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  1. A BBQ joint, an outdoor store and a coffee shop are legitimate businesses. Maybe not the types you frequent, but legitimate nonetheless. I think it's deplorable how some feel it is perfectly fine to stereotype and ridicule some folks, but not others. Sad, actually.
  2. The party has such absolute power, the GOP healthcare plan and the abolishment of Obamacare passed like the wind through the trees.
  3. Or... "Unlike Poland, the US is not removing current Justices from the Supreme Court and replacing them". You can decipher the difference between the two, can't you?
  4. I like the crabs I steam myself. Either caught, or bought live. Philly has many great cheesesteaks (I work in Philly). Michael's in Woodlynn makes a good one. So does RJ's in Lester. Up my way in Bel Air, Looney's and the Rt. 24 Ale House make a killer cheesesteak. Pat's and Geno's? Meh. They're for tourists. No opinion on fries. Most rude people? Boston. Followed by Philly
  5. I was born in Maryland (Baltimore City to be precise) . Lived my entire life in Maryland except while in the Army and 3-1/2 years in Newark, DE. I never asked mom and dad if I was conceived in Maryland. Didn't want to ask!
  6. Agreed. Good luck, Senator.
  7. "Do you have the new Ford Model THC?"
  8. lol. That was my thought! RIP, George. You put brain-eating zombies on the map forever.
  9. Israeli. Christian. Muslim. That's your trifecta right there. Regardless, any father that murders his own daughter should dangle from a rope.
  10. I feel the same. Not a great President, but a genuine good man. He won't stop. It's not in him to stop. Get well, Jimmy.
  11. I haven't seen any lately. But the annual cicadas are now out and making a racket.
  12. I was merely following established protocols set by the OP. That have been documented numerous times.
  13. He was feeding deer. Should monkeys be roaming free in Florida? FL is strange. They have a serious problem with pythons, yet you need a hunting license and permit to kill them. I have a feeling monkey permits will never be issued, so I guess they will continue to proliferate. Hopefully they don't harbor Ebola.