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  1. Unfortunately I just don’t see any way that Belicheat and Brady let Nick Foles beat them in the Super Bowl
  2. Lmao. This is true
  3. Well said. Only thing I’d add to Patriots fan base is ‘entitled’. That’s partly the NFL’s fault for favorable officiating since the ‘tuck rule’ to present day and literally letting them get away with blatant cheating. Also pathetic competition from their AFC East ”rivals” every year adds to that sense of entitlement. Now the fans think they deserve preferential treatment and Super Bowl visits every year.
  4. Kinda over the NFL so don’t really care. However I can not stand the Patriots organization and their fans so have no choice but to root for the Eagles. Problem is the Eagles fans disgust me in different ways so it makes it difficult to root for them also.
  5. It’s all set up perfectly for the Patriots every year. Pathetic division every year gift wraps the AFC East Division, first round bye and home field advantage. The referee bias is difficult to explain but it’s real. One call against the Patriots today?? That’s an absolute joke. And they always get the benefit of the doubt on the call on the field, always. And now, all Tom Brady needs to do is lob up a deep ball and he’ll get bailed out by pass interference calls. Calls he gets consistently and other teams/ QB’s don’t. And just in case anybody forgot, they’ve routinely been busted cheating after the fact which led to playoff and Super Bowl wins and got nothing more than a slap on the wrist. NFL is a joke.
  6. I think I’ve come to realize that in some cases these NFL coaches and coordinators get a lot more credit than they deserve. Glorified PE coaches in many cases (nothing against PE coaches). So when they make terrible decisions or design pathetic offensive and defensive schemes (see Ravens) it doesn’t surprise or shock me as much as it used to. To me Marty Mornhinweg is a perfect example. He’s pretty clueless but somehow ended up in a high profile coaching job (and has been given a very long leash). Just listen to some of his interviews/ press conferences
  7. This is pretty well said. I’m certainly guilty of it. Patriots woulda won that game anyway but it’s tiresome seeing them always get the breaks, calls and benefit of the doubt. There’s no question they are the best coached team year in and year out which I think is more responsible for their success than the actual talent of their players. The coaching staff knows exactly how to maximize the specific talent of each player and put them in positions to succeed.
  8. Completely agree. Typical Patriots BS. The entire game changed on that awful PI call on Decker that negated a first down and forced a punt. Then on the questionable off sides call which gave Patriots a first down instead of a punt. So predicable that would swing the game in NE favor then they’d run away with it. Seen it a million times It’s the same old BS with the Patriots year in and year out and it’s beyond tiresome. They have a cakewalk through their joke of a division every year, first round bye and home field advantage, play some mediocre team in the Divisional round then really only need to win one tough game at home to get to Super Bowl. They get all the calls, all the breaks and are the luckiest team in sports. Oh and they even get away with cheating with nothing more than a slap on the wrist. I’d love an explanation as to why do they ALWAYS get the benefit of the doubt on calls. Sick of it and sick of seeeing Robert Kraft is that stupid cuffed shirt and tie outfit five times a game. Why do they show him so much? Rich old successful white guy owner is good for ratings? Lucky to maybe see owners of other teams maybe once.
  9. Yes that was the year before the SB run. Devastating loss as well in the AFC Championship. The game I’m talking about was a year or two after in divisional round. Another blown game at NE
  10. This is true. And the Ravens offense wouldn’t even start picking up first downs until the 2nd half. I do think they’d be able to give Pats and Steelers a better game than these other teams but most likely woulda blown it in the end anyway. That Divisional game in NE four years ago (I think it was four years ago) still infuriates me for so many reasons. Ravens up twice by two TDs but as always can’t close it out. Patriots of course cheated with that eligible/ ineligible receiver BS. Ravens had a chance to score at end but Flacco threw him awful deep lob pass to corner of end zone which was intercepted. Such a stupid low percentage pass which wasn’t necessary in the that situation. So dumb
  11. Ravens should be even more disgusted with themselves after watching this first round of playoffs. Chiefs and Jags were very beatable and the Ravens, even with all their problems are probably the only team on the AFC side that could’ve given the Steelers and Patriots a tough game.
  12. Agree. Great article. That last Ravens game was pure perfection in summing up all of the on field and coaching problems over the last five years. That game was a microcosm of all the infuriating things that continue to happen with this team since the SB win. And if that’s what Ravens football now is, I’m not sure many fans are gonna be very excited or even slightly interested in supporting it
  13. Weak. Until they can find a way to close out games this will continue. Offensive can never put the nail in the coffin and almost always gives the ball back to other team with time to score. And the defense let’s the opposing team march right down the field and score to end the game. It’s shocking how often this happens to the Ravens. Sick of it.
  14. What an absolute joke. This team can NEVER close games out. I’m absolutely sick of this BS. So predictable!!! Get rid of MM and good riddance Pees. And Newsome, just a suggestion but maybe go out and find some talent.
  15. Adding some marginal player(s) who might be MLB ready but aren’t very good to any potential Machado deal is completely pointless. Either demand real top prospects or don’t do anything. I’m just speculating but I fear the Orioles front office see’s this as some valuable piece of an offer when in reality it would do nothing to improve the team and would also lessen the return of real impact players from trading a MLB Superstar. Hopefully I’m wrong but it’s though to have any real confidence that these guys will get it right IF they trade Manny.