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  1. Bullis run at the top of MD was 4 years but i hear ya. MSJ is the most consistent. But I cant say most dominant, when they have had multiple consecutive years were they weren't even the best in the MSA/MIAA Also it should be noted many teams, especially on the public side, either weren't open or didnt field teams pre mid 70s. For example, Damascus didnt have a team until the mid 80s almost a decade after they opened. Look at them now
  2. Them pesky post-grads
  3. Bullis won National Preps from 85-88. Old Mill won MPSSAA states from 89-93, during that time frame they came out on top over multiple good teams (including MSJ, Bullis, DeMatha etc.) at the Annapolis tourny during the regular season.
  4. If you are only talking about MSA/MIS, sure. But Maryland wrestling is bigger than that.
  5. Gilman was dominant in the early 70s MSJ was dominant from the mid 70s to early 80s Bullis was dominant in the mid 80's Old Mill was dominant in the early to mid 90s DeMatha was dominant in the late 90's 2000's has had a mixed bag of teams at the top. MSJ, McDonogh, St. Pauls, Damascus, Good Counsel etc.
  6. That's debatable
  7. Word on the street is Miller will be Woottons QB next year
  8. Doc Bonner committed to Air Force today
  9. Sniffing distance would be what, 1 or 2 games from the championship? If so, QO would have been right there. In the past 13yrs QO has averaged 11 wins per season. At their worst they would lose in the 2nd round, which is 2 games away from the championship.
  10. That is correct. Doc was on the Freshman squad at Gonzaga, then transferred to QO his Sophomore year. Part of me thinks if Trivers was hired a year earlier he may have talked Doc into staying.
  11. QO probably goes 8-2 or 7-3 without Doc this year. Enough to make the playoffs. But anything after that is a toss up The way things are going with certain privates, a lot of kids are returning to their home school. QO alone has had 4 WCAC players in the past few years come back home.
  12. Doc is a smart kid and his family seems to stress academics over athletics. Im totally assuming, but perhaps a school came along that offered both.
  13. IDK, QO gave him something he could not get at Gonzaga...starting for 3 years I think he would have eventually would have started but you never know. Nothing can replace real game time.
  14. Agreed. The recruiting dead period is officially over and coaches are making visits as we speak. Pure speculation on my part but I think a FBS team may have made a strong inquiry about Bonner.