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  1. Is it? Are you basing that on facts, or your own personal opinions? Maybe that's not good enough. Maybe this will be a better site for you: If people (such as yourself) are opposed to the hunting of elephant (or other or any game) on moral grounds, I have no issue with that. But it is rather parochial to sit back in our heated and air conditioned first world homes and truly understand what happens in third world countries. Black bears in the USA are sometimes poached for their gall bladders and paws and sold to black marketeers for Oriental "medicines". To the point they are listed under CITES, even though the population of black bears is steadily increasing, along with their home ranges. But there is no systematic poaching of black bears in America as there is in Africa for elephant and rhinoceros. Limited sport hunting of these animals is a vital tool for their overall survival as a species.
  2. Legal sport hunting of elephants is a benefit, not a catastrophe. Poachers are going to poach. But when elephants are worth $$$ due to hunting, the poachers are normally kept to a minimum. And the kill numbers are controlled, not wanton killing. Plus the meat is consumed by locals, and not left to rot in the field. It is very easy to make a "decision" based on emotion, but the fact is that elephants are going to be killed whether you like it or not. They don't live in America. So it boils down to whether it is better to allow limited and controlled sport hunting, which controls poaching, or refuse entry of trophies (which pretty much will keep hunters from pursuing game) and allow rampant poaching.
  3. From a former soldier, Semper Fi, Marine!
  4. Having raised two daughters, I have always talked to them about maintaining situational awareness. Some may call it paranoia; I call it being smart. Trust your instincts. If your first thought is that something doesn't feel right, act on it. Cross the street. Leave the area and return later. Keep your eyes and ears open. It's like driving. It's not your driving that requires the most attention, it is the other drivers. Being oblivious to potential danger is never a good thing. Having said that, I consider myself polite and accommodating to strangers. Guy needs a jump start? No problem. But I don't turn my back like they're a close friend.
  5. Mr. Mutua should counsel those bad gay lions. Wearing Lady Gaga's meat dress!
  6. Prayers said.
  7. Some people are simply disgusting, evil pigs. This is one.
  8. Yeah, accident injuries take time to heal. Even a 25 mph crash puts stress on the body it was not designed to take. I hope you feel better soon. When I fell my first thought was "dear God, let my legs move!" They did. I did fracture two vertabrae that still bother me from time to time, but that's vastly better than being in a wheelchair. But the fall was 100% on me. It's different when so much pain is caused by others, whether unintentional or not.
  9. 60' of a 90' tulip poplar decided it would be more comfortable reclining in the rear of my property. Well, that's better than the roof!
  10. My wife has a 2016 CX-5 and our oldest daughter just purchased a 2017 CX-5 in August. Both are AWD and as easy to drive as my 2016 Mazda 6. Looks almost exactly the same behind the wheel. Just a bit higher off the ground lol. They average about 25-27 mpg. I average 39-41. Mine's a 6-speed manual and I drive "conservatively" lol. Getting back in the saddle is hard. When I fell off a ladder (well, the ladder slipped and I fell 10' onto the ladder) in 2015, I was nervous the first time I climbed a treestand to hunt. Took a while to get over that.
  11. Mock, my daughter had a Mazda 2 and was rear-ended by a full-sized Ford van that rammed her into the rear of a Dodge Ram pickup. The 2 was destroyed, but she suffered minimal injuries. Seeing how crushed her car was (and how protected she had been despite the damage), I decided to buy a 2014 Mazda 6 for fuel economy when she purchased a 2014 Mazda 3 to replace the 2. So far we have had 8 Mazdas (a 2, three 3's, two 6's and two CX-5's). They are well-built and safe cars. I get the "terrified of driving" thing. After a drunken biddy drove straight into my truck head-on several years ago and I fractured my radius, it took a while before I got comfortable driving again. It takes time. Don't push it. Hope you feel better soon.
  12. KC-135's with water injection were some loud mofos!
  13. Exactly. Couldn't have said it better myself.
  14. And yet...many hospitals are forcing RN's with AA degrees to either get their BSN, or will no longer have a job. Having been married to a RN with 30 years experience, I can tell you most of the better RN's have AA degrees. Add to that fact that RN's often have heavy patient loads, suffer abuse from patients, management and doctors, and are responsible for more duties than ever before...and there you are. But rather than "fixing" what ails it, let's import nurses from overseas.
  15. That will happen only when Zephram Cochrane invents the warp drive. Until then, it's a pipe dream.