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  1. 2 of the worst companies I've ever used
  2. It is rather strange that now they don't care what the world thinks of us and/or the president but for years we had to hear how they thought Russia was laughing at us and/or our president
  3. Prayers for the victims especially the one in critical condition.
  4. Yes, thank you for stating this.
  5. wow, you are one of the ones whining and crying about the Confederate monuments being removed and yet when a monument to a black is destroyed all you can do is tell someone to go live somewhere else if they don't like it.
  6. I've talked directly to some teens in the poorer sections of Harford County. Most of these kids do not have the support from family because their parents are either single mom or dad working 2 jobs to provide and I've found out that the high school counselors could care less about helping the low students navigate what is available to them after graduation. My son was mentor and helped a lot of these kids before he had to relocate due to job change. And yes if you aren't poor enough to qualify for free tuition or rich enough to pay your way, you are screwed and end up in no man's land as far as a decent job is concerned.
  7. Except that this Congress will never do anything against Trump no matter what he does.
  8. I don't think anyone changed anyone's opinion on this incident but I would like to thank most of the posters for having a civil, intelligent conversation about it. That doesn't happen to often on this forum.
  9. It's amazing to me that some don't care what the driver did prior to the video starting. They apparently believe that the biker just kicked the car for the fun of it and therefore the driver is totally innocent.
  10. So the car driver is entirely innocent and all the blame is on the biker? Some of us believe BOTH car and bike are to blame.