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  1. I tried to PM you Snake but your box is full. Now that's cold of you above to call all those linebackers Honor Minions ( Menions ) But one of them I've known since he was a very young kid on his way to play D1 ball and he still a minion to me.
  2. Do you know why?
  3. Cool, he goes right down the street a bit..... I know you like that guard. I have his last game for Annapolis in the state tournament against Old Mill.
  4. Beats the heck out of me what the special circumstance was / could have been besides the varsity coach perhaps wanting to get the JV QB I think he was some game varsity reps before the playoffs and JV folded for the season. Some folks went brain dead I imagine. However, I cannot recall the team Westminster played right now but I seem to recall that was the team who dropped the dime on Westminster or it would not have been an issue.
  5. But as Ms. Janet Jackson would ask: Not 2017 2 and 3 in league play.
  6. That's only what I heard happened regarding the ineligible Westminster player but Diesel seems to be the insider who would perhaps know more accurate details. He said the ineligible player hadn't played all season and I think that was because he was JV and moreover just being on the sideline and ruled ineligible just does not make sense to me. I think the kid played in JV and varsity games in the same week. What I don't get is how the JV and varsity coaching staffs NOT realize this and put their season in jeopardy over it. Crazy!!!!
  7. The "opportunity" to get into the playoffs for a shot at the championship is there for all teams called regular season play. You can't do more than ALL coach even if there were only one classification.
  8. Yeah yeah Diesel, I remember that Westminster forfeit matter but differently than you. What I really recall was the forfeit was caused by brain dead coaches / admin. The ineligible players was not just on the sideline as I do not believe that would cause an automatic forfeit; an ineligible player has to play to cause a forfeit. The ineligible player got in the game albeit for very few plays in a blowout win. I recall the forfeit happened because the player was brought up from the JV and he played in a JV game that same week. My daughter knows that's a no no so surely the Westminster coaches should have known this. But I understand the coach asked if it was okay for the JV player to play in the varsity game although he played in the JV game and the county said it was okay. The MPSSAA stated NO after the fact when the matter was brought to their addition perhaps by the team Westminster blew out. Westminster was 8 and 2 that season and didn't make the playoff cut in 4A as they needed to beat out some heavy hitters.
  9. But until 2017, DeMatha hasn't given any Md Public team a chance to give them any fits and my my my you all still have that Wise syndrome... I'm 100% positive Wise hasn't given DeMatha a single thought, let alone consider their fit chances. And I'm 110% sure Wise only care about their 4-peat chances. DeM just doesn't matter. Sorry CC but the Stag just do not matter to the Pumas as the Pumas mean to the Stags. But do the Zags, SJC, and GC 1st DeM....
  10. Josh needed to do more work on his toasty secondary.
  11. You were among the first to yak 'bout Biff going to SFA. You are always all over with what goes on at Wise to include telling us they have more reclass'd players and more transfers athletes than anyone, that policies were instituted to preclude what you related was Wise's unfair advantage, and you expressed privileged communications that Wise has been ducking DeMatha for 5-years. You are all over what everyone else is doing to include the public ranks but the second some dem-doodoo surface, you go all limp and Sgt Shultz on a curious vamp. That's Okay You'll Pass you say!!!!! Come on Chevy Chase, you ain't going out on this low level matter so lame so fast are you.... SAD!!!! By the way, smuck BigDroop. You know a vamp don't give a damn about the DCMorgue Board cut 'n paste DeM-whimp.... Anyway, what's the deal with Deno? Is it Fake News or not?
  12. You be a chick right now and tell us the deal with Coach Deno and not just to the person who asked about the situation you publicly posted you would address with us all. Speak up on this matter like you would the second Wise is mentioned on any matter. WTF is going on at DeM with Coach Deno? And while you are at it, what's up with BigDroop? After that you can Shut The Front door... Now talk DC -- Do Your Job!!!
  13. Sniper Sniper Sniper, where for art thou Chevy Chase????? You are in here at the drop of the hat on nearly every other matter but you seem to be doing a David Copperfield McDeesNuts-EaglesInsider disappearance act on this Deno matter. Get in here and at least proclaim "Fake News"!!! What, do I need to say WISE, Linganore, Damascus, or Dunbar for a Pavlov conditioned reflect from you to get you in here.... Come on CC, 4-1-1 a blood thirsty vamp.
  14. Then please explain how another classification will benefit you Coach only to be in it with other teams you can't get by playoff round 1. You need a bigger boat to confront Jaws!!! No region is easy and why only one come out of every region. Like Snake pointed out and I was at the 2014 Liberty at South Carroll playoff game, Liberty was well handled by South Carroll in the playoffs and South Carroll the next week had a big running clock dropped on them by the same score Liberty was beaten by South Carroll earlier in the regular season.... Liberty was just too light in the pants to contend for states even with a desired one or two lose regular season.
  15. Again coach, you can and have lost a game or two during the season and made the playoffs. You need better results once you get in the playoffs where you then can no longer lose a game where the schedule has been an upgrade for Liberty in 2A with Damascus and Walkersville in your region / classification lane. Damn that's tough Coach!!!.
  16. WoW does time fly and I get around!! I was at that Liberty versus South Carroll playoff game in 2014!!!! I wanted to specifically see a South Carroll RB Chris Gavin who put on a show that night....
  17. DeM-KnowItAll Insider Sniper was going to be the 1st to let us know. But perhaps Chevy Chase was too involved in Wise issues to 4-1-1 us on this matter.... Then again this could be the WHACK to MIAA transfers he mention. But Fake News would be laughable.
  18. Yet National Christian allowed the McD incoming QB to do it... But maybe NC felt the summer workout provided them a chance to secure the player.
  19. Making the playoff shouldn't be easy but earned Coach. Again, W-L record is not the get in determining factor but it's POINTS. Liberty doesn't need to go 8 and 2. You made it in the playoffs because you accumulated enough points. A 7 and 3 team could have beat you out for the 4th spot had they accumulated more points; that is, beat a stronger team in one of those teams they won who beat others. I really do not care do to entertain for MD what they do in NJ, Texas, Florida, or any other state that may or may not work for them. I'm not sure how many 4-seeds have won states but I'm fairly positive most 4-seeds bowed out within the 1st two rounds last season. Finally, Liberty's issue hasn't really been getting into the playoffs but rather going down in the 1st round to me.
  20. It's not merely it sucks that 8 and 2 teams don't get in the playoff ---- schedule more competitive games; get more points. A 7 and 3 with more points will beat out an 8 and 2 team with less points. Didn't an 8 and 2 Westminter team in 2011 not make the playoffs because they booked too many lower class loser teams....
  21. His situation was really weird to me because I saw that guy working out during the summer passing leagues with National Christian yet he was not going to attend the school. Those were valuable passing reps not afforded the QBs who were there to play for NC.... I just do not understand that!!
  22. Was he WHACK football?
  23. ....just a 4-year endeavor and high school students looking for new scenary!!!! So the MIAA or just one MIAA-A school supposedly benefited from the WHACK transfers...?
  24. A proposal that seems to always be on the table to include forcing certain region games, expanding playoffs, and every other scheme to fix something that just ain't broke. But tell me, what's the 5 classifications suppose to do with a state base of only 200 schools?
  25. From an outsider and just reading named names and schools, the ugly side doesn't seem to be private schools across the board but rather The Top This - Top That Lot and wannabes...