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  1. Hey OBC, here is a video of the Patuxent - DouglassPG 1st-round playoff game ending I described above. Just look at the video from 9:25 to 11:40. And Sniper, I see Douglass had two former DeMatha players then, Paul Harris and Demory Monroe dressed in black who went to states that season. And don't forget that is a 9th-grader QB who marched a team of juniors and seniors down the field in a minute for the win at a PACKED HOUSE and he was a calm, cool, and collected as anyone could be. Oh and Sniper, I sat near your now DeMatha Coach Trip. That was the season Good Counsel beat you twice I seem to recall as well as Gonzaga took you out, SAD!
  2. Get out a little more and experience things and even you Chevy Chase would perhaps have a so much better appreciation of the world ALL around you. In other words, pull your head out from under Reverend Father Saint Mr. Whatever De Matha's skirt robe and see life and enjoy life rather than your current miserable envious impotent existence. Tell me, what/when was the last non-DeMatha game you attended? Have you been to more than three any year in the last 5? By the way, do you still think after hearing about the Bullis - Quince Orchard game I told you would be the Game of the Week, that the MSJ vs Stray Greys will be The GotW, speakin' of hopping off???
  3. I first spotted the older player Tyler when he sub'd for the starter Trey Lee in a game at Patuxent and I thought man, the backup is just as good if not better than the starter. Later that season in a playoff game against DouglassPG, Tyler started and Lee was the runningback. The ending was one of the best I've seen in high school. Tyler Crounse led a drive to score with 90-seconds left in the game for a 1 or 2 point lead. On the kickoff, the Douglass return guy went down on their own 5-yard. So Douglass needed to go 95 yards to score in 90-secs with one timeout. Douglass had a freshman QB Devin Butler now at Syracuse. That Douglass freshman QB marched Douglass down to Patuxent's 15-yard line with a couple seconds left in the game and they came on the field for a field goal attempt. Crounse smelling an OKIE-Doke somewhat like Douglass pulled on Patuxent the previous season in a playoff win with a fake punt to come from behind for a win, Crounse had his players to not rush too hard but look out for someone leaking out to score. Heck, Douglass had no kicker or so Crounse thought as did I. Douglass' kicker, then named Paul Harris who came from DeMatha, donned his squared toe kicking boot and nailed the 25-yard field goal that would have been good for 35-40 yards. But that Crounse QB played very very well running hard up the gut taking big shots and leaped quickly back to feet for the next play.
  4. Hey Gu, you will NOT believe this BUT I just checked my game film library and I have that 2015 Dunbar - Patuxent game. I will look it over. Let me know if you wanna see it.... PS......Oh nevermind. The video is labeled 2015 Dunbar vs Patuxent but the video is 2015 Gwynn Park vs Patuxent.
  5. Was that the OT game with the OM kid who had a million TDs that season?
  6. I really don't recall his stats but quite frankly, I never considered the Counse's stats in any game and over the years but rather their solid exceptional leadership of their teams. They were simply their father, the coach, at QB. I'm telling you, both brothers are different ages but they are like twins in their play. Hardnose throwback players is an understatement for them to me. They are/were just good high school players I would have on my team before many me Me ME multi-offer divas I see all too much. Again, I am not talking about classic exceptional QBs passing skills but rather very good leaders and game managers. Patuxent had a nice passer QB a decade ago named CJ Hopson. The Crounse's were/aren't nearly as good passers as Hopson but the Crounse's were far better game managers and team leaders.
  7. Beyond just WIN THE GAME Bully, what is your so-called top team supposed to do. Tell me, do you get extra points or something of value for winning by a large number of points as opposed to winning by say ONE point??? Your point about TOP PRIVATE makes no sense. Is not Calvert Hall in your TOP (Elite) tier of your three tier league based on talent??? Would that means Albert E., CHC is a TOP PRIVATE TEAM???? SO, your TOP PRIVATE CHC lost to a TOP PUBLIC ----- PERIOD! What head and shoulders are you talking about since TOP CHC LOST to TOP Wise????? Damn, you graduate from a private? Was it a TOP academic private? Come on dude, come on, make some sense here....
  8. His older brother didn't pass the eyeball test but is a QB at Shepherd U. The brothers, sons of a very good coach are simply throwback hardnose football players. They can simply play and are great leaders. I've seen them for many years.
  9. His QB brother Tyler is at the next level - Shepherd U - and younger brother Reese is even better to me and led Patuxent to a state title as a 10th-grader. Dunbar would know about the player from last season in the playoffs.
  10. You do love to speculate with reclass mercenary central on what simply does not take place. But what has happened is McDonogh, DeMatha, Gonzaga, and Saint John's you listed above have ALL lost when they faced likes. Perhaps they should have save pummels for Gorman, De La Salle, Viera, and DeMatha for McDonogh. Getting beaten by a private team merely means no points toward the playoff as it does losing to a public. For you privates, you simply have no real skin in the game. Pummels is just not a priority for publics as it appears to give you a boner to me.
  11. You got it all wrong OT, I'm taking QO and giving points. So QO has to win by 14 for me to collect... Cool
  12. Hey nomad, my bookie is waiting for me to place my Bullis - Quince Orchard bet. That lame says I have to give him points to take QO. How many should I go to cover my bet; 14, 20 points, what? I'm sure it will be double digits so it's 10 to 99. What do you say so I can get my selection in. The higher the points, the better the pay out. Help a vamp go green instead of red for a weekend change. My treat on a 6-pack. What do you drink, A or B+? I hope not O negative....
  13. Damn,,,,,and Damn Damn!!!!
  14. Damn, the two leagues haven't even started league play and you all are already imagining the two championship finalists. So much for my Box of Chocolates of not knowing what we'll get. But first you snake oil salesmen, let's EARN the privilege to play for this combo league whatever title or should we just call it the Pencil In Title Series (The Pits)... Can we let regular season games ( all of them ) factor into just who should be in some sort of playoff system. Or is it puck it for The Pits....
  15. 40B, you ain't got no spare time to be reading no articles, especially 'bout privates crap. Besides, we know you didn't learn to read while at City so the articles must have had lots of pictures and a centerfold to hold your interest beyond a few seconds. Anyway, you need to be in the weight room getting in reps for your City match this weekend. If you need a spotter, I'll get AO to come over; that is, if he can make it with that two tires in the grave truck he has that couldn't get him the Dunbar game last week. AO just probably ran out of gasoline. I mean AO probably saw the fuel gauge on E and thought it was his GPS pointing the direction to Edmondson WestSide but he couldn't figure out why he couldn't get there going in circles. Anyway 40B, forget the privates problems. We You got issues of your own....