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  1. Until something is shown on the field against those with a different uniform, one ain't Jack.....
  2. A 6 and 4 B McNamara beat B Sullivan so Sullivan was no real opposition gauge.
  3. From what I see on offers for Marcus Coleman: 1. Ohio 2. Coastal Carolina 3. James Madison 4. Kentucky 5. Marshall 6. Old Dominion 7, Syracuse 8. Virginia 9. Louisville 10. North Carolina State 11. South Florida 12. Virginia Tech 13. William and Mary and 14. West Virginia That's substantial to me DMV and any offer is a GOOD offer for a free education.
  4. I understand, but that adds up to Coleman never played a down for SFA and working out with SFA does not warrant a college football scholarship. I recall seeing Coleman playing with RBS for at least the last two seasons. All his game play and film was with RBS so SFA is a non-factor in legit offers to me. A high school coach's endorsement absence documented play and camp is not legit to me.... Again, the player had double digit offers.
  5. I would hope not DM will be shocked over a scrimmage if it is used for its purpose; that is, to work on issues, assess players, etc. Save the bullets for Gorman and when Franklin break off some toe nails in the Stags' rear....
  6. This Poggi influence with WVU in the Coleman matter has me confused. I understand Coleman had several offers including Syracuse and North Carolina offers before WVU. I also understand Coleman camped at WVU and was offered immediately afterwards and he committed some weeks or a month later. Didn't he have double digit offers and the jmad say he never played a down for SFA....
  7. Yep, he is from the Upper Marlboro area of Riverdale Baptist and Wise. And I saw him play last season for RBS. I'm sure I saw him in a scrimmage against DeMatha last season. Did he actually ever play with SFA???????
  8. Good work McD....
  9. Nah, I suspect it will be the same old lame ole DeMatha Invitational.....
  10. McD Fairmont Hgts and Parkdale both of PGCo look like a no-brainer to me for week 1. But that's just me I guess.
  11. Thanks DMV. I was throw off by the comment that Ellis played "...with a local team..." as local can be relative. He played with a team local to where he lives I assume....relatively speaking. But I find it odd that a team would allow him to play that would cut play time for real member of the team.
  12. Ditto....OUTSTANDING WORKUP!!!!!!
  13. Just for the record, are you talking about National Academy Foundation ( NAF ) in Baltimore or National Christian Academy in Fort Washington MD near DC/Va...
  14. This is no WHAC / Bush League merger but just your capricious selection of better private MD. You merely toss aside Arch Carroll, a very long standing member of the WHAC and again treat the the Bush League B and C conferences as unwanted and unworthy cousins. You Md privates just crack me up with this best league in US doo doo. This proposed new "merger" will just be the DeMatha - SFA Invitational for now....and the DeMatha - ??? Invitational in the future. Do this first, get DeMatha to play Poggi's SFA...
  15. Cool, I saw Devin D at the UMD passing tournament and he seem to have or is recovering well, but pads will tell the tale and it may be good to see him on the 19th or 25th.