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  1. Yes all too true, I was just looking for another opportunity to bash the Orioles Success in post season Baseball in particular is many times the result of being hot at the right time and/or having the momentum. Just look at the SF Giants three World Series Championships in six years. In baseball more so than other sports anything can happen over a five or seven game series, a team who had success in a particular area can suddenly struggle in that area or vice versa in a short series
  2. Still amazing to me the Orioles couldn't make a success out of Arrieta. Absolutely pathetic. The guy is a thoroughbred. It's also interesting from a batting standpoint to see all the different guys contributing in the playoffs. Rookies, young guys, veterans etc. The Oriole "thumpers" have done next to nothing in their playoff appearances.
  3. The veteran Sabathia with a gem. Shame any veteran starter the Orioles have or pick up is complete garbage and only gets worse the longer they're with the org
  4. Yup. Seems pretty stupid to essentially "gamble" on a first round pick.
  5. Interesting. Well hopefully they somehow figure out a way to make him successful. Hasn't worked yet though I agree
  6. What a horrible horrible first round pick. How do you pick a guy in the first round of the draft who is known for having bad hands. Idiotic. Having good/ bad hands is simply not something you can teach/ fix. How does the GM of an NFL team not know this??
  7. Laughable. The Astros as a team are light years better than the Orioles
  8. I wonder if Oriole hitters and Buck and Duquette watch how the Astros hitters approach at bats and say "They're doing it wrong!"
  9. This Ravens should definitely win this game on Sunday vs Chicago. But they could just as easily come out flat with an unclear strategy and blow what should be a definite win at home. Like others have said you just don't know what you'll get with this team which is quite frustrating. Hopefully they can figure out how to play well (and coach well) consistently. Could be a nice season if they do figure it out and also get some guys back healthy again
  10. Thanks for sending. I'm not so sure about that photo though so I agree maybe it 'seems to confirm'. Why does it look like Lobaton's hand is going through the glove. Something not right there. Again I guess my point is that there is supposed to be indisputable evidence in order to overturn a call. I've just seen too many times where the league overturns calls that simply don't have that kind of evidence. It's like the guys in NY are just changing the call to how they'd like to see it instead of looking at it objectively.
  11. Nats are as bad as the Orioles in the playoffs. Although at least they started scoring runs which the Orioles can't do vs post season pitching, or vs average pitching for that matter lol
  12. MLB replay is an absolutely joke. I don't ever want to hear any more BS about "indisputable" or "clear and convincing evidence". There is absolutely no way you could tell if Rizzo's glove stayed on when the foot came off the bag Edit: just saw the other angle. Still can't tell if the glove is 100% on the body. Could still be a centimeter off.
  13. Agree. He choked a couple times with O's in big spots but he shouldn't have been traded. Young, live arm. Another example of Duquette and Buck's ineptitude
  14. Great call. Managed to do it pretty quickly
  15. Hendricks pitching for the Cubs kinda of reminds me of Gausman... light-weight, skinny, not intimidating and getting shelled early.