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  1. A. Schools are mostly funded by property taxes. I am not talking about a tax on all employers. Employers that use the guest worker programs. This will also make it more expensive and make hiring local employees more attractive. B. I disagree completely. Teaching people English is a great investment.
  2. If there are children here they will be educated. No way around that. So the employers should pay towards that at part of the agreement.
  3. Modify the guest worker program to make employers pay fees to cover cost of education for family members and a fee towards cost of immigration overstay enforcement
  4. OK, Are you a parody or just that dumb?
  5. I really don't care. Your judgment means very little. I flush things more valuable about twice a day.
  6. Go ahead and say it. Say what ever you want. I can't change or control what my ancestors did of what anyone said at the time. That does not mean that we need to harm our society to correct some cosmic karma.
  7. Hey, Maybe we can become a third world country too!
  8. No. Racism
  9. Might be from failed Edsel's days
  10. Anyone that supports that is not an American in my eyes. These rebels claim that by their declaration they were no longer USA citizens. OK, If you support that you are not either. Get out.
  11. Don't you think many would stay in the shadows rather than risk jail and fines?
  12. If I don't pay my taxes. I go to jail. So the same would apply right?
  13. Exactly. When we allow people here to work or go to school they over stay and there is no enforcement.
  14. You recognize the fact that they are posting racist nonsense yet you do nothing,