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  1. I completely agree with what you’re saying here. And I was/ am definitely hoping they step up and pay Manny long term for the reasons you mentioned. I also hope they do b/c Manny is a superstar you can build a potential WS contending team around for the foreseeable future. There are times when an organization needs to step up and lock down a potential future hall of famer who came up through your system. This is one of them IMO
  2. I was saying I agree that I could see the Front Office butchering the trade by getting the wrong prospects/ players in return for Manny or failing to develop them. I just have no confidence in the organization from top to bottom at this point.
  3. No question, I agree. I could see that happening too. That is, trading Manny for the wrong prospects
  4. Thanks for the update. Sounds pretty accurate. What a terribly run organization. They’ll be a huge backlash if Manny is trade. Angelos must think O’s fans are complete idiots
  5. Thought about that as well. Just not sure the Orioles front office is smart/ tactical enough to pull something like that off effectively
  6. I’m getting pretty frustrated with the state of things. I have zero confidence that even if they trade Manny that they’ll get players that will one day make significant contributions either b/c they choose the wrong players/ prospects or fail to develop them. Manny is about to hit his prime, sells tickets and is a once in a generation player. The Orioles should be able to make it work for him in Baltimore.
  7. Haha yeah I was gonna check there but was on the go
  8. Certainly makes sense thanks
  9. Is Gurley an O’s fan? If so, why lol
  10. That’s a complete joke
  11. Seeing all kind of news/ rumors out there as well. Will be a complete organizational failure if the Orioles lose Machado. Players like Manny only come around once in a generation, if that and he’s about to hit his prime. I won’t argue with the fact that it’s best to trade him rather than lose him to free agency and get nothing in return. But that’s not the bigger issue. They never should’ve gotten to this point with Manny. Did they even try to work out a long term extension with him? Probably not, meanwhile they signed a bunch of bloated idiotic contracts and are now in a position where they either can’t afford Machado or can’t justify signing him to a super star deal. Lack of strategy, lack of foresight, lack of pretty much anything beneficial to keeping a superstar player about to hit his prime in your system. This organization is a complete mess. If they lose Manny whether it’s through a trade or free agency I may be done with this team until Angelos, Duquette and Buck are all gone.
  12. There’s also talk out here that SF Giants are maybe interested in trying to trade for Manny. Not sure there’s much truth to this though. Probably just the media and fans trying to stir up some action, they’re pretty desperate especially after missing out on Stanton. Maybe the O’s can try to unload Trumbo on them. They really are desperate for any type of power
  13. I wonder if Boston ruined their chances in the Manny sweepstakes by continually throwing at him, including his head. Was pretty blatant. I doubt Manny will forget about that, but then again money talks
  14. I think my criticism was more directed at the coaches I just added Flacco b/c he is to blame sometimes for some boneheaded plays. I do believe if he had some better receivers he’d be having a much better year.
  15. Indeed. Great or even good coaches (this includes Offensive/ Defensive Coordinators) and QB’s do not lose games like this