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  1. I started out as Female_NRA_Member_and_Proud Then Evileyes.... Angeleyes And this is the first time in YEARS I have been here!
  2. We make the trek from Owings's worth it! Greenmount Station has wonderful service and fantastic cream of crab and french onion soup. Well worth the drive.
  3. Baugher's has excellent food.....anytime.
  4. This is going to be an interesting next few days/weeks until the snow is able to be completely cleared out of the parking spaces in my apartment complex. I shoveled my car out yesterday. There were several spaces that were not parked in prior to the storm. Due to the blowing winds, these empty spaces became the place for massive drifts and hence the dumping ground for the snow from around our cars. There was no way we could put the snow anyplace else, as the snow was in extremely high piles and simply could not throw the stuff that high. Well, since the empty parking spaces became the dumping grounds for the snow from around neighbors have parked in the middle of the parking lot not in spaces. In other words...they are double parked. I am blocked in. These neighbors work the evening and night shifts. I can hardly wait to knock on their doors and ask them to move their cars so I can get out. I just hope that I have someplace to park when I get home. I really do not want to block someone in later. And parking at the shopping center up the street is not an is too far to walk in all this mess.