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  1. Not saying Duquette is blameless or hasn't made some bad moves, but he's also worked under some very difficult restraints. Personally, I think if Duquette had the authority, the Orioles would have signed Alex Cobb by now.
  2. You're thinking of Lee J. Cobb.
  3. As expected, Ryan Jensen is moving on from the Ravens. Jensen signed a four-year, $42 million contract with the Buccaneers, with $22 million reportedly guaranteed.
  4. You can always sign a guy regardless of the cap situation, but those actions will have consequences, namely in terms of larger cap liabilities as the contract progresses. I compare it to buying on margin. If and when those margin calls come in, the buyer is going to find themselves in a quite a pickle. In Vegas, they call it "Gambler's Ruin."
  5. No, the Ravens need a No. 1 receiver, and you typically find those guys in the draft, not via free agency. If the Ravens should bring back Wallace, or Eric Ebron or whoever, that will virtually guarantee they won't use their top two or three picks in the draft on skill positions. They should still address those needs regardless of who they bring in as free agents.
  6. Wish I could say I saw that coming. If I had, I'd have put money on the Retrievers. I guess the law of averages favored a 16 seed winning sooner or later, considering No. 16's had been 0-135 before tonight, but what was really surprising was how dominant UMBC was in the second half. It's not like they were shooting a bunch of prayers that got answered from beyond the arc; they were putting the ball on the floor and beating the Cavaliers to the rim. The Retrievers were the better team in the final 20 minutes. I was really impressed with Jairus Lyles (who I had never seen play) and his ability to not only take the ball to the basket, but also be able to finish with either hand. It's amazing how many guys can't do that. Been 30 years since I graduated from there, and I haven't been the most active alumnus by any stretch of the imagination, but I did feel a little pride as the final seconds ticked off the clock. If nothing else, at least I can say my old school made history.
  7. Even if we did, you'll never let us forget.
  8. Pending a physical, I would presume. According to Zeff Zrebiec, of The Sun, the deal is for three years and $21 million. Ian Rappaport is reporting that Crabtree gets $15 million the first two years, and it could be up to $20 million. There is a reported guarantee of $11 million. Not a bad move, and for roughly the same money over a two-year term that the Ravens would have given Ryan Grant.
  9. Physical exams can be somewhat subjective, and the thresholds can vary from team to team. I do agree that a bit of buyer's remorse could have come into play here. A real medical finding coupled with the team not exactly doing cartwheels over the signing could have led to the failed result. Conversely, if a team is amped up over a particular signing, they're willing to accept any potential medical risks. Allen Robinson, who is coming off knee surgery this past season, can't even run at this point, yet the Bears gave him a huge contract and said they expect him to be ready by the start of training camp. This isn't unprecedented. A dozen years ago, the Dolphins were set to sign Drew Brees to a free-agent contract, but they felt that his surgically repaired shoulder hadn't progressed enough to the point to justify the financial exposure, so the deal was nixed. The Saints, however, were willing to absorb the risk and ultimately signed Brees to a six-year, $60 million contract.
  10. I agree with the above. I think the lineup could be better without both Davis and Trumbo in there. (I still think part of Trumbo's troubles last year were due to his being a full-time DH. Some guys don't adjust to that role quickly, if at all.) Santander has looked much better in the field this spring, and now he may actually have a place to play. There are a number of possible platoons involving Santander, Mancini and Rasmus in the outfield, plus shared DH duties with Davis, Valencia and several others. Right now, I'd say Hays isn't in the mix even with Trumbo out. He's been limited by injuries this spring and needs to go to the minors for now and play every day. This wouldn't be a good time to start his major league service clock.
  11. I agree with the above that bringing in Crabtree or whoever else is likely going to be just treading water. Crabtree has had a decent career, but he'll also be 31 by the start of the season, and is coming off one of the worst seasons of his career. He's also developed a bit of reputation as a problem child at his last two stops. If he signs here, hopefully he'll have something left in the tank, but there's the possibility that last year could be a harbinger of things to come. In the NFL, the skill position players who become free agents typically are at the point in their careers where they can still be contributors, but not the main difference makers. Trying to build through free agency is oftentimes a losing proposition.
  12. Ebron drops too many passes.
  13. Strange that Grant would fail a physical because teams usually have a good idea of a player's health before reaching an agreement. Grant never missed a game due to injury in his four years with the Redskins, and from what I've read, the concern is an ankle injury incurred during Washington's 2017 season-finale. Or, maybe the Ravens just contacted the Orioles for the name and number of the doctor who does their physicals.
  14. The Ravens have restructured Brandon Williams' contract to free up $5.6 million in cap space for this season, according to Jamison Hensley. This is now the second restructure since Williams signed the contract back in March of 2017. The Ravens keep making a bad contract even worse. To be sure, teams do this all the time to create cap room, but I am not a fan of this strategy. It should be an absolute last resort because the pigeons are eventually going to come home to roost. Williams will now carry a $14 million-plus cap number for each of the next three seasons. This restructure would suggest more moves are coming. Either the Ravens are hoping to free enough cap space to try and re-sign Ryan Jensen (not likely) or they're looking at second-tier options at WR such as Jordy Nelson (likely to sign with Oakland, however) or Michael Crabtree. I don't see either of the latter two worth the future financial ramifications. The Ravens probably also needed to free enough cap space to sign their draft choices, which typically takes up around $3 million. My guess is they'll try and extend Mosley in order to lower his fifth-year option number of $8.7 million for 2018. Their hands are pretty much tied this offseason.
  15. Actually, the Brown signing isn't bad. One year and $5 million for a guy who, when he's healthy, is one of the fastest receivers in the game. That's understandably a big "if" but at least the Ravens aren't paying a lot to find out. Grant, on the other hand, seems like someone who would have still been available by the first weekend of free agency. I didn't see the urgency to go and throw a shut-out bid at him.