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  1. They all seem to be the budget for the Department of Education.
  2. Former-Director Comey made it quite clear Clinton grossly mishandled classified information. And the voters heard him loud and clear. And that is all I'm going to say about this.
  3. What, by MSM? Maybe that's the reason they aren't covering it?
  4. Like you were interested in the truth regarding Clinton's private server. I gotta throw down the BS flag on this one.
  5. A former congresswoman and chairperson of the DNC gives Pakistani spy family access to her iPad and the DNC server is big enough news to certainly get coverage. Yet not a peep from the MSM.
  6. You said the EC did not work since it elected Trump. I say the founding fathers would be happy war mongering Hillary Clinton was not elected thanks to the EC.
  7. It's something Democrats want to bury. The DNC claimed the Russians hacked their server. But would not offer the actual server up to the FBI for investigation. New information has come that the DNC server info was leaked by an insider, not hacked as the DNC claimed. Why would Democrats not find this interesting?
  8. I'm guessing you are all for raising the sales tax though?
  9. It's one of the reasons why the EC worked having elected the better candidate for America's interest in the ME. Clinton would have escalated the CIA's weapons program for the Syrian rebels. Let's see you deny Clinton would have sold more weapons to the rebels if she had been elected.
  10. While Trump has stopped the CIA's program of providing weapons to Syrian rebels, a president Clinton would be increasing the amount of arms to the rebels. I can't wait to see you dispute this.
  11. The checks and balances created by the founding fathers is working fine. How many promises Trump made during his campaign have gone into effect since he became president?