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  1. Yep, something was greatly out of sync in the Douglass passing game to me. One or more receivers ran the wrong routes as I saw two receivers several times in the same spot. What killed Douglass to me was Boggie's threat to run after dropping back to pass and when he looked to take off, he stopped and launched a couple critical passes. That 80-yard drive at the end doing this fried Douglass who to me exercise their 4 / 5 yard per play time killer option fairly well. But yep, the pitch or pass selection of their option sucked. In didn't see Douglass' speed back #10 so he couldn't go from an injury last week. Then Douglass opted to run two power fullbacks #8 and #9 that was effective. Lackey's line, particularly #4 played well. As yes, a more accurate Douglass QB could have torched Lackey's secondary, a passer QB like Chopticon's.
  2. Yep yep yep....that's it!!! Man you know your stuff. It was Gwynn Park who came off the bench against Crossland I now remember.. And perhaps it was Douglass who didn't make the playoffs for the first time in 10 or more years, not GP who didn't make the playoffs. But yep, Hawkins launched GP players and Coach Hayes of GP was ticked.
  3. I'm sorry...I'm sorry...I'm sorry I was willing to put up $20 at 1 to 100 odds of Lewis taking down the Poets. I apologize for trying to make a fast buck or two off of a Lewis miracle. I'll stay tuned
  4. Damn, I'm on the phone with one of my Douglass peeps who is crying over Lackey Boogie Middleton's big run to setup of the TD and go ahead 2-point conversion with less than two minutes left in the game to pull out the win and he going to try to figure out how to send me a clip of a supposed illegal chop block that freed Boogie the Douglass coaches were screaming about that supposedly took place right in front of the line ref who apparently didn't see it but coaches 30-yards away say they saw. Refs are human too but it was a killer no call if true the kid blocked was on the ground doing the toss flag motion.
  5. Knowing PG County athletics super Earl Hawkins, he is going over the fight film and I can guarantee you those involved in the fight WILL NOT play next week for Wise even if its Wise's biggest guns. And this includes anyone who merely just stepped on the field from the bench. I've seen EH suspend players who stepped on the field to try to stop fights or restrain others. It was Gwynn Park or Friendly I recall Earl suspended 20 or more players of one team for a game and in protest, the team of 20 suspended players forfeited their next game and that was just fine with the county super. And then that protest team who forfeited their next game missed the playoffs by fractions of a point and the team they forfeited to hadn't beaten the protest team in many years. Hell, I believe Earl terminated the duty of the game announcer who made a stupid comment during the fight incident. Wise could be in big doo doo next week in the state semis.... And Rossevelt will likely pay next year.
  6. Instead of some whacky ego add-on points, why risk a turnover to lose a done deal win.... Wasn't it the NFL Eagles or Giants who once had a muffed hand-off or something to lose a game in the very last seconds when they should have taken a knee to run out the clock?
  7. Oxon Hill got some of their guns back from mid-season injuries.
  8. Lackey had two big scoring plays; one a classic Boggie Middleton long TD run and the other a pick-6. Lackey has a big line but I'm curious to see the stats because Douglass seemed to pound the ball on Lackey with the run. But yep, it was back and forth the entire game, very entertaining.
  9. I dropped in on Douglass - Lackey. Great Great Game..... Lackey went for it all or nothing with just a couple minutes left in the game after scoring to make it 28 - 27 Douglass. Lackey has an excellent PAT kicker BUT decided to go for two-PAT. Miss and Douglass just runs out the clock. Make it and Lackey up by one and Douglass doesn't have a kicker, or an adequate kicker and need to go the length of the field. Lackey made the two-point conversion to go up 29 - 28. On Douglass possession after the kickoff with a minute and some change left, the QB is sacked and fumbled and the ball is ran into the endzone by Lackey and with PAT the game ends at 36 - 28 for a lot of happy Lackey folks. Public ball featuring neighborhood can't beat it!!
  10. What odds can I get from you? I might be able to find a $20 with 1 to 100 odds.....
  11. WHAT.....The game is suppose to be at 6pm, NO....
  12. With the boot prints your young fellas left on 40B's butt, you'd think The Poets wanted to go up 40B's rump in week 3.... Or maybe they were just lost.
  13. Hell, I returned to this area 07/08 so that comparison means nothing to me....
  14. Damn Damn Damn.....!!! All 40B wanted was to dance this time of the year, just once, and you all went and slapped the taste out of my man's mouth. How your booty feelin 40? You need a demwit from Chevy Chase to rub it for you.... Anyway, so what's the Vegas line on a Lewis upset.....
  15. And if Gilman doesn't win, can we count of you to not post here anymore? Shyte, can't blame a vamp for trying....