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  1. I heard that Bishop Moore @ Spalding has been canceled due to the situation in Fla. Can anyone confirm?
  2. All of this chit chat is funny but can one of ya'll throw a score out there every once in a while.
  3. Spalding 56 SMR 18 St Mary's 14 Del Mar 6
  4. No GA just because SL was a punter in the NFL doesn't make your opinion right. He could of been a backup Qb for 22 yrs. Point is he was in the NFL was the best at what he did in the NFL with the exception of Ray Guy but he wasn't from Maryland. Call me a troll all you want GA . That's your answer to anyone you disagree with. I'm here on this site every day. Just because I don't respond to all your stupid *** post doesn't make me a troll. Not posting every day doesn't make me a troll. Not having 10,000 post in the Gilman thread alone doesn't make me a troll. Only the great GA from Gilman makes me a troll. Sincerely GA'S troll
  5. In other words Landeta wasn't a Gilman Graduate.
  6. Forum filters are very sensitive. *****cat, ****-a-doodle-do, Richards sporting goods See :-)
  7. GA Do you have a link to the list?
  8. HATER! :-)
  9. STM was not even in my thoughts when I wrote that. I know what STM gets. Coaching salaries were discussed before this past season started in another thread. The Gilman's and DeMatha type schools will always be at the top compared to the other schools they play in state. There are some that are making that push to bring in and pay their coaching staff top salaries. Whether or not they are teaching and coaching or just coaching for that 6 figured salary they are still getting 6 figures a year. Go ask a public school teacher/coach what their stipends are for doing both.
  10. If you add teaching salary plus coaching salary there are at least a couple HC's that are making six figure salary in the miaa . It's not just the Gilman's and McDonogh's.
  11. Dang Sizzle the link was bad enough. ;-)
  12. Another running clock championship game and I can't find anything on cable . Sorry I just don't see any good football here. Two 13-0 teams and one is dominating the other. Just like last nights game. Not exciting
  13. Time will tell. College football is a whole different level. Not hating on Funk. Just a wait a see type person. Seen many a High School player who was great in HS and then just vanished when they go to the next level.
  14. Funk caught 2 passes tonight. 1 for a touchdown. You were watching the game.
  15. I can say for certain that St Mary's doesn't put alot of money in their football. lacrosse and baseball is where the money is going.