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  1. Thanks for all the thoughtful "stay safe" everyone. The house is secured and we are heading out. Cat won't be to happy, she'll have to stay in a cage until who knows when. But she'll be safe. I'm signing out now. See ya!
  2. Some Gen Xers, most millennials and the new younger group. Gen Z I believe.
  3. I predict a more progressive candidate like Sanders will get the nomination. If Clinton does run she will most likely try to position herself as a more to the left candidate but because she is such a has been if she ever was I don't see her being popular with the younger voters who will most likely come out in droves in 2020 thanks to Trump.
  4. Not a problem, thanks. Irma went north of our location so we hardly received anything, wind or rain. Maria may be a different situation if she continues on the path played out by the 11AM update. I'm hoping Maria will continue her northward movement so we won't get the eye. But we are ready and the house is certainly wind proof. It's the flooding I'm concerned with since we are near the beach. Thanks for your concern Fever.
  5. It seems the term "climate change" infers it is being caused by mankind. This makes for a very confusing discussion.
  6. And there was no invention in the box either.
  7. Incredible! The guy just totally ignored the Apocalypse and the second coming of Christ!
  8. Still hoping for a change of direction. Thank you mrsmlh.
  9. Of course that is what we are hoping for but we are preparing for the worst. Thanks mrsmlh.
  10. Aside from what's causing the climate change do you believe we are experiencing changes in the earth's climate?
  11. Oceans are certainly warming up giving energy quicker to storms further away from the Caribbean Islands.
  12. No kidding right! Thanks song.
  13. Thanks Baltimatt.
  14. No one I know of has gotten a degree in basket weaving either mrsmlh. Good night.
  15. There's a reason why companies are hiring foreigners to fill skilled positions. At least with the 1st job you don't need a college degree.