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  1. Definitely well said
  2. The Wax kid is a legit big time Recruit. He really should be a freshman or by reclass standards an 8th graders. Have seen him in practice and off the field great kid.
  3. I was told Hamilton for at least 8th grade
  4. Yea no trolling came from multiple MIAA people. I hope he stays at damascus if he is that good
  5. That was a rumor figured I would ask
  6. Yes is top 5 Recruit in his class a DL
  7. Any truth to the rumor that a highly rated player from Damascus is SFA bound. That is going around from some very reliable sources.
  8. Got it yea kid was good. Booker actually threw them off cause he played some OT too with the #52 jersey to start the game
  9. Was he 7 or 17 thinner more athletic LB played against MSJ?
  10. Broadneck
  11. Yea the FS covered ground! I thought LBs weren’t bad. Which one returns I thought (I believe the numbers were) 43, 23, 17 all seniors? Either way glad the FS is gone.
  12. Believe the big Safety/ WR was a senior as were all the LBs. The Safety was a player. Tall kid great range.
  13. Going to be very interesting year. Gilman new coach, McD what is going on how many leaving, SFA how many coming in, MSJ young return almost everyone, Spalding has some big time players, Loyola leaves the league, CH always tough and physicalwhat returns.
  14. Interesting come all the way from Georgia. That would be tough to pull off. Did see that on a coaching web site he is looking for 3 coaches. DL, Strength and an offensive guy.
  15. The kid is very good
  16. Got you. Just thought he would do what the McD kids did and pull all references to his current school off his social media
  17. Are we sure he is going to Gilman all his Hudl and Twitter stuff is still DM.
  18. I always use the roster they put on Hudl that seems to be a little more accurate because the template by the coaches.
  19. A coach being told by him so take that what it is worth. Yes I do have issues with that. I am a public school guy never understood shipping your 14 year old off to live at a boarding school.
  20. Yes I am sure free housing, food, transportation, trips to see family on breaks, education, spending money. All speculation but incentives I have heard from someone inside the program that they provide. Glad we don’t have to deal with them and this nonsense
  21. Yea article is already out there got it sent by a former MIAA coach.
  22. Yes forward an article about a 6’5 290 kid with a big 10 offer from France headed to SFA
  23. Saw that today can’t make this stuff up
  24. You can dig them up took me 30 minutes. Not throwing kids names out there. If people want names just go look. How about the transfer from France now. That is a news article I was sent today.
  25. I googled it 34 Xfer with 10 out of state not including DC. I did not post kids names didn’t think it was right