definitely and great stats this year. Doyle at SJC is the best QB in the area saw him play he is the real deal. But I am not taking anything away from other QBs. You lead your team to an undefeated season and a title you deserve all the recognition and awards you get that is a special year by a very good player.
  24. Had to do some research Fort Hill beat MSJ in 2009 I believe. That was the last loss to a public school. Since that time had beaten Fort Hill, Edmondson, TJ and a few others. That is what I found. I think you have to look at these things in terms of the staff at the school. Could Dunbar a few years back with Tavon and those guys beat the Henry coached teams yes definitely. This past year and now with Holzer don’t think so but that’s why you play the game. I know Holzer reached out to EW, City and a few others for games this month. See what happens. I remember the 50 rule come on DW hahaha.
  25. Actually wow they have Rob Spence on staff. He is one of the best QB guys in the country. He just doesn’t go promoting himself.