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  1. Thoughts and prayers for the families and friends of the deceased and speedy recoveries to the injured.
  2. My father owned a trucking company when I was a teen. One day a couple of the truck drivers decided to teach me how to drive a semi. I drove it around a couple of blocks but I had to stand up to push the clutch in.
  3. We never owned anything but shifts, I didn't drive an automatic until I was married for several years.
  4. We had a Hillman with three on the tree. My mother could never find 1st so she would just use 2nd & 3rd. It throw a rod one day while I was driving.
  5. We lived on the Baltimore City/County line and we had a party line in the early '50's.
  6. You always state that he said you would receive a check for $2500 not that premiums would be lower on average by $2500 so you still lie more than he did.
  7. Just stop with the Obamacare was going to send everyone a check for $2500 line because it makes you look foolish every time you say. Nevermind, you look foolish in all your posts anyway so it won't matter if you stop with the lie.
  8. I really wish you would stop making a fool of yourself repeating that line since Obama never said that everyone would receive a check for $2500 like you keep stating.
  9. Yeah, that does sound like a cocktail!
  10. Have you been accused of being prejudiced against black people? I'm over 70 years old and I've never had the occasion where I had to qualify my friends by saying they were black, white, gay, etc. I guess my actions and words tell people that I am not prejudice and so therefore I do not have to explain anything.
  11. Welcome back!! It is so good to see you posting!
  12. Because the Democrat is pro-choice, no other reason. He does not think a woman should have a choice in the matter; she should have to carry a pregnancy full term regardless.