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  1. Yup. And just looks frail. He's no Tim Lincecum that's for sure so surely he'd benefit from some more muscle and strength
  2. Gausman needs to hit the weight room
  3. Schoop's stats are quite impressive. Really is beginning the player many of us thought he would
  4. Fantastic post. Trade and cut everybody and build the team around Manny Machado. Also included in the core are Schoop, Mancini and Bundy. That's what I would do.
  5. Just turned on the game and saw the score. Wouldn't expect anything different. This is truly a new level of incompetence.
  6. How sad. What a pathetic excuse for a Major League pitching staff.
  7. Probably better than these clowns they keep putting out there
  8. Kim has been on base both times he's been up so far with a single and a walk. Wow what a suprise. Good thing he's been riding the pine all season
  9. This pitching staff is beyond abysmal. Somebody needs to be held responsible and people need to be fired and replaced. This is an absolute joke
  10. This one is over. Gotta hope the offense breaks out tomorrow and scores more than Cleveland does off Miley
  11. Classic Showalter
  12. Gausman is just not a good pitcher.
  13. Hahaha no sadly I'm addicted And I pay for MLB.TV each month so I need to get my monies worth this month. We'll see about next month, might cancel my subscription before July 1
  14. Hunter is such a homer it's unreal. Sometimes I wonder if he thinks everybody watching is clueless about baseball "Mancini takes a double away from Santana" That was a routine play about a foot to Mancini's left. If you can't make that play you have no business being in professional baseball on any level
  15. Now I see the Indians have two on and no outs in the 4th. Of course.