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  1. Memories had food. They made great burgers. I went there once a week for lunch.
  2. That's why I bought 2 guns before the law went into effect. The process is set up to discourage people from wanting to buy a gun. Yeah, the bad guys I'm sure follow the law...
  3. Actually, losing the midterms is common for 2nd term presidents. It happened to both Bush and Clinton. So it doesn't really prove anything. Pass the pie, will you?
  4. Mitch-Bob never let facts get in his way. This is pathetic. Suspended sentences? Unreal.
  5. What bothers me is that in some cases, obesity can be caused by medications. I was once skinny as a rail. Then I had to take some meds, and a side effect was weight gain. So do I stop my meds and risk health issues, or take my meds and risk health issues?
  6. Looks to me like having two sites has split the core posters. But most of the obnoxious right wing posters are still on here, and I make it a point not to feed the trolls. But I still check in from time to time to check out Norman's avatars.
  7. But not as cool as your avatars, Norm. We need a Lyltink Cam.
  8. I like the local free papers. Since the Sun stopped doing any serious coverage of local issues, they're the best source for what's going on. Besides, I like to read. I'll read a cereal box's ingredients at breakfast.
  9. Just mark me as a "no", but that wasn't a choice.
  10. The paper said that Baltimore County is now beginning to process benefits for same-sex couples. And the dreaded General Assembly starts next week, and as we all MOM has said he's going to push for same sex marriage. Which means there will be 2 referendums in November- something that might benefit the voters, since it will encourage turn-out. Pro-gay marriage folks say that they are mounting an ad campaign, including phone calls. Good luck with that- calling people to ask their support for gay marriage? Knowing how folks hate any calls from outside groups, I think that might hurt them more.
  11. It's well known that they did that. Including the graves of Union soldiers, with the idea that they were doing this on behalf of the deceased's mother. Later the Sons of Union Veterans made a proclamation that it would be celebrated as "Decoration Day"- the idea being to decorate the graves with flowers. Ask anyone born in the 1930s and they will tell you they remember when it was called "Decoration Day". Many Civil War vets were still alive, and my father remembers that his church would go to their houses and present them with flowers and food baskets.
  12. It's like counting down to New Year's. Guess I just used one "view".
  13. I'm so glad we had this time- togetherrrrr.
  14. Guess I better think of something soon...
  15. I didn't get an invite. Maybe that should tell me something. I have a special hotmail account set up for things like this. I know anything that goes to it is junk. I fabricate my DOB. All done to keep my info private.