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  1. Those are solid oak barrels.
  2. Reuters is reporting no drugs or alcohol in Bourdain's body.
  3. Thanks Founding Fathers "The children of immigrants have long been shown to be more driven, motivated and have exceptional outcomes," Tran said. "They are in a good position to maintain those gains as they enter middle age in the next decade." Hispanics are also building wealth across the generations.
  4. And thanks to the Founding Fathers the Constitution can be amended as needed.
  5. Nah, two faced politicians and their brained dead followers are killing this country.
  6. Yeah right! Any one who actually watched the video knows how silly your reply sounds.
  7. Yet it's their document that has protected and encouraged diversity in the US. It's the same document being used to protect the rights of immigrants coming to this country even if they do enter illegally.
  8. Except for a few minor bumps in the road our Founding Fathers' vision of a free and diverse nation is still on a path to success.
  9. We have Bill Clinton stating exactly what Trump is saying now. And I posted it directly under Bill Clinton's video. So again, politics is killing this country.
  10. Interesting to see the lefties fighting to help keep putting money in the Koch brother's wallets.
  11. You should have commented on Bill's response to "illegal aliens" coming to the US before changing the subject.
  12. Or maybe the heart wants what the heart wants.
  13. Except for the Christians in the OP's article. Seems the liberals posting here are pretty judgmental.