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  1. Is that a fact? So why is Schiffer(D) upset with the Obama administration for not doing more when Obama was informed the Russians were meddling in our elections back in 2014?
  2. What new gun law would prevent illegal sales of guns? A shotgun would have been more effective. And it's louder and far more scarier than the AR-15. So why just make the AR-15 harder to buy?
  3. When was diplomacy ever used in Syria?
  4. "Extremely careless" was Comey's words in describing Clinton's handling of classified information.
  5. Back at you.
  6. Clinton received the greatest punishment possible for her carelessness, she was denied the WH.
  7. Your buddy Schiffer is calling out the Obama administration for not acting in 2014 when they knew the Russians were meddling.
  8. Tee Hee!
  9. What do you mean by a stronger background check Sprightly?
  10. And what new gun law would prevent this from happening?
  11. Maybe the budget airline could have installed a seatbelt on a toilet and locked him in a bathroom?
  12. Really, call out? Why not get the FBI involved in investigating Russian interference? It's been known since 2014 they were interfering with our democracy using social media.
  13. If Porter has been handling classified information without authorization then he should be punished for it if he knew better. His supervisor should also be punished as well. Clinton was the head of the state department and should have been held to a higher countability for her "extremely careless" handling of classified information. Comey's words, not mine.
  14. See YA!