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  1. Game is on Fox. No Thorne malapropisms!
  2. The "point" is that is was so named in 1912. Attitudes and opinions of both Custer and native Americans were much different then than they are today. Wouldn't you agree?
  3. That pretty much sums it up. Just as there is a Custer State Park in SD. If that park were created today, I highly doubt it would be named after George Armstrong Custer.
  4. I have no issue with naming a school, building, etc. after Robert E. Lee. I consider him to have been a honorable man for his time. He decided to fight for the CSA, mostly due to his love and loyalty to his state of Virginia (to which many today who have lived in multiple states may deem parochial, but at that time and place, the state was paramount in the eyes of most compared to the Federal Government). Jefferson Davis was a traitor. Plain and simple.
  5. I will say this: the majority of the time O's hitters swing for the fences. Except for Kim.
  6. I have quite a bit of success with my bow. Killed a nice eating doe and a beautiful eight pointer last year. Some years I have taken four or five. Be still, be as scent-free as possible and practice, practice, practice!
  7. That's fine and dandy. But I asked about posters on here, not the SC or Congress.
  8. As I asked first, the ball is in your court.
  9. There is another thread on here heavy into discussing the Tenth Amendment, and if the Federal Government has the right to force states into compliance regarding sanctuary cities. Yet I do not recall hearing the folks arguing against the Feds in that discussion ever raise the issue of the Federal Government "forcing" individuals in all 50 states to procure health insurance, or pay a penalty. Why is that?
  10. Yeah, I was joshing. Had it stayed fair Schoop would have scored easily.
  11. Tough loss, but Santana was dominant. That poor bunt by AJ sealed the deal.
  12. Surprising to see such a close game without errors. What a miserable night at the Yard.
  13. Seriously...when did it become the norm to play baseball for nine the rain?
  14. Guido, I've had many hunts like that in the past. Went many, many times without seeing a deer. Not so much anymore. Maybe not every hunt, but I see at least one about 75% of the time. I have donated probably two tons of venison in the past ten years or so. Let's face it. People donate canned and dry goods, but no one donates ground beef or steak. You couldn't if you wanted to as it's perishable. So it's nice to know that families who wouldn't have fresh meat actually get some. Free of hormones, antibiotics, etc. And very lean!