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  1. I understand Dmv. I truly do. But I would expect a highly selective $30,000 per year tuition high school to send ALL its kids on to colleges, even the better colleges. It's the wet that comes with the water I always say. I mean come on fellow, tuition, room and board, and other fees at the University of MD probably isn't what it cost to attend The G, geeezzzzz. The fellow from Gilman who joined the Terps football team this year as likely a walk-on is perhaps cool with the Gilman to UMD discount he is now paying to play.... What's the tuition for McDonogh? Loyola? Calvert Hall? Mount Saint Joe? I would be TICKED to spend $120,000 for a high school education and upon graduation have my youngster ask customers if they want to super-sized their fries. To those that are provided so much, so much is expected....
  2. You fired. Pack your shyte and got the heck out of this private-public head-to-head match-up count. We under new management. We ain't getting into your end of season if A beat B but by a close score then C minus F = 2 mumbo jumbo. We want to see the count private-public now. What, you don't like the facts.....
  3. Perhaps you should find time to better settle your thoughts cause right now you are being laid across the log.... Have you ever heard of the Hunter and Bear story that upset GA so much he has refused to chat with a vamp since..... I mean I can say anything to GA and he will just rely on DC Sniper to reply to me for him.... Go figure while you ponder the different ways to say MYTHICAL.
  4. Puck her face saving concept DC. Just shut up cause we gonna put Snake on the job to give us the tot..... You're Fired!!!
  5. But this wasn't the deal TSlick. We were on a straight head-to-head win/loss tally. That A beat B but C crap at the end of the season is the BS filibuster Sniper pulled from his inflamed hemorrhoid in a futile attempt to save face. That Dawg Ain't Gonna Hunt 'Round Here.
  6. Okay cool, one legacy compared to 11 in 2016 who went to Stanford, Michigan, Villanova, Monmouth, Navy, Georgetown, Penn State, Cornell, and UTEP via scholarship and not walk-ons or other means. I understand. It's What Gilman Is All About. Kinda like Just Build Differently, right?
  7. Do you turd, do you!!!!! Need anymore dead drop email addresses coaches don't go in to where there are hundreds and thousands of unopened messages that could tie them up for years reading? You know, the dead drop accounts where the sender doesn't get a reject notice to think the coach got all the unwanted garbage sent. Holla if you do turd... You one funny fellow.
  8. Then the turd is fried with no presentable game film highlights. Dad will only annoy coaches with tweets and other means of unwanted repetitive contact and pimpin' if it's anything like he does here. Dad is brain dead in the exposure / recruitment area. Don't make contact with OCs or head coaches. Go through the area recruiter. How 'bout first collate an impactful highlights, annotate the student's GPA, SAT/ACT scores, and other profile information, and have the Towson coaches send out Hudl Recruitment Packages. And be sure to include a full game or two videos. Again, your Towson coaches can so easily do that. Turdle, you want Marcus Berry's contact so MD can be the first to flush your lil turd? Damn, it was Rob A who said we would nail turdle against a spiked backboard.....
  9. You really know The DayWalker's opinion, how so? Is it something I may have said? But it's cool you enjoy what you enjoy watching national powers play at your so-called high level. But quite frankly to me, they are just about like all others, nothing super extra special. It can be the NFL and the play relatively speaking is the same. Did you see the Dallas - Denver game Sunday night? Prescott and Elliott sucked in that 42-17 game. One team played great and the other didn't. Professional players were beat just like high schoolers. Some professional players missed tackles just like high schoolers. Some professionals caught and dropped passess like high schoolers, and it's the highest level of football. Your HIGH LEVEL of play just ain't no real difference Bully. If high level of football play is what you enjoy, you wouldn't be satisfied with high school or even college ball. You would stay with professional where the highest level of the sport is played. Dude, I'm a PUBLIC supporter, not just PG. And public schools are ranked, all schools are ranked but that just doesn't mean squat to The DayWalker. The highest ranked public team who does not win states is a complete failure. Yet you praise highly ranked teams who come in 2nd and 3rd in a freakin' 7 WHACK WCAC team league. I only care for Winners, to place and show is not acceptable to a vamp. How many time must I tell you our goals are just so different!!! I have no to VERY little interest in polls (opinions). I want it all settled on the field; Why They Play The Game. I'm not interested in what's "...never perfect but pretty darn close...". I want it strapped, locked, and loaded and not even JMT's opinion matter and I respect JMT greatly; just above GA, g-Spot, aaCounty, and now Turds of Towson but below 40B who led me astray about the demise of Dunbar a month ago. Come December when the publics are in the finals and your privates have been done for a month beaching the publics, rankings just will not mean a thing. Eight will enter and four will leave. The Public Thunderdome!!! Just the way The DayWalker likes it.... But do enjoy your MYTHICAL Bull Bully.
  10. So are saying Booker predates Poggi who was at Gilman for 7 or 8 years? Okay, but what about the 2017 Gilman football signings? Again, who went where like what Gilman Is All About?
  11. So then Booker should be credited to Poggi, correct? And again, who are the players from last year who are at Villanova and Maryland football now? I simply do not know and only heard of one Gilman player at sign date earlier this calendar year signing DII with Saint Anslem. Yes I do know others sign after the big day and I'm just wondering who from The G to marrying it up with 2016 Gilman signings. You know, WHAT GILMAN IS ALL ABOUT GA says....and perhaps not Poggi. And damn, The Break Up sounds so morbid.... Lets call it an amicable divorce, OKAY?
