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  1. So to rephrase what a vamp stated in less gut slashing terms for the dainty: GA, you ran off after you couldn't compete with our battle of wits. My Bear and the Hunter analogy of our spirited debates in particular sent you into meltdown. Whipped, you just tapped out dawg when you realized you couldn't Come On And Walk With Me and keep up. But sorry sick pup, a vamp would NOT go out of the way for a Gilman game let alone do so to be near you to gaze into your eyes. Geeeeezzzzz sick pup!!!! Many years ago I merely attended a Gilman / Good Counsel game at the US Naval Academy stadium and sitting on the Gilman side there was one extremely loud ignorant acting standout in the crowd, a grown man wearing a ball cap backwards acting a complete fool. When I asked what was up with the fellow acting like a pure jerk; an obnoxious cheerleader in the stands, I was told "...Oh that's just Txx. he is always over-the-top when it comes to Gilman. You can find him online all the time as GreyHound Alum...." My jaws dropped; That's GA!!! . As I watched the game, I couldn't help but notice the more the pompous Gilman crowd that surrounded you laughed at your plantation antics, the more of a buffoon show you would put on. Hell, I began to get more and more embarrassed by your act. So GA now NoHuddleNoMercy-GA PLEASE, no way in all hell did I care to be introduced to you let alone Gaze Into Your Eyes, especially after you were later described to me in a 1st meet by a poster here at a high school football tailgate as a guy wearing tight jeans, cowboy shirt, cowboy hat, and cowboy boots with real spurs and that you were from east BMore!!! As you so often state, were you drunk on those two occasions also NoHuddleNoMercy-GA ...
  2. You sure do talk about being drunk all the time. Perhaps you need to seek help from AA GA..... And could GA stand for Gamblers Anonymous since you also talk so much big time poker games and losses.... Help your boy DemWit!
  3. Guess not DemWit
  4. NoHuddleNoMercy-GA when Gilman announced Poggi's replacement related that fellow was an in-house stellar X's and O's, better than Biff and "a Gilman Guy", so Gilman would just cruise on. Yet Gilman has sucked since the departure of Coach Biceps only for the highly educated of The G to learn that they do need ballers, a team full of them in the arms race, to win. What ---- someone here related SJC had 20-plus D1s it took to win the 6-team WHACK. How many D1 prospects did SFA have to win the MIAA-A conference!!! It's more than just recruiting the BMore area in the arms race now if The G wants back into who's the bad@zz mix. It's going to take top shelf coaching, a boat load of athletic scholarships, and more Pookies and than Biff had when he was at Gilman and from far beyond than just BMore that SFA already own. Or, is Gilman doing all of what NoHuddleNoMercy-GA is saying to play for 2nd place in the MIAA-A or just to beat McDonogh.... SAD!
  5. But but but you once touted that coaches didn't have to recruit hard at Gilman; that the school itself is the recruiter with it turning away talents by the buckets like even the GOAT Tavon Austin. So then it was Poggi after all who "bought" in the Gilman success and not Gilman itself after all; just like others in the so known "arms race" of the top privates. So it is all about the benjamins --- which mercenaries are available to be purchased recruited and retained!! Are you sure The G headmaster is going to allow Pookie and them back in -- "...recruit the area..." -- to again bench Kyle, Cody, and them to in-turn tick off their paying and endowment contributor parents....
  6. Yep, quite a few Angry Bird logons of late. But it doesn't take too much to determine their pattern, even when they try to hide it..... But my favorite is NoHuddleNoMercy. The Bear and the Hunter, the Bear and the Hunter --- Just Ain't Here For The Hunt Anymore
  7. But Ranney did lose to MSJ by 23-points!!!!!! And they may have lost other games and maybe lose more. Two 5-stars ----- give me a break!!!
  8. And your mistake was perhaps following the APP Ranking / Poll - their local Ashbury Park Press listing. Yes, you pointed out a good win of MSJ over Ranney but all wins are good. Again, MSJ was NOT an underdog to Ranney and in fact MSJ was much higher ranked than Ranney with all the ALL-WORLD NBA prospect players you think Ranney has. Give it up, MSJ beat who they should have beaten ---- and by 23.
  9. You top this, top that, national ranked speaking lovers just floor me. The Ranney team with the supposed two bad@zz all-worlds were beaten by 23-points by MSJ. Ranney is NOT a TOP national team as stated. Of all the basketball games going on all over the country, how do you know NBA scouts and college coaches were so interested and perched in the stands to see Ranney take on "UNREGARDED" MSJ??? Please stop the over-the-top cheap fluffy fluff homer banter!!! MSJ did not "represent" Baltimore with a so-called built-in house team. MSJ merely represented MSJ as a better team beating a not as good Ranney team. MSJ beating Ranney was NOT a GREAT unexpected underdog win homer... It was merely a win that was good like all wins.
  10. Honor a Commitment ---- Powerful phrase BMore..... simple and powerful.
  11. Stay on it G... You on to something. Follow the money bs lame reasons....
  12. Size matter in our world small 161 poster.....
  13. My basement is just fine and paid for. I no longer need a job. I'm set for life without a financial concern and it looks better each day I see the Dow, Nasdaq, and other market instruments.