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  1. Since when in America did the acting of tipping become mandatory. It is a socially expected practice, but mandatory and per determined? By definition to tip is giving a gratuity; from the Latin gra- tu-i- tus meaning voluntary. Gratuity defined from the modern dictionary is a favor or gift usually in the form of money, given in return for service; something given without claim or obligation. To my surprise, amazement and anger I most recently learned that tipping is no longer voluntary at least not at Mo’s Seafood Restaurant in Parkville. I visited with the intention of purchasing food for takeout. In my wait time for service or to be acknowledged by staff; I began to read the menu which stated a “Notice” that all checks would be subject to a 17% gratuity, and all carry out orders would be subject to a 5% gratuity. I thought it was a typo. I realize having been a waitress that sometimes you may get stiffed on the check, as unfortunate as that may be I don’t believe that a Restaurant should assume that my service is going to be outstanding and automatically claim a gratuity. Although I have seen stated on menus in restaurants that an “auto-grat” would apply to parties of 6 or more which I disagree, I understand it a little better than just a two people at a bar ordering take out whose wallet gets high jacked for 17% for the one beer purchased and an additional 5% on the take-out order had I opted to continue with the purchase. Imagine if every take-out establishment adopted this practice of a standard 5% gratuity. This practice hurts the staff, because without the high jacking of a tip, I’d usually give a standard 20% and that’s for mediocre service- just because. However, and I want to have a choice in tipping and be able to determine how much or not according to the service rendered. This is not a great marketing idea for restaurants. I asked to speak with a manger and the bartender immediately got an attitude when questioned about their auto- grat practice and became extremely rude. That’s the kind of service my involuntary 17% tip got me; a lot of attitude. So Mo’s Restaurant, I will not be returning for a visit and will tell anyone and everyone that will listen that they will be high jacked for a tip in your establishment and the customer no longer has the right or ability to decide an appropriate gratuity. How Un-American. Stacy Wallace Parkville