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  1. Great stuff as usual
  2. Playing less games, being used as a recruiting tool is news to me.
  3. So do they not accept transfers in general or just athletes? I would expect a public school to have more transfers than an elite private school.
  4. Northwest vs Good Counsel or Quince Orchard will give you the best read on his game speed
  5. AJ Woods. Was a member of the 4x200 state champ relay team He currently has offers from Morgan St, Navy & Army for football
  6. Check your PMs Mamba
  7. I haven't spoken to anyone directly, but from my perspective he seems to prefer football, everyone else in his inner circle seems to prefer LAX
  8. Im pretty high on Hodges. He has the potential to be the next great QO LB, ala Marcus Newby. Awesome LAX player to, picked up a Navy offer as a sophomore
  9. Here ya go. I would advise turning down the commentary
  10. If I had to guess, there will eventually be a change in the way playoff points are accumulated/calculated. Somehow not penalizing teams as much for playing tougher regular season games
  11. Yes, Westminster was very good in 2012. They took down eventual WV champ Martinsburg in the regular season and handled a decent Sherwood team in the playoffs. That QO defense was something special, lead by LB Marcus Newby. QO lost their starting QB, RB & 2nd RB early in the season (2nd RB returned at States), so the D was relied on heavily. Great game between the 2 squads though.
  12. It is true that more schools have opened since '93. However, the playoffs have also expanded since then. Eventually there will be a change in the playoff system. May not happen as quickly as some want and the end result most likely will not be what some desire, but a change will happen.
  13. TD Ayo Durajaiye from Dmass is a JR