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  1. MoCoFB has sub forurms for each region of the state. But outside of Frederick county they dont get much traffic. We generally stick to public school ball. All are welcome, but be aware the moderator is kind of a dictator
  2. I was speaking in general terms, not necessarily about the SFA situation.
  3. It is true that life isn't fair. But that shouldn't stop us from trying to make it as fair as possible, ie. leveling the playing field.
  4. SFA

    It is and does. There are still 130 or so kids that have nothing to do with football that the school helps. The bad does not erase the good (and vice versa)
  5. SFA

    Both teams recruit heavily in their respective metro areas. The DC metro area is much larger than the Bmore metro area in terms of population. I do believe SJC has more kids on their roster from MD & VA then they have from DC.
  6. SFA

    That game is on GC's twitter account and on Marietta's website 8/24/18 7:30PM @ Marietta
  7. SFA

    Interesting. Are they playing them early or dropping someone from the existing schedule?
  8. SFA

    GC as in Good Counsel?
  9. SFA

    2 players traveling 10 miles down the road because their head coach had a report filed against him, isn't quite the same as 20 players from across the country transferring for "SEC/NFL $$$"
  10. SFA

    To the best of my knowledge not to rising Seniors and not at the current rate of SFA
  11. SFA

    SFA directly reached out to 3 MoCo public school kids over the past 2 years, that I personally know of. All of them declined. Im sure there are some that contact SFA initially, but obviously someone connected to the program is reaching out to kids across the state.
  12. Most public teams in MD have a handful (at the most) of kids who are out of district, very few have out of county kids. Bmore city & county is a different story. But they are the exception, not the norm.
  13. And so it begins.......
  14. Former Quince Orchard/Georgetown player Ty Williams, who suffered a serious spinal injury in 2015, makes good on his promise to walk across the stage for graduation.
  15. JMT posted this on the MoCofootball forum...... "If there had been a 2017 All-State team, one ballot would have looked an awful lot like this" Consensus 1st Team Offense WR Daniel George (Oxon Hill) WR Tyrese Chambers (Poly) WR Ethon WIlliams (Broadneck) OL Rasheed Walker (North Point) OL Michael Jurgens (Damascus) OL Jordan Funk (Damascus) OL Caelan Shepherd (Broadneck) OL Darian Dalcourt (St. Frances) QB Doc Bonner (Quince Orchard) RB Karson Robinette (Allegany) RB David Bailey (North Caroline) RB Brandon Madison (Gilman) AP Desmond Shell (Milford Mill) K Stephen Oscar (JM Bennett) Consensus 1st Team Defense DL Luke Hamilton (Ft. Hill) DL Eyabi Anoma (St. Frances) DL Ja'mion Franklin (North Caroline) DL Jamree Kromah (Flowers) LB Ryan Kearney (Howard) LB Kyle Klink (Middletown) LB Durell Nchami (Paint Branch) LB Shane Lee (St. Frances) DB AJ Lytton (Wise) DB Jacob Wetzel (Walkersville) DB Ray Boone (Eleanor Roosevelt) DB Christian McDowell (Edgewood) P Cooper McGeehan (River Hill) Consensus 2nd Team Offense WR Curtis Jacobs (McDonogh) WR Randy Fields (St. Frances) WR Malik Lawrence (North Point) OL Ethan Parrish (Walkersville) OL Christian Haynes (Bowie) OL Reggie Dillon (Long Reach) OL Austin Fontaine (DeMatha) OL Evan Gregory (DeMatha) QB Jared Lewis (Dunbar) RB Devin Dawkins (Howard) RB Joaquim Bangda (St. France) RB Antwan Squire (Suitland) AP Juwon Farri (Northwest) K Clay Harris (Havre de Grace) Consensus 2nd Team Defense DL Malik Hamm (City) DL Dwayne Johnson (Dunbar) DL PJ Mustipher (McDonogh) DL Jalen Green (Good Counsel) LB Sean Greeley (Havre de Grace) LB Chance Campbell (Calvert Hall) LB Nicholas Synder (Chopticon) LB Christian Policelli (Walkersville) DB Jalen Williams (Landon) DB Terrell Smith (St. Frances) DB Matt McDonald (MSJ) DB Demetri Morsell (Wise) P Mohamed M'Baye (Gwynn Park) Read more: