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  1. How about we lock up all of both families just to be safe ?
  2. I have not had a puff since pre 1990
  3. Yup. And he is not a conservative and a true RINO
  4. It is my country. So that is an enemy flag.
  5. If you really hate the United States I would be glad to assist you finding a new country
  7. They did. Not that they hit anyone.
  8. Would that require a barrier to get people into the process? If we want to keep out the criminals, how do we do that?
  9. Exactly and his is much tougher than bone spur boy
  10. Mine are relatively unchanged since before Trump was ever considered a politician
  11. So we need a whole lot less work visas and a whole lot more enforcement
  12. No, He will dodge and weave and refuse to take an actual position that would require honest answers or solutions.