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  1. But who have you all seen line against HgD in all the film work....
  2. Oh come on BullShyter, 8 Studs per Year!!! That's 32 Studs on the team at any given time. OH come on Bull, maybe you need 32 Studs to compete with SFA but not for the rest of the mediocre to bottom feeders of the even the MIAA-A. Get real Bull, the conference just ain't all that top to bottom....
  3. Yep, that's about the size of it.....
  4. I think no one here knows HdG better than Suppotnah so a vamp would be most interested in his take on what the Warriors can and can't do with the Gangstas Poets. Is one of the games you reviewed HdG at Edgewood or CM Wright at HdG or both? If so, you may feel pretty good about the Warriors' limitations. What do you think Sup now that the #55 car is back on the track?
  5. How you gonna come at a vamp like this with what you BBalls did to my my man 40B kenard. Damn, that beat down you put on my dawg week 3 was really uncalled for and you say a vamp is wild. Let's go to video tape of your street beating of 40blast, his City, Week 3:
  6. Yep, Mike Tyson said they always come in confident with a plan until they get hit....
  7. Isn't Anwar's peeps the DouglassPG QB? And none know The Wire better than The DayWalker. You should ask a vamp anything you want to know about The Wire.... just sayin'
  8. Why not, look how excited NoHuddleNoMercy is about it, 2nd-place, this season. It'll Work!!!
  9. Damn, orleans muggers......Omar Coming Yo!!!!
  10. Geeeeezzzzz Sho, did dem boyz only beat ABC and BMc in da WHACK.... PM, sho'nuff said
  11. Then you need to Come On and Walk With Me.....
  12. Hhmmmmm, I just got a text that the Gwynn Park - Harford Tech game has been rescheduled from Friday to Saturday night.
  13. Yes, and Edgewood had trouble containing MM's return game.
  14. Yeah scout BUT two officials standing below the crossbar didn't see it go over and signaled good but a guy a couple yards away signaled good as did the head official tell the two guys who were to make the call. Crazy, Yes!
  15. real deal??? NoHuddleNoMercy
  16. real deals??? No HuddleNoMercy
  17. That was it JMT and I'm telling you at the very moment the two black hats waved No Good, a guy in the grassy area just behind the goal and black hats signaled Good!
  18. I'm impartial somewhat also til my overpowering desire for a Box of Chocolates kicks in... Then its every person for him/herself cause a vamp wants what you're never know what you'll get.... This current SFA - Gilman game just ain't The DayWalker's style. A vamp so much more prefer like when SFA knocked off McDeesNuts circa 2014 and sent the insider into orbit rocket that even scientist JMT who estimates rocket locations and positions in orbit couldn't find McDeesNuts... Just sayin' if you can understand what I'm saying....
  19. A vamp was working on this 'til some contracted diarrhea of the mouth and lacked back bone density to cover....
  20. Geeezzzz, what a fair weather johnson you are!!! Class ISN'T how many points get dropped on one but rather how they react to adversity. Did Gilman start shouting at and blaming each other? They did try to intentional hurt players they otherwise couldn't beat in play? Did they refuse to congrats the winner? Are they beaching? If all is NO, then class is any issue not to be raised, johnson-head!
  21. Fair and Balanced!!!! From JMT?? It ain't like he a Neutral Observer or anything like that....
  22. BOD, what odds can I get from you Gilman will pull this one out for my $20...?????
  23. After Xmas we won't need JMT until next season. Let him get his own battery to report for us next year and for years to come.... Just sayin'