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  1. It’s a shame. And agree, unwatchable really. I probably bashed them a bit too hard yesterday but it’s just so frustrating
  2. I suggested this in another thread a week or two ago (but for the entire team). In all seriousness I completely agree. Maybe the team eye doctor is missing something or is out of practice. Could be something more obvious like this that people think is just routine
  3. It did. But that also required some luck of guys having career HR years at the same time (Mgmt does probably deserve some credit for that) But of course against good pitching in the playoffs that model gets you nowhere
  4. It’s so sad
  5. Alvarez! Lucked into one
  6. Davis again! Hahahahahaha I’ve lost so much respect for Buck. This has to be his last season. Or ideally half season
  7. Ballgame. Well that was fun. Might be the last game I watch all season. This team is garbage
  8. He’s literally unwatchable. What are they gonna do with him for next five years??
  9. Alvarez is having an ideal season for a Showalter and Co. assembled team: 7HR, .193 batting average
  10. Chris Davis = worst ‘hitter’ in MLB
  11. Only watching b/c I stumbled upon the game on ESPN and have a couple hours to kill. What a joke these guys are. Three K’s in top of second. Pathetic
  12. Great call on the remainder of the season thread Chris Davis is awful. I really can’t watch these games in large part because of him. You watch the Red Sox hitters and how patient they are and how much contact they make. Then Davis comes up to lead off next inning and strikes out in the blink of an eye. He’s AWFUL
  13. What a bunch of losers
  14. Indeed. Same problem they’ve had for last five or so years. Pad their stats with a couple breakout games... Then go back to sleep for a couple weeks
  15. Being overly sarcastic. Same as saying some think Buck Showlater is a genius