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  1. LOL Liberals are so butt hurt that they're now quoting a beauty pageant. Next you guys will be quoting the comedy channel. Oh wait..
  2. I hope the guy didn't damage his truck. See, I give a crap.
  3. Just give it up. You're pretty much alone on this topic. I agree a woman has a right to control her own body. But I think it's beyond classless to flaunt something that upsets so many people who view this as murder. She's wrong and so are you.
  4. Not one bit. Hillary's own lack of likability and defensive strategy did much more damage than any Russian interference could have. However, Comey's decision to reopen the investigation on Hillary 11 days before the election IMO did a lot of damage. His letter to Congress two days before the election saying he didn't find anything was to late. There wasn't time for her to recover.
  5. If she wants to place some of the blame on Comey I'll buy that.
  6. So now were cancelling Civil War reenactments, reassigning Asian guys named "Robert Lee" and tearing down statues illegally in the middle of night. Those White Supremacists represent no one but themselves. But of course the Left will tie them to Trump and his supporters and feign outrage at anything that merely resembles something from the Confederacy for the sake of political expediency. It's insane and proves how much the Left has truly lost it over Trump's election.
  7. It's possible ESPN has proof that the Asian Robert Lee owned slaves. Has CNN sent anyone to his plantation to confirm this?
  8. No I'm right. Someone on the Left will always be offended by something. That's no surprise that someone complained years prior. But there wasn't nearly the same outrage and political points trying to be scored back then. This is yet another effort to distract and for politicians on the left to score points with their base. If Hillary is in office no one is talking about this expect for a select few.
  9. Settle down. Good Lord. Don't buy into any of the garbage the Liberal MSM is putting out. At the end of the day when 2020 roles around voters will walk into those booths and vote with their wallets. If the economy is good, job participation is high and Trump has done well with national security he'll most likely win again. If those things go bad, he'll lose.
  10. If Trump doesn't win the election no one cares about the statues. It's just another way for the Left to vent their miserable lives and politicians to score political points with their base. At the end of the day those removing the statues will remain ignorant and will continue to play the race card. They'll be off on their next rant in a few months when this cools down.
  11. Better yet, YOU can make a choice that doesn't involve white people. Wake up everyday, work hard and take personal responsibility for yourself, or continue to play the race card. The choice is yours.
  12. How typical of race baiters like yourself. Did you even read the article? Obviously not. smh
  13. Driving without a license and no insurance? Not good. I feel bad for the kids, but that doesn't mean she gets to jump the line in front of my family who choose the legal route to citizenship.
  14. Both President Bush and Obama felt the need to be in Afghanistan. So something is going on there that the public may not be totally privy to. But to the OP's point, it doesn't make the deaths any easier. This isn't a partisan issue. President Trump does own it now, however, it's not going to be resolved in the first 6 months of his presidency.