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  1. And gets no responses
  2. I am sure he is looking out for the trailer dwellers in north central Pa
  3. Well maybe just two. He is young and Is a good looking guy Criminologists say if the charges against 20-year-old Khalil Wheeler-Weaver turn out to be true, New Jersey will have a name to add to the list of America's serial killers. Authorities allege Wheeler-Weaver, an Orange resident who worked as a security guard, killed at least three women, and tried to kill a fourth before he was arrested last year. Though prosecutors have not used the term "serial killer" when levying charges against Wheeler-Weaver, experts said the allegations against him fit the definition of the term.
  4. One problem. Trump is president they are not.
  5. Yes. Disgusting. Sounds like something Ted Nugent would do. But regardless I wonder why they had a problem getting into the country.
  7. He just regurgitates bullstuff from twitter
  8. Yes. A lot of these kinds of hate crimes are fake. Regardless I am glad they caught him.
  9. Again, you are not aware of 90% of the music
  10. In Baltimore County they have become magnet programs. The vocational programs exist but mixed in with the arts other programs. We are waiting to hear if my son got into George Washington Carver in Towson. They have 100-200 people try to get into classes with 10-20 slots every year
  11. The left is in full defensive mode and for good reason. I agree with you but won't support reform with trump in power
  12. Yes but increasing the cost of labor changes the math.