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  1. Don't forget Jerry Franks coached DeMatha for a while before Bill too. Lot of good coaches built that program.
  2. This is a terrible situation all around. How can this happen at a school that size?
  3. Great question
  4. I just heard the same thing! Wow very unfortunate.
  5. Yes 100% right same guy. Yes that is Hampshire where I lived. Nice neighborhood. yea Zac would have us out laundry, field maintenance, etc. that by itself was a full time job. I agree the kids back in the day seem to be more savvy. But I don't know if that is just me being old or accurate.
  6. Sorry my old self fell asleep DW. Mumu was homegrown but got caught up in that ER transfer craziness he actually lived down the road from me in Hampshire development. If you know the area Hampshire is directly next to the HS. He came back to us for his junior and senior year I believe don't quote me on that might've been just a senior year. Been a while now since that day. So don't quote me on that. I do agree I find the private stuff a little crazy. It basically depends on who has the biggest bank roll determines your league champ. But have to support family and my buddy. haha this is why I read love the inside info and the back and forth. Hopefully we can meet up sometime at one of these games.
  7. Yes they played great Mumu won that game and the Seneca game almost single handed with his speed. Then they kicked to him at M&T and that was that.
  8. Yes his older brother played at Westlake while I was there. Both were great kids. North Point really did have huge numbers can't remember if it was that big you are right it was a lot. The school at the time was one of a kind for that area. Still a great school.
  9. I was on JV until I left for an OC position. You are thinking of Tre Scott.
  10. Frank was there briefly before I left for North Point. But yes he was on the Varsity staff so I didn't work with him directly. Good coach. That is well after me in 2014. I was in St Mary's County by then. Douglass was outstanding that year.
  11. Yes you are correct Sonny has been around a bit mostly with JC and crew I believe. SMAC has had some good coaches come thru in my time here. Glad to hear they may rethink that decision. School has a great tradition.
  12. DW not leaving I actually enjoy reading the board because I am not in the coaching loop anymore. Just done going back and forth about that topic.
  13. Yes Merriman was at Douglass PG. We played against them as well very good team. Shame I hear the school will close. JC is another great coach and his staff has been together for a long time.
  14. Incorrect Starks was on the 99-00 teams. Curley came down in 02 about Hope that was simple enough sorry I do not spell and grammar check message board posts. Have a good night. DW it has been interesting.
  15. Yes you do it is fun watching you search Wikipedia
  16. Randy came thru in 99-00 with Chisley and the other guys. You asked when Curley came down which said was about 02.
  17. That's a typo did not mean that. Need to put on my glasses. I apologize.
  18. No I said they are having an unreal run and a great program. I explained there is a difference between a great program like wise who is having an unreal run and a very good well coached program which I consider Arundel to be. Arundel and Wise are not the same. Wise wins 9/10 times.
  19. Definitely that MSA league was tough. From what I remember those publics back then had no issues beating the privates. Some great teams.
  20. I will say you do make me laugh. Curley came down around 2002 (since you know so much I would assume you knew this already) and yes we were loaded Randy Starks (Miami Dolphins) and other such guys. We came up to Byrd played the Tommy Polley team of Dunbar lost a tight one when the school was just opening its doors. My last year there on the JV staff was a double OT loss to Gwynn Park on a corner through to the big TE who went to Maryland. So does that jog your memory? Come on selective memory here or old age like me? I will be at the GC/ SMR/ CH scrimmage to check out some friends coaching with SMR stop by say hi will have my Wolverine hat on.
  21. Actually I do think but we will find out this year. Wise IS a good program they are having one of those unreal runs but that's what happens with open seating at a brand new school. Wise is more like a private enrollment wise then public. But Coach parrish has done a great job. Arundel is very well coached. We will find out cause if CHC beats Wise then we have our answer. I remember Curly coming to Waldorf and beat us when we were loaded
  22. That I don't agree talk to coaches around the state Arundel is seen as a very good program. Also, I do agree the 2nd tier privates are about equal to or better then the top 1/3 of publics. Both WCAC and MIAA A conferences hands down better then the publics.
  23. No I understand what you're saying about the purpose of the scrimmage and I completely agree. What I was basing it off of was my looking at what was actually happening on the field in my opinion it's apples and oranges. The privates for the most part play football at a different level. and I do agree with you that they are not what they were from the Billy Cosh days. However having follow the private schools the last two years after being a public school approach my entire career in my opinion it's apples and oranges. The privates for the most part play football at a different level. That's my opinion. I do get what you're saying about why team scrimmage and want to use it for. Also agree with you about the neighborhood around Wise and the talent level. It is a Goldmine. Almost unfair to other public schools in the area how much talent They have
  24. I like the idea of top tier teams in each league and let's sort it out on the field. I think CH will win but if they don't I will eat crow.
  25. DW you have some good incite on here but you might have mis read I said MSJ was up 35-0 in the 1st quarter was up 21-0 after 5 offensive plays. Pulled starters in 2nd quarter. Started playing JV at half. But I agree Wise in scrimmage versus same Arundel team beat them handily but trust not like what I saw the week before. Yea if you find the film let me know would like to see it.