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  1. In Mexico? Are you asserting that the plan was for the National Guard to invade Mexico and stop the caravan while still inside another sovreign nation's borders?
  2. To be quite frank, I believe people should be able to voice their opinions, no matter how vile some may find it to be. Whether a white supremicist or a liberal professor. That, in my opinion, is freedom of speech. But actions have consequences. And just as that white supremicist will never be hired by a major corporation due to the backlash the employer would garner, so goes the professor. Her diatribe had nothing whatsoever to do with education. But it is a potential black eye to the university. She made her bed. She has to lay in it.
  3. I'm hoping you posted in the wrong thread, hst2. If
  4. It happens every day. As long as the government doesn't punish one for exercising their right to speak freely, you have no beef. Unless, of course, you took umbrage at Trump's outlandish diatribes on your beloved undocumented aliens.
  5. My friends and I sang Schoolhouse Rock sings all the time "back in the day". Mr. Donough left his mark for sure.
  6. Not quite what you said earlier.
  7. He was told that by Kuwaiti leader Sheik Jabbar al Ahmed al Sabah. It wasn't something he concocted on his own. It may not have been true, but lying about something is conditional upon stating something as fact that one knows to be false. So your assertation is bogus.
  8. Kim il Sung and family have been in power since right after WWII. If that isn't legitimate, tell us what is.
  9. When your postings cease, I'll recall this quote. And certainly no prayers!
  10. Probably because Europe is a much more homogeneous society than the US, no matter what some may think. In Sweden, you are likely Swedish, or a recent immigrant. Same with France, Germany, etc. We are a true melting pot. I believe (once again, in reality and not what most folks seem to believe is reality) that most Americans are more tolerant of recent immigrants. Legal immigrants.
  11. Listen to the communications between the FAA tower in Philadelphia and Capt. Tammie Jo Shults, and you will hear years of training that results in a professional pilot who remains completely calm in the face of potential disaster. Congratulations, Captain. I tip my cap to you today.
  12. In all honesty, I think a former POTUS or former SCOTUS espousing their view that the SA should be repealed would carry a lot of weight for many folks. Obama never mentioned that the SA should be repealed. Do you believe if he stated that now it would not be a major influence on policy? I think it would.
  13. Obama is no longer POTUS. Are you saying that if he espoused the same viewpoint as Stevens it would have no influence? I think not.
  14. I went through Basic in the Army in 1978 and often had policing brass detail. I still recall shouting "Brass! Live ammo!" A full magazine might be a stretch, but a live round or two, sure. A company of 120 soldiers or Marines firing four 20-rd magazines each equals 9,600 rounds of ammunition. No one counted the spent brass to ensure all were accounted for.