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  1. We know how you felt about Obama but what do you think about Trump's family traveling so much that the Secret Service isn't going to be able to pay the agents unless Congress ups the pay cap?
  2. You do realize that the kids have been traveling around the world "on business" and they have Secret Service protection 24/7.
  3. That is their salary and overtime cap for the year and they have already reached it. So either Congress ups the cap or I guess the Secret Service agents have to work for free or Trump and his family will have to stop globe trotting on our money.
  4. Sorry but I see the "my way or the highway" in conservatives too. I also see a lot of close minded people on the right who are only interested in their own opinions and to them everyone else is wrong especially the younger generations.
  5. So 187,000 per agent isn't enough? Sorry but maybe Trump and his family shouldn't travel up and down the East coast every weekend. No other president and their families have traveled and vacationed as much in such a short period of time as Trump and his family.
  6. What? They won't get paid at all unless Congress agrees to increase their pay.
  7. According to the article because Trump and his extensive family travel so much that the Secret Service agents have already reached their salary cap.
  8. I was just about to ask that same question.
  9. Okay, what are your thoughts on Trump outspending all past presidents?
  10. That would be awesome! I can just see a bunch of right wing heads exploding over that thought.
  11. Any excuse not to talk about how much money Trump is spending in comparison to past presidents.
  12. The Secret Service is nearing its spending limit for protecting President Trump and his family, the agency's director told USA Today. Secret Service Director Randolph "Tex'' Alles said that 1,000 agents have already hit their annual salary and overtime limits. Alles added that he is in discussions with lawmakers to increase the pay caps for agents from $160,000 to $187,000 per year. So do they work the rest of the year for free?
  13. RIP Jerry