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  1. I only ask as many seem to have faith in the .223/5.56mm “tumbling bullet” myth. As if somehow this bullet behaves differently than all other rifle bullets. They penetrate in a straight line unless they strike heavy bone and either deflect or disintegrate. But they do not and cannot strike a person in the abdomen and exit their head. It’s physically impossible.
  2. No it is not. The M-1 Carbine fires what is essentially a .30 caliber pistol cartridge. The AR-15 fires a high-velocity .223 caliber rifle cartridge. The only similarity is they are gas-operated semi-autos.
  3. I'm confused. It looks like you first state a .223 FMJ penetrates in a straight line, then it appears you say a .223 FMJ tumbles. Every .223 I have seen shot into ballistic gelatin basically penetrates in a straight line (FMJ's moreso than softpoints).
  4. I've always considered Missouri as Midwest, not South. Still. Wow.
  5. Yes, I have. But in a crowded school or similar building, fired by someone off his rocker vs a trained combat soldier, I really don’t think it would make much of a difference.
  6. It is a myth. Any bullet that would rotate non-axially after impact due to weight distribution would also yaw in flight. Google .223 ballistics gel and watch as many videos as you like of various .223 Rem/5.56mm bullets impacting balllistic gel (which simulates flesh). See how many turn 90 degrees and travel straight up or down. None do. Hitting bone can deflect a bullet’s path. But not from the chest to the head.
  7. Matt, I know “why”. I guess I just don’t get how wearing certain garb makes one “faithful”.
  8. It's her choice to wear a hijab. I understand why certain Muslim women wear them. I just don't "understand" it. But hey, it's her choice to wear one in public and she's free to do so. At least that's what the FA says. I don't know if her employer could prohibit it.
  9. In a case such as Parkland, I do not believe it would have made much of a difference. I don't think too many need a holographic sight in instances such as that. The only true difference is that swapping magazines can be a little more difficult with the Mini-14 vs an AR-platform. Anyone who has shot both can attest to that.
  10. Well, they would be wasting their time talking to Democrats, wouldn't they?
  11. The "tumbling 5.56mm/.223 caliber" bullet is a myth. If you shoot a game animal or a person with a .223 bullet at 100 yards or less, it is going to have a terminal impact velocity of approximately 3200 fps at the muzzle to 2800 fps at 100 yards. Yes, depending upon whether the bullet is ball ammunition (full metal jacket for military use or target shooting) or a soft point (designed for expansion in game), the exit may not be in a straight line from the entrance. But it is ridiculous to believe that a 3000 fps bullet entering the abdomen can turn 90 degrees up and exit the head. Any bullet that would be designed to "tumble" would be severely erratic in flight. The 5.56mm was adopted by NATO as it is lightweight so soldiers can carry more ammunition, it is lower in recoil so more soldiers can fire it accurately, and it is as effective against enemy soldiers as the 7.62mm against unarmored personnel. It was not chosen because it "tumbles".
  12. How so? You stated “It seems like we're headed there. Heavily armed and everyone is under suspicion. Do we really want to live in a world like that? No other country in the western world does. Its our choice.” How else do you propose to change that? Do you truly believe if gun ownership was banned that your average American citizen would humbly turn over their firearms to the state? Do you? If not, how do propose to address that issue so that we “don’t live in a world like that”? Please. Enlighten us
  13. Answering a question with a question. Sounds like you're afraid to address what I asked. And typical.
  14. I’ll answer that. No. If so, you might as well ban all centerfire rifles and ammunition. Because the vast majority are more powerful than a .223. In fact, in most states the .223 Rem is illegal for deer hunting as it is underpowered.
  15. No? That’s strange, as most talk as if they have all the knowledge in the world about it. Maybe they should do some research before they form an opinion.