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  1. Final score: Bishop Gorman 34 De La Salle 7.
  2. I actually do not remember a single penalty against DeMatha in the entire game.
  3. Some perspective to your comments: Posted just now When Marshawn Lloyd (broken wrist) left the game in the second quarter DeMatha was ahead 10-0. DeMatha still led until 30 seconds were left in the third quarter. He is a five star and the #1 ranked rb in the country for 2020. Total yards were 351 for BG and 298 for DeMatha. (source: USA Today) The 12 point margin of victory by BG was the smallest by Gorman since 2014 except the 3 OT victory over STA last year who scored 24 points. DeMatha's 23 points, next to STA, was the most Gorman has allowed since 2014. I believe DeMatha has three players who go both ways; I am not sure about Gorman. The heat was a factor in the fourth quarter. It will be interesting to see how Gorman performs against Mater Dei next week. I thought Gorman's qb was extraordinary. He was 19-25 for 284 yards and responsible for all five touchdowns. Tyler Lenhart of DeMatha was 11 for 23 for 235 with two tds and two interceptions. (both are from USA Today). DeMatha's national excellence will, in large part, be defined by Gorman's success this season. Last night only St. Thomas Aquinas has had a better performance than DeMatha against Bishop Gorman since 2014. I thought DeMatha looked, at a minimum, as a top ten U. S. team especially considering that this game was on the road and Marshawn Lynch went out in the second quarter.
  4. Weather may play a role: high temperature for Las Vegas is 103 degrees on Friday with kickoff at 6:00PM. On the national board it was noted that the DeMatha bench will be in the direct sunlight for at least the first quarter. I hope DM can take precautions for this.
  5. Superb, knowledgeable post. Harvard will set him up for life: education, friendships, relationships, opening doors. I sincerely wish Ty Lenhart the absolute best. Incredibly difficult school to get into: if his GPA and leadership skills along with athletic ability can have him considered for Harvard then I loudly applaud him!
  6. As an aside, in an interview on Comcast SportsTalk Live tonight,it was mentioned that Ty Lenhart is being recruited by Harvard. With all due respect to any Big Ten or SEC school or UCLA-Harvard is the absolute best school that he could have interested in him.
  7. The team Gorman beat by 80 or so points in the NV state final last year: 1. Beat one of the top 5 teams in Texas early in the year- in Texas. 2. Plays a very good American Heritage Plantation in their opening game. 3. Excepting Gorman Liberty rolls over everyone else. DeMatha played Gerry Faust's Moeller in 1980 and Good Counsel went to Vegas and played Gorman when they were still building their program. Now Gorman has three straight national titles and a 50 plus game winning streak. If DeMatha wins it will be the biggest victory in the history of Baltimore/DC area high school ball. It will rival the '65 victory over Lew Alcindor's (Jabbar) Power Memorial- which I saw. ( Told you I'm old!) DeMatha has a very real chance of winning this game.
  8. The Bishop Gorman qb was 11 for 11 Friday night and added a rushing td. Should be an incredible game this coming Friday night.
  9. If a high school athlete has a great game then appreciate it. 11 for 14 for 275 yards, two td's and a long drive with sixty seconds left before the half speaks volumes. In fact all of this was done in exactly that: one half. A remarkable performance. Bravo!
  10. Tyler Lenhart's performance speaks for itself: 11 for 14 for 275 yards and two long tds plus a 70+ yard drive in the last minute of the first half. Read the game report on
  11. Final score of the scrimmage was DM 31-21, 17-14 as noted at the end of the first half. Tyler Lenhart was an incredible 11 for 14 for 275 yards and two tds, 72 and 74 yard scores. In one half! Gregory and Fontaine did not play for DM. Kyle McFadden on has a detailed writeup of the scrimmage.
  12.^tfw is the twitter page for Bishop Gorman's qb. Last night Gorman played the #2 team in the state of Nevada, Liberty, in a tune up for the DeMatha game on ESPN next Friday night. The Gorman qb mentions the scrimmage and provides several links to actual after the game interviews with both the Gorman and Liberty coaches on the LVSportsNetwork. DeMatha may find these interviews to be interesting. FWIW Gorman won the scrimmage and scored the first TD on a qb run by the man whose twitter account this is. 702HSFB has limited video of the game.
  13. Outstanding post.
  14. From the Washington Post on March 28, 2011: "Whoever is hired will take over a program accustomed to winning. McGregor’s teams captured 17 Washington Catholic league titles, including six in a row from 2003 to 2008, and finished No. 1 in The Post’s rankings seven times. His career mark of 278-40-3 makes him the fourth-winningest coach in Maryland high school football. McGregor, who won four Catholic league titles in six seasons as the DeMatha baseball coach, also was known for helping more than 350 former players earn college football scholarships". Elijah has lived up to the above. He is building his own legacy now. And, an addendum: as Morgan also coached football, Bill also coached baseball.
  15. Bill McGregor built the DeMatha football program. He may have been aided, in the beginning, by the quality of athletes that Morgan brought to the school but the football program was his and his alone. From the NFL's National High School Football Coach of the Year to almost the exact same lifetime winning percentage as Morgan (approximately .880) and countless city championships, Bill McGregor put DeMatha football on the national stage. Should I mention how many kids went to college on athletic scholarships? USA Today's front page photo of the 15 DM players signing their letters in 1990? The '98 team that, to this day, may still be the best the Washington area has ever known and was featured on a Cheerios box? For that matter, I must also add that there is only one high school in America that has more USA Today top 25 year end finishes and that is De La Salle who Bill almost played one year in an after season game and the state of California would not allow it. Respect to Morgan and the years he coached: I saw several of his teams in the '60's. Also to Jerry Franks who was the first person to take a DM football team to California in the late '70's-and won. But Bill McGregor built the DeMatha football program. DeMatha was in the top 25 in '84 and '86 but it was the second game against Brockton in '90 or '91-which I saw-that DeMatha won which was a clarion call that DM was among America's best in a second sport. (I believe the two biggest national victories that DM has had are Brockton and Miami Central) Countless #1 rankings in the DC area, seven or eight more national top 25 finishes before Bill's retirement: Bravo Coach McGregor! And, bravo to Elijah, too (who I think was a freshman on the '98 team and will have his own opinion about how that team would compare to the one that beat Miami Central and AHP). Deep, deep respect for both coaches.