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  1. Trump likes heroes that don't get raped and pillaged
  2. I like the guy out side. He just sits there until the robber is all of the way in the store and walks away. I hope he called the cops
  3. The bitter price we paid for post war peace. The good news is that the good guys won.
  4. So you were talking out of your buttocks. Got it.
  5. What buddies? No friend of mine has ever done that. DO you think you know me? Plenty of attention? LOL, From who? Paparazzi? Groupies? Good lord. Bunch of larpers.
  6. Attention and attempting to play victim. Just like so many fake hate crimes
  7. I am ok with people displaying the anti American flag. If people want to self identify as racist anti American that is a good thing. I would rather know.
  8. I'd give you at least even odds on that
  9. It is my business to comment how I want when I want. It is really none of you business.
  10. Don't we all? On some level? I give to charity. I volunteer time. I support family members that can't or won't support themselves. But I keep the vast majority of my money and recourses for myself and my immediate family. Does anyone give away more than they keep?
  11. $26 bucks. Talk about a high risk/low reward operation.
  12. Why? I don't hope for that at all. I do not honor people that killed United States of America soldiers.
  13. This makes absolutely zero sense. Is there a major bomb about to drop? There has to be a major investigation or scandal.
  14. Both. But instead of tweaking the law to improve it and make people's lives better he is imploding it to makes people's lives worse.
  15. How can he sleep inside knowing their are people without homes? Does he value money over people?
  16. It is a silly fantasy article. Not feasible and never going to happen. Guess what HST? I am ok with the fact that we have a nice country to live in with a decent standard of living and a stable government. I am at peace with my nice new house with central air and central vacuum. I don't want the entire world sending unlimited number of people into our country. We do need sensible limits on immigration and refugee resettlement. I would rather see our foreign policies and trade policies revamped to actually help the wolrd's struggling counties.
  17. No Trump fans are going to even try to defend this lie.
  18. I see lots of prayers on the field.
  19. What do you think they pay newspaper writers?
  20. I was never an enthusiastic Hillary supporter but like 90% of mankind she would be more stable than Trump. i would take Pence over trump just because he would be less likely to get us into a nuclear war over a twitter fight
  21. The deflection is strong with this one
  22. The funding is in addition to nearly $773 million in FEMA grants that have helped survivors repair homes, replace essential items and temporarily pay for somewhere to stay. When disaster strikes, the first response is to ensure safety and then address property losses. FEMA’s Individual Assistance program helps eligible survivors with certain disaster-related expenses to help their recovery. Another FEMA program, Public Assistance, benefits everyone. It reimburses disaster-related expenses to local and state government entities and certain private nonprofits in 26 parishes affected by the August 2016 flood. Costs the PA program may reimburse include: Cleaning up communities Repairing roads and bridges Restoring water systems and utilities Repairing or rebuilding infrastructure like schools, hospitals and emergency services Enhancing damaged facilities to reduce or eliminate long-term risks from disasters
  23. It is not a competition. But it is accurate that Texas does not need it's electrical system rebuilt. Puerto Rico does. Where did I say I want more or less for any state of territory? You have a vivid imagination. Get some help.