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  1. You are 100% correct.
  2. We will. It's our 30th anniversary trip...six months early lol.
  3. The hell with waiting. I'll be in Ocho Rios on Sunday!
  4. Both videos were a great way to start a weekend. One risked his life for others; one did what a "dad" should do. Now to mow the &&^%# soggy grass!
  5. So, they don't go swimming. That's their choice. Based on their beliefs. They shouldn't have an issue with it if it's what they believe.
  6. I work in Philly. They opened a big RF south of the airport. As soon as they opened the doors, it was the target of a picket line lol. That’s not far from Wawa University. Two takes: One- I told folks I would buy chicken for lunch. Everyone gave me the cold stares over bringing in “gas station chicken”. They changed their minds when I laid it out Two- I told the RF manager that if they wanted to make inroads here, they needed to ditch the Ravens and Orioles Bic lighters at the counter and replace them with Eagles and Phillies lighters. You would think that was a no-brainer.
  7. Brings a whole new meaning to doggy style. Ugh.
  8. I did not know that. Thanks for sharing.
  9. One day this battle will be looked upon like people look at Saratoga, The Marne, maybe even Gettysburg. They may know of it, but no one will truly "remember" Operation Overlord other than from books, film or a statue. But the deeds they accomplished should never be forgotten.
  10. That's more than negligent. Especially for a Fed.
  11. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. But military folks, especially officers, have no right to criticize their C-in-C publicly. None at all. That's not the way it's done.
  12. "This" thread? I'd be surprised if race didn't show up on a thread about baking bread. Actually, I wouldn't.
  13. They all link to news articles. Go on their website. Every one is a direct link to a news website (most of the Maryland ones link directly to WBAL). If you can accurately dispute that, please do.
  14. The articles in the NRA magazines are from published news articles throughout the USA-they are not "NRA" articles.
  15. I see you read, but do not comprehend.