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  1. Couple Camden Yards freebees
  2. Oakland announcers speculating (actually they sound quite confident) that Hardy will be an extra infielder when he returns. Will be interesting to see what happens if Beckham, who just singled, keeps it up. Can't imagine he gets replaced
  3. Very accurate post. That was absolutely a must win game and he chooses to start perhaps the worst starter right now in all of MLB. Some of Bucks decisions are so baffling, it's almost as he does some things to prove some kind of strange point regarding a lack of talent he's been dealt. We all know that's not the case but I just flat out don't get it.
  4. Turns out starting pitching is pretty important. Getting down 4-1 is generally not a recipe for success.
  5. Four games under .500. That should do it
  6. Lol I meant fans on this particular site
  7. Offensive explosion Friday night then a typical dissapearence of offense yesterday. Then garbage Tillman (wait why Tillman???) serves up batting practice early although offense has battled back. 4-4 going into the 7th
  8. Agree. They have to find a way to keep him in Baltimore.
  9. Man he must have those photos of Buck in a very secret and secure spot
  10. Think it's officially time to put this season behind us. Maybe they can somehow find a way to end the season a game or so over .500.
  11. Think we all know what that means.
  12. Yes they had some chances early. Think all their hits came in the first three/ four innings. Maybe they can get lucky in the 9th
  13. Typical Orioles offense laying down after a four homer game last night.