  12. Just who gives a nat's nuts about what takes place outside of MD!!!!! I can rattle off the four MD public schools champions; the MIAA-A, WCAC, and IAC champions. Can you tell me off the top of your head the top 7 opinion poll teams of last year. Hell, do all the opinion polls agree on the top 7. Dude, there is really no such thing as a national champion but an opinion ranking. Champions beat the runner-up for the title of champion. These MNCs are just that, MYTHICAL. Words synonymous with MYTHICAL are FICTIOUS, IMAGINARY, MAKE-BELIEVE, FANTASY, INVENTED, MADE-UP, NONEXISTENT, PRETEND. Need I say more Bully? How 'bout BULLSHYTE!!! What about a freakin' JOKE.... What's really a dime or less a dozen are those who are not state champions or the #2 and all below opinion poll teams.
  13. FFT, it's the lay who say someone should have passed when runs are stuffed or one should have run when passes are picked off or broken up. Palotti's first two runs in the series we are talking about were okay calls. I saw a hold wide enough between the center and left guard to march soldiers through on 1st down. But on the first play, the nose guard crossed the center's face to fill the gap and the RB who I thought was suppose to take that hole cut back to the right side of the center and ran head-on into lots of SMR traffic. Nearly the same happened on 2nd down and the RB simply didn't trust the blocking and cut back into traffic when he should have taken the play called hole and opened it more if needed, smash mouth football. SMR filled well on the next two plays, they stuffed Palotti, no doubt. I have yet to see the ABC game. I haven't secured the video yet.
  14. And would Booker be one of Poggi's holdovers? But still, this is a far cry from 2016 with 11 or so commits. But again, just who were those over guys who went to Villanova and Maryland? Were they after signing day pickups?
  15. IF the truth is to be told FFT, Palotti shot itself in the foot against SMR early on. Palotti returned the opening kickoff to about mid-field or more to have a penalty called to start play deep in their own territory. Then Palotti broke the first play from scrimmage for a TD run that was called back. I believe it was that first drive or very soon into the game Palotti broke another run down the SMR sideline to within SMR's 5-yard line and Palotti got stuffed in four plays for the turnover on downs while SMR maybe went 95-yards to score. Palotti's D was quite porous to in that SMR game. And my notes say Palloti attempted more than 6 passes you say but the QB was sacked in at least three pass attempts and he took off running in some because he saw no one open. I do recall the nice long TD pass Palotti had down their sideline. Roosevelt in my opinion beat Palotti on purely being better prepared. I could see that in not Roosevelt just played better but I can see when kids know what's coming and the Roosevelt kids look well versed in what Palotti was doing. Palotti was well scouted to even an untrained eye.
  16. And in the end, someone will get to raise a big colorful red, white, and blue MNC banner in a gym for folks to applaud and ask, WTF is MNC?
  17. For a private educated elite, you sure IS stupid!! What does QO beating or even playing Wise has ANYTHING to do with the private-public match-up count!!!! Damn dude, what more is there to tell between Wise-CHC and Bullis-QO other than who win??? Look at all the games played between MD publics and privates, use your hands and toes if necessary and freakin' count. Your wait 'til the end of the season filibuster dawg won't hunt. You be too then after the privates are done and publics are about to really get it on with you so busy whining 'bout which public champions won't play you and your desires to get into the PUBLIC SECONDARY SCHOOL CHAMPIONSHIPS. Or is the latter McDeesNuts thing? Whatever!!! Oh Nevermind - Nevermind, we don't need your bean count. There is one here with far Far FAR more intellect and reason than you can ever have who know how to compile FACTS. Snake, what is the CURRENT private-public head-to-head 2017 GAME match-up count with no playoff worthy banter or scrimmages or passing league results or any other sidebar matters? MPSSAA sanctioned games played to date, what's the count? And do you know how many MD public-private match-ups are pending?
  18. Yep, you may be right about talent and not record. And I guess 2016 signing of Stephen Spanellis to Michigan, Korey Stevens to Villanova, Shamar Shanks to Monmouth, Wes Mehl to Navy, Dorian Maddox to Stanford, Stewart Keehner to Georgetown, Ellison Jordan to Penn State, Devery Hamilton to Stanford, John Fitzgerald to Cornell, and Antonio Dupree to UTEP it that big difference between Poggi's mercenaries and what hapened after his departure and now.
  19. No no no Sniper, simply total the private versus public match-ups played between MD teams and post the results. Do not include MD public wins or losses to OOS private teams. Do not include MD private wins or losses to OOS public teams. Come on DC, lets KISS (keep is simple stupid) and 4-1-1 the lot here. This was all your show 'n tell and not you to haul tail when things started going south for you. Now don't show your tail. Man up and do the right thing regardless. That is, if there is still any man left in that lame impotent DeMwit caucus of yours. What's The Count DC?
  20. You have to care; it's goes To Your Count. Stop Lyin' The DayWalker doesn't wear underwear. I'm a freakin' commando so I go as commandos go and do what commando do. You need to stop doing what liars do.
  21. Not last year... Can you tell me who was sent where last season, earlier this year? I suspect there was a VERY BIG DIFFERENCE from say 2016 when The G sent 10 of 11 I believe D1.