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  1. So the Republican Congress had nothing to do with it - interesting.
  2. No Trump didn't make a mistake, he did it on purpose. Oh that's right, he said that he wasn't ridiculing the disabled man and you obviously believe Trump even though the video proves otherwise.
  3. So what are the undocumented children supposed to do? The process is extremely hard and expensive for them to become legal.
  4. So they (slaves and women) were denied their natural right of self determination, correct?
  5. I agree. It's not like the ones brought here as children had a say in the matter. I suppose some people believe that the children should have refused to come or voluntarily left when they became adults.
  6. How long was the investigation of Bill Clinton; how long was the investigation of Nixon?
  7. Unfortunately there are still a lot of people/voters out there who believe everything Trump says, who believe Trump is being picked on by the horrible liberal media, and they will vote for any one with an R after his name.
  8. If I remember correctly, you have said that you are a Democrat and that your wife is a liberal and that you live in MD only because she wants to. If I have the right poster and that is correct, don't you get tired of putting your wife down as one of those horrible lib/dem/progressive people who live in the middle of the state? You should move to Harford County - one sided government just to your liking - Republican.
  9. One should never lower themselves to the standard where they get such enjoyment from someone's else pain.
  10. I've also read that per capita there are fewer guns in Switzerland so obviously their gun culture doesn't say more guns, more gun, more guns are better like our gun culture says. I find it funny how you and other pro-gun people say that when it comes to gun ownership we cannot compare the US with England or Australia because of US has so many more people but you want to compare it with Switzerland who has less people
  11. Boy talk about being insecure that they need to have at least 2 guns on their persons, they must be afraid of everything that moves.