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  1. At this point, its going to take an outside organization to get a private school state football tourney going. Similar to whats done for wrestling & swimming. I just dont see the various leagues & conferences coming to any kind of agreement anytime soon.
  2. Oh you mean a private school state tournament. It would be silly for them to play in the MPSSAA state tournament, since thats for public schools
  3. Do they want to?
  4. Yes, I think he will 100% play QB. He really doesn't even play another position. Based off of Dartmouths numerous visits they really wanted Doc bad.
  5. Naaah. QO isn't at Wise's level yet. Wise would still be a heavy favorite (at least -14) if they meet again. Closer then last year but not close enough.The cougars are notoriously slow starters (see the Bullis game) and they tend to make too many unforced errors (false starts, personal foul's .etc ) Wise will punish you for every one of those mistakes Dartmouth commit Doc Bonner is in his 3rd year as the cougar signal caller. While is play his year has been his best it shouldn't be surprising. He has just refined what was already excellent play style
  6. Magruder over Seneca Valley 18-15, Magruder hasn't had a winning season since 2007 and haven't won a playoff game since 1989. Seneca Valley's winning history is well known. SV is now in danger of having their 2nd losing season in the schools 42 year history, depending on how the last 4 games play out.
  7. Just seeing this. I would've said Bullis -6 at the time you sent this message. I would've said -13 after finding out certain players were out a few hrs later. If you would've taken QO and the points you would have been a winner.
  8. If time had expired. There at least should have been a whistle. The entire scene on the last play of regulation was just weird.
  9. Highly questionable. From my perspective, Doc downed the ball with 1sec left. And there was a flag thrown on Bullis. Either one of those should have awarded QO another down. Very confusing how the game just progressed to OT. Once I get the film I hope it clears up these questions.
  10. Agreed. Bullis had the better players. QO was deeper. Other than some weird stuff at the end of regulation, it was one of the best games HS games I've witnessed in the past 8 years
  11. If you didn't care you wouldn't have mentioned it
  12. WCAC people bringing up county public school admission guidelines is like Ben Roethlisberger telling Colin Kaepernick how to be a good person. Clean up your own back yard before knocking on your neighbors door.
  13. We can pretty much pencil in Damascus vs Walkersville for the 2A West regional final. It will definitely be a clash of the titans.