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  1. Hahaha not those chiclets...lol
  2. <3 you Mock!!! I can understand not wanting to talk - I get like that sometimes. Texting and email is best on those days. ((HUGS))
  3. Whatever happened to chicklets???!!
  4. Hahaha no, haven't heard anything about a dirt bike yet lol. But Jack is now 19 and drives. And has a CAR. No dirt bike either LOL
  5. Hi Hoot! Thanks for giving me the heads up It would be nice to see more posters!
  6. Hi Norman! OMG I am so sorry! I didn't realize there was already a Friday thread I hope I didn't ruin it!! She is not quite in college lol. Just turned 6 and is in KINDERGARTEN but she acts like a teenager with her 'tude so that's close enough lol She's in my profile pic. The girl drives me nuts but she is so smart and inquisitive about everything! Loves being outside, loves animals, history, art, getting dirty, anything pink and frilly, and she's always sticky from food lol Here's a somewhat better shot (without a close up lol):
  7. Just stopping in to say hi! I saw a fellow poster on FB mention some changes here and I didn't realize Open Mike still existed! I miss the days (well before FB...and even before MySpace! Yikes!) of coming here and the fun, craziness, etc. It was the original social media of sorts, except way more anonymous lol How is everyone??? Oooh and we can share pictures now! I take a ton. Here's one I took last month while out on many walks around Gettysburg.
  8. North but it's not fb official yet lol
  9. Hi everyone! Good to see some familiar names! I was afraid no one would post lol. My daughter is 4 now and in pre-K! I can't believe how big she is getting! I spend a lot more time on FB. And it's nice to have kept in touch with many OM'ers there. But FB isn't the same as OM. Met a lot of great people here and if it weren't for this place, never would have met any of them!! Still out here in Howard County but we're leaving MD next year around late spring/early summer. And it won't be near the beach. I must really love my husband, because I would have never agreed I don't even venture to nationals or even locals....it's just too scary!! LOL
  10. LOL Hi Norman! Hope all is well in your world
  11. Haven't logged on in quite some time! Where is everyone? How is everyone doing? Happy Thursday!
  12. Interesting comparisons. My stepson's mother called me this past weekend and told me they were packing up and going to Florida. Actually, Jacksonville. She said MD and AACo are too expensive for her and it's so much cheaper there. (or so she thinks) Rent, she said, is a lot less. But I am wondering if she knows about the groceries and such. With 3 kids, she buys a lot of food. I know when I went to Key West for a week, my brother and I went to the grocery store and I about fell out at the prices. I figured he was in some fancy specialty store maybe. Nope, regular neighborhood grocery store that was the cheapest in the area. Eeek. At least the weather is warmer....lol
  13. Hi Eastside! Yes, she is 2 1/2! She will be 3 in April! I can't stand it..lol. I keep up with quite a few OM'ers on FB. If you're on there, let me know. I have TONS of pictures of this child..lol
  14. I rarely post on here anymore, but it's good to see all the 'old' posters. Hope everyone is doing well!
  15. I'm still in shock. Still trying to wrap my head around it....