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  1. "although they've done it in a lot more professional and diplomatic way." And how did that work out?
  2. It's more about people not wanting to pay their booze bill at the end of a dinner party And the thought of having to change petrifies people.
  3. Close allies don't stick it to each other. Germany needs to pay up.
  4. This whole thing with NATO is getting absolutely surreal.
  5. Like they can no longer expect the US taxpayers to foot their bill for NATO protection? Or that maybe Merkel will have to help pay for the maintenance on the UN building? Here's an idea, maybe Merkel would like to move the UN headquarters to Europe since that is where the real threat from Russia and terrorists is closest to?
  6. When hell freezes over. You should apologizes to all Puerto Ricans living on the island for your insensitive and ignorant remark.
  7. You and I both know when a white person makes the claim about poor black folks as you did about poor Puerto Rican folks they'd be labeled racist. So why do you believe your statement was not racially motivated?
  8. Americans? Is that what those in "the New World" were called before Columbus discovered the New World?
  9. Why does Rahm hate unions?
  10. Fair enough. What most PRs want is a continued relation with the US which includes keeping their US citizenship.
  11. Racist a-hole. Why not prove to us all that you really know what's going on here in Puerto Rico?
  12. Lopez-Rivera was fighting for Independence for Puerto Rico. What's really interesting about all of this is only about 3% of the voting population here in PR are for Independence. If "Los Macheteros" had won the fight for independence many Puerto Ricans living in the US who support the parade would not have US Citizenship and would not be living in the US. Keep an eye on the Status Referendum coming in June and see what most Puerto Ricans living on the island want for their island. Independence will barely register on the voting scale.
  13. Comey, during a rare public statement by the FBI, made it clear Clinton was guilty of reckless behavior in handling classified information. That condemnation by an FBI Director just months before the election may have possibly handed Clinton a much worse punishment of not getting elected than if she were found guilty under the Espionage Act of 1917.
  14. Why Syria? Isn't that where the headquarters is located for the biggest terrorist threat to Europe is located? You know, ISIL?
  15. Yes, because you prefer leaders who lead from behind.