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  1. A rather loosely-sourced piece that is also a bit short on specifics. Just a few weeks ago, Nick Cafardo of The Boston Globe wrote that the Orioles, after two reportedly unsuccessful attempts to extend Manny, may be shopping him this winter. Possible suitors included the Mets, Marlins and Phillies, although the Mets likely don't have the pieces to make a suitable enough offer. I personally don't expect the Orioles to trade Manny this winter (although they shouldn't ignore the possibility, either), but I'll believe whatever happens when I see it.
  2. If anyone is going to assume the Pitta role, it's Watson because the guy can definitely run routes and run them correctly. I wouldn't count on Williams because he simply has trouble getting open. Plus, whenever he gets hurt, it seems like he stays hurt.
  3. That's called a mediocre team going through a tailspin. Nothing more. Was Gausman mailing it in when he pitched eight scoreless innings against Boston Tuesday? How about Ynoa against the Rays tonight? Showalter certainly didn't appear to be throwing in the towel when he used 11 different pitchers trying to win Monday night's game. Or maybe he was just trying to take advantage of the warm weather to try and shed a few pounds with all those trips to the mound? I get it. You, like everyone else on here, is frustrated with the losing, regardless of whether it's by a procession of relievers like Monday night, or by one of the two best starters in the American League last night. Losing sucks. Nonetheless, these are professional players who have nothing to gain by not trying their best to win, whether they're fighting for a postseason berth or simply just playing out the string. They have no motivation to do otherwise.
  4. I was talking long-term, not just his rookie season. There have been guys who won Rookie of the Year who went on to become perennial All-Stars and even Hall of Famers. On the other hand, there have been those who quickly became baseball afterthoughts.
  5. It's still hard to figure this guy because just when you think he's breaking out, he'll have a stretch of two or three games where he's o-fer with six or seven K's. Baseball, probably more than any other game, is subject to regression to the mean, but with Judge, it's difficult to tell where the baseline actually is.
  6. No, they haven't. They played consecutive extra-inning games against a team that needs these games much worse than the Orioles. That hardly suggests a team which has quit.
  7. Chris Sale is really good, and after tonight, he might have put himself back at the forefront of the AL Cy Young voting. Recorded his 300th strikeout tonight, something only 14 other pitchers have done in a season. Sale is also the just the second pitcher in MLB history to have five consecutive seasons of at least 200 K's and 50 walks or less. The other was Doc Halladay.
  8. Which move are you referring to?
  9. Four of the guys in tonight's lineup--Schoop, Machado, Davis and Jones--came here before Duquette. ******* that MacPhail!!
  10. This is the make-or-break year for Perriman. He's a first-round pick in year three of his contract, which means he could begin to sniff the bigger bucks in his fifth year if the club picks up his option. That decision, however, has to be made after this year. If Perriman doesn't start showing something, there's no way the Ravens exercise that option, and Perriman could be playing for his NFL life next season.
  11. Actually, I think I borrowed that one (sort of) from Rick Reilly when he was still writing for Sports Illustrated.
  12. Their offense is so inoffensive it's practically Amish.
  13. And what do you think the 2017 defense has faced thus far? Andy Dalton, Whoever the Browns Stick Under Center, and next up, Blake Bortles. Not exactly Murderer's Row.
  14. Green Bay appears on the verge of getting routed yet again in Atlanta.
  15. I thought the defense gave up way too many big plays; I believe there were seven by Cleveland of 20 yards or more. I also thought Cleveland did a pretty good job of neutralizing the pass rush (although some holding penalties went uncalled) and the Ravens also benefited from missed throws by whoever Cleveland had in there at QB. Guys like Big Ben and Rodgers don't miss those throws. I guess Bergstrom is the next man up after Yanda? There has to be a reason why the Ravens traded for him, although he appeared to be overmatched at times.