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  1. Okay so then you have players leaving the field to go stand inside. I really don't care one way or the other since I don't watch football. My step-granddaughter and her boyfriend would have loved to have gotten some of those tickets that you couldn't give away last season.
  2. Or they introduce the players after the anthem
  3. I read what you posted: "Raising tariffs on imports forces other countries to think twice about how much product they are willing to import from the US." Now are you saying you misquoted the article?
  4. You are the ones screwing lower middle income families because they will never be able to afford to buy anything. Higher priced imports and fewer exports is what you want to balance the trade deficit which will lower the middle class even further.
  5. Wow. So we raise tariffs on imports and that means that other countries won't import our products so our products cost more and we export less. All so that the company's can make obscene profits because the CEO's think their profit margin now is too low even though it is the highest in the world.
  6. Products it could have produced at home except that the company's profits wouldn't be high enough which is why the companies moved overseas. And you think by putting tariffs on imports that's going to help. The only thing tariffs on imports does is raise the price of the product for the consumer.
  7. Saying that a person looks like another person is not quite the same. But if you and your wife like to laugh at jokes calling another person a dog, that's your choice.
  8. Apparently making fun of how a person looks is funny to his wife & him.
  9. Why would they sweep an investigation of Trump/Russia under the rug if Clinton won? Makes no sense.
  10. I'm not playing your game. I'm waiting for you to say, "Yes tariffs on imports will correct the trade imbalance" because that is what you are implying.