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  1. Deny the people to investigate his papers and cell. Talk as well as gloat about what he feels. Plus have the backing of the whole Patriot front office. I would bet if it were the Ravens Flacco would be sat down for 6 games, a hefty fine would happen with the loss of draft choices and maybe even the team would have to forfeit their SB win.
  2. I have been watching ESPN for a week now and one thing I have noticed is that whenever the Ravens or Oriole stories are about to come up, they always go to a commercial. Yes it is true. They scroll that thingy on the side and it says Orioles will be next but usually go right into a commercial. When they come back from commercial sometimes they jump rigt over the O's or Ravens and go on. I know this because like I said I took notice of it.LOL
  3. Talk about a joke. The SB when the Ravens were way ahead , the NFL top brass and the TV Network were in fear of losing the audience so they pulled a plug. Now their pretty boy was caught with his pants down. Do you really think anything happens to a Kraft. Patriot or a Pretty Boy.
  4. He is like a little baby. Manny lost the fight, get over it. I think Smith schooled him in debate this morning. Skip when you are wrong, just admit it. You are really looking foolish
  5. Now after picking that speedster I still see that fast, hard hitting safety from Alabama still on the board
  6. Yes I agree. Why start a new thread about Flacco when this says it all. Now with the addition of this new draft pick Perryman I believe. Joe has so many weapons it is scary. 4.2 in the dash, look out defenses you will have trouble matching up. 200 plus pounds and 6 feet 2 to boot. Look out NFL a new Joe Flacco is coming.
  7. M Brown will make us forget Jacoby and Mr Smith. Akien will also show his stuff this year. No worries here, I see the Ravens going 10-6 and making a run at the SB. Flacco is ready to be Elite and with these receivers and the great line we will see this
  8. By the way...the Steelers boards are getting antcy
  9. Yes but all with Cowherd's people. Now that he has to do it with his own players. Ben still there. He is not doing so good. Let us see how he does these next few years as he now has to do it without one of the best defensive coaches around as well. It will be lucky to see the Steelers go 6 and 10 next year.
  10. True but many times we played with one safety low. The CB's were so far off the receivers that any catch underneath was a success and run after catch . Our safeties were forced to cover half the field with only one guy as the other had to help the cover a number one receiver all over the field. This left the slot or TE free in the middle. That left one on one on the opposite side and teams saw this. Even the big play NE had to score a TD was made because we had no safety help over top and when our CB bit on the run the RB had a wide open WR to throw to.
  11. One of Apples biggest selling points was Viruses. It had a better armor against a virus than the PC. Now this may all be gone but what it did do right was get into the early childhood developing system. Kids in schools learned on Apple and when these generations got older they swore by them. Very smart marketing if you ask me.
  12. I heard this all day long from a couple guys begging me to get in. They have a feeling it will go to $20 by the end of next week and they have been right on 3 of 4 stocks. FB when it was down in the teens made me a lot of money because I listened to these guys about getting in. Should I wait to see or jump in tuesday. One said on Tuesday it will open near $12 and go up each day. What do you guys think.
  13. He will pay. Next year will be a career year and the year after Hill will be making top 5 safety money. He really is that good. You Ravens fans want a great safety , well Hill could be this
  14. I know we are on a Ravens board but if Tomlin was our coach he would have been fired two years ago. Talk about a guy who was handed a SB talented team. Well now these players are old. Many will retire and we see what he has done with his own talent. Even Big Ben is not his. When will his pink slip come. I say before the 8th game next year.
  15. If John gets better at clock management and knowing when to challenge, he will be higher.