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  1. they pack them in at Fenway. Apparently there are no school nights in Boston and its 72 degrees for every game.
  2. LMAO. Babe Betts.
  3. Who replaced Cruz production last year? Couldn't scrub DH instead of Alvarez? Cruz is better than DAVIS for the money. Paying Cruz has nothing to do with paying starting pitchers. Besides Angelis is hoarding MASN money and not investing in winning
  4. Hard to see why Buck hates Kim
  5. Embarrassing start. Buck needs to start managing some wins
  6. Most important game of the season so far. 0's win 10-7
  7. Exactly, he'll give a hard fought quality start, tease the fans with hope and then crush them the next 3 outings
  8. Anyone wanna argue that letting Cruz walk was a wise business decision? In 202 games with Seattle he's hitting .300/.375/.552/.927 158 OPS+ At 14.5 million last year his production was a cost effective at a 6.0 oWAR. (Manny was a 5.7 oWAR last year). He's already at 1.8 oWAR less than 1/3 of the season. He's on pace for another 6 oWAR
  9. Hardy and Gallardo to the rescue? That's your solution? The worst offensive regular player comes back and the #6 starter and the O's will get right? Jeez, that's some awfully strong religion you got there.
  10. I don't think Buck is that beholden to the the contract and he wouldn't take orders from Dan to play AJ everyday to the determinant of the team. AJ plays everyday because the alternative is Kim, Rickard, Reimold as your starting OFers. None of whom are everyday players. They are all 4th/5th OFers. plug them in and maybe they'll get hot for a bit, but over the long run they aren't 150 game starters above replacement value.
  11. I cried. That is just way too painful to think about too long. Get Well Soon.
  12. Orioles are 11-13 against teams with a winning record and 17-9 against teams with a losing record. The BOSOX are 14-12. But it's your opinion that the Orioles are one of the best teams and the Red Sox are one of the worst and this series is just one of those times where the better team loses? Or is it based on the Pythagorean record, that the Orioles are one of the luckiest teams in baseball to be in 2nd place? This is an incredibly flawed team. Tillman is the only proved veteran starter. Absent Jimenez hot start in 2010 he's a losing pitcher with a 1.473 Whip and 4.54 ERA since 2010. Rickard, your starting LF/RF and Leadoff hitter most of the year has a .214/.310/.303 OPS+ 80 line for May. The $23,000,000 a year slugging 1B has an OPS+ of 107 and Jones has an OPS+ of 76. But wait til Hardy comes back, who hasn't had in OPS+ season of 100 or more since 2011 and his Orioles career OBP of .293, and that'll bring it all together. Instead of building on 2012 and 2014, the Orioles have regressed. They haven't replaced Markakis production on 2012 and 2014. They haven't replaced Cruz production. Chen and Gonzo haven't been replaced. They weren't worth keeping but they haven't truly been replaced. And even that is only attempting to maintain the status quo. They don't get better they just replace players with multiple cheaper parts and pray.
  13. so the Orioles got beat at home in back to back games by an inferior team who has a better record?
  14. swept in the ALCS, 1 playoff in 3 seasons and failed to have a winning record last year. The team has regressed and 2012 appears to be luck
  15. is that about average for most teams? Most teams give up less than 5 runs a game