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  1. This don't speak ill of the dead crop is for the birds, call a spade a spade he was a racist pig. How many lives have been ruined because he voted one way or another, he was one of the most powerful men on earth and he thought he was a god. I have my faults and when I die I will not give a rats butt who says I did and what I did. If he really is dead thank goodness, I will not say thank god because there is no god.
  2. There is justice in this world after all. ROFLMAO
  3. There are no right wing beer snobs, right wingers do what they are told, drink the canned water they are told to drink. Try a 16 Mile Inlet IPA, or an EVO #3, or even better the #6, then there are all those Dog Fish brews too. The Eastern Shore/LSD, truly the land of pleasant living-burp
  4. It does the US no good. No you have no clue The Keystone pipeline was to transport the worst of the worst oil. It takes,shooting from the hip, 0.5 bbls of oil to product 1 bbl of oil. They have to burn so much oil to get this stuff hot enough to seperate it from the sands. This stuff cost so much to produce only $100 bbl oil can support the reason to produce it. With low oil prices the tar sand projects are on a slow bell. Only producing because it would cost major bucks to mothball the operation. Any of you notice that the country north of us has had a major change in government. A government of "We the companies" just got tossed out on thier bunns. Realistically the pipeline was going to be built so they could export the oil. The law say Merican oil can't be exported, this crap wasn't Merican oil. The refineries down in the Gulf don't want the stuff. As it is they run at max capacity, they export huge quanlities of gasoline, not Merican oil but oil from all over, import it, refine it and export it. You want to know why Merican oil companies want the Iran sanctions lifted, to sell them gasoline. Imagine that, they ship it to us, we refine it and sell it back to them. Do you think there is money in this business. I see all sorts of new "Righty" names here but can also see its just the same bunch as before.
  5. Arkansas, Christian, republican, this is a scary mix. Kind of like the fire triangle. Oh Lordy, if there was a lord that is. Story is a little dated but this group loves to rehash old dirt. A series of stories by the Arkansas Times revealed that Harris — a day-care owner, a vociferous defender of his Christian faith and a prominent figure in the state’s Republican Party — put two young girls he adopted in the care of a man who later sexually abused one of them. the family hired “specialists” to perform an exorcism. It is known as “rehoming,” a name that describes a practice more common in pet adoption.
  6. Built in 75 at Sun in Philly as the Puerto Rico. Ran for PRMMI for a long time then Alaska trade as the Northern Lights and then back to PR run as the El Faro. I sailed on a couple of her step sisters for a long time. The way the ventilation was on those ships if you took a wave on the side of the hull water went right down into the holds. Looking at the course line she was taking would of put her riding the trouphs. Once water starts sloshing around on the tank tops all that free surface make life very difficult. 25 years is very old for a ship that has run the Alaska trade, all that bending and twisting stresses the steel. Not saying she broke up, sounds like its clear she lost the plant and broached to and rolled over very quickly. Poor judgement on the part of the Captain and on the company to go that route. Got to keep that schedule!
  7. This one ran from Blount Island to San Juan weekly, she did boxes on deck and trailers below, she could take the 53 footers below decks , but with the triple stack of boxes on deck made her GM touchy. I remember one of their regular contractors having to go over a do some "no sail" repairs back a few years ago.
  8. More than likely from the Steward dept, had the survival suit on for hours, had the zipper all the way up and drown when the suit filled with water. Someone familiar with wearing one of these in the water would not of drown. Ship rolling over is a heck of a time to remember what they told you during all those drills, always got out of having to actually put it on, got to go get lunch ready or "you want burned steaks"
  9. The Captain was taking his chances by sailing into the hurricane. As long as he had engine power this would not of been a big issue. She sailed into many hurricanes/cyclones/typhones over the 40 years in it life. Built in Sun Ship in Philly as hull 670, she was in the West Coast to Alaska trade for a bunch of years, that is some of the roughest weather in the world. But she was 40 years old, any ship that old had lots and lots of issues. Many of which may of been overlooked due to her trade route, JAX to PR is about as smooth a route as you can get. Except in a hurricane and even then its "keep the wheel turning" and you will be fine. All ships are women in case you didn't know.
  10. Ships are made of steel, DA. This class of ship particularly could take on water very quickly, she lost power, broached to and rolled over. Think of the movie Posiden Adventure with the bottom of the hull pointed up. With no rafts floating free, no life rings flaoting free she rolled 180 with all of that trapped in the cradles. You have to of worked on something very similair to this class or this class to understand about water coming on quickly and rolling. This ship was a RORO, which didn't have watertight compartments in the sense of sealed containers, think of open top contaniers, once the ship gets far enough over the water pours in freely and she goes over.
  11. This was the 0500 advisory for the time she stopped transmitting. He took her directly into the heart of it all. We had all been watching the projected track for days and no one in thier right mind would of sailed a ship into that. BULLETINHURRICANE JOAQUIN ADVISORY NUMBER 14NWS NATIONAL HURRICANE CENTER MIAMI FL AL112015500 AM EDT THU OCT 01 2015...MAJOR HURRICANE JOAQUIN WILL BATTER THE CENTRAL BAHAMAS WITHHURRICANE FORCE WINDS...STORM SURGE...AND HEAVY RAIN THROUGHTONIGHT...SUMMARY OF 500 AM EDT...0900 UTC...INFORMATION----------------------------------------------LOCATION...23.4N 73.7WABOUT 20 MI...35 KM N OF SAMANA CAYS BAHAMASABOUT 65 MI...105 KM SE OF SAN SALVADOR BAHAMASMAXIMUM SUSTAINED WINDS...120 MPH...195 KM/HPRESENT MOVEMENT...WSW OR 240 DEGREES AT 5 MPH...7 KM/HMINIMUM CENTRAL PRESSURE...948 MB...27.99 INCHES
  12. No one will ever admit they pressured the Old Man to sail the boat. Just that friendly squeeze they give them about their future with the company. She was an old POS that should of been retired long ago.
  13. Lost the plant and rolled over. This ship had many issues with Class and Uncle Sam's Confused Group over the years.
  14. And at the whore houses in the Philippines there are the transgenders that have schlongs and boobs. So there.