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  1. Like Janet said, what have you done for me lately? Perriman seems to have issues holding onto the ball this season, especially when he hears feet. I work in Philly. Told all of the Iggles fans don't expect much out of Torrey Smith. Had two passes Sunday he had hands on but didn't catch. Just like here.
  2. His nickname should be Roberto Duran. "Hands of Stone"
  3. That was my take. How many native Vegans (?) are there? Probably more Steelers and Cowboys fans there than anything lol.
  4. I do not like that move. Poor Oakland gets the shaft twice. Sad. And I just do not see Vegas being that big a football city. Unless it's for wagering! St. Louis got screwed twice, too. But at least the Rams went back where they came from. The Chargers move sucks.
  5. 116 dead so far. Looks like severe damage. Mexico City is in a bad place for earthquakes. God bless them.
  6. What happened to NFL Europe? Case closed.
  7. I need to see quite a bit more, but he appears to be very nimble and has quick feet. Also seemed to juke his upper body to deceive tacklers.
  8. Collins fumbled. Not good. Collins fumbled because he was trying to gain serious YAC. Good. Haven't seen enough of him yet to make a true deterination, but I liked what I saw last Sunday. He is not delaying his cuts ala LeVeon Bell, but he also is not charging into a hole that's either not there or is closing up fast. I'd like to see how he is on some screens or dump offs.
  9. There is much truth in what you say. But I think most folks who follow politics and news should have known that most Republicans were never going to vote for Hillary. No matter who opposed her. So the choice between Hillary Clinton, a known factor, and Donald Trump an unknown factor as far as national politics was concerned, made their choice rather simple. It was rather simple. Just as most minorities and far left liberal Democrats would never have pulled a lever for Trump, neither did many lower middle-class whites vote for Hillary, to whom they felt did not even exist in her world. It's rather parochial to cast around all the racist banter, as if 62,000,000 voters are dyed-in-the-wool closet Nazi's or Klansmen. Are there a few? Sure, of that I have no doubt. But racists are not the reason Trump was elected, and frankly, anyone who truly believes that is a fool.
  10. I think folks tend to forget Trump was and is not a politician. Most especially a career politician. He ran against 17 GOP primary contenders and won the nomination. Why? My opinion is that many in the GOP were/are fed up with career pols who do nothing but work towards getting re-elected. And they were most certainly not going to cast a vote for Hillary Clinton, who is the definition of a career pol. First Lady, US Senator, SecState...POTUS? So if you choose to see a racist behind 62,000,000 voters, do so at your party's own peril.
  11. I was unable to closely watch every play, but it looked to me like run blocking was ok but pass blocking suffered. No matter. There is no one on the roster that can step in his cleats.
  12. Next man up doesn't cut it for a perennial Pro Bowler like Yanda. Damn.
  13. Racism is racism. You don't pick and choose. Of course, there are those that call out folks who do not espouse racist views, but evidently do naught to protest racism and call it out. Depending, of course, on whom we are pointing the finger at.
  14. Silly me. I thought racism was racism. Is your surname Orwell?
  15. I'm guessing by your reply that you have not done so. Did you decide to remain silent?