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  1. Obama supporters never understood it the Federal Reserve monetary policies that helped bring back the economy after several previous administrations failed to see the growing housing market bubble that eventually exploded during Bush Jr's administration.
  2. Interesting times we live in. HAVANA – Cuba's National Assembly will elect a new president on Wednesday and announce the replacement for Raul Castro the next day, an unusual two-day process that will install someone from outside the Castro family in the country's highest government office for the first time in nearly six decades. The new president will take over for the 86-year-old Castro, who is stepping down after two five-year terms. His brother Fidel was prime minister and president from 1959 until he fell ill in 2006. Although Osvaldo Dorticos was president of Cuba during Fidel Castro's time as prime minister, he was considered a figurehead next to the man who led Cuba's revolution, forged its single-party socialist system and ruled by fiat.
  3. What part of your own article do you not understand? "May" does not constitute actual proof. A Syrian rebel group that is laying siege to a Kurdish district in Aleppo may have used chemical weapons, as well as "hell cannon" rockets made from gas canisters, according to a rights group. And; The rebels may have used chemical weapons to target civilian homes, markets and mosques, killing and injuring civilians, Amnesty said on Friday.
  4. Absolutely fascinating. Pompeo became the most senior U.S. official known to have met Kim when he visited Pyongyang to discuss a planned summit with U.S. President Donald Trump. “Mike Pompeo met with Kim Jong Un in North Korea last week. Meeting went very smoothly and a good relationship was formed. Details of Summit are being worked out now. Denuclearization will be a great thing for World, but also for North Korea!” Trump said on Twitter. Pompeo’s visit and the Tweet provide the strongest sign yet about Trump’s willingness to become the first serving U.S. president ever to meet a North Korean leader, amid a protracted standoff over the North’s nuclear and missile programs it pursues in defiance of U.N. Security Council resolutions.
  5. Did the Rebel group give their confession to the YPG who then gave it to Kurdistan24?
  6. Jim Jones complex? Who knows. Maybe some good news is some of the children haven't bee found yet which means they could still possibly be alive. We can only hope.
  7. NASA's "vomit comet" uses a similar technique to train astronauts. The aircraft dives quickly and everyone not seated in starts floating.
  8. It's the name of a group, not an individual. That's not a trustworthy confession.
  9. Advanced UN Security team possibly hears gun fire and decides to cut and run. Usually the job of a security team is to secure an area. Or is the UN's security team just used as bait? The U.N. security team entered Douma to assess the situation ahead of the planned visit by inspectors from the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), said the sources, who had been briefed on the team’s deployment. One source told Reuters the advance team had “encountered a security issue” during the visit to Douma, including gunfire which led to the delay. The source could not provide additional details. Another said the advance team had left after being met by protesters who demanded aid and hearing gunfire.
  10. "In particular, operators should be aware of the potential for premature wear within the compressor variable stator vane bushings and shroud to develop to levels where it may precipitate the failure of the engine while in service, and within a time-frame that is less than the minimum threshold for the initial inspection for the problem." The ATSB says the engine manufacturer has responded by issuing a number of service bulletins to operators highlighting the need for on-wing borescope inspection to look for inner shroud and j-hook wear.
  11. Again, did they record the groups statement? Is the YPG a neutral organization just looking for the truth?
  12. Where is the name of "One of the field commanders in Aleppo?" Who was the person giving the official statement? Lots of critical information missing. Anyone could have written this.