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  1. I would classify that as a talent! Especially if you didn't stop writing as you said the number.
  2. But seriously... It aint just in the UK. A lot of that crap is circulating here. The game is played exactly the same way...chemists devise new drugs not specifically banned by law. And as the video states... the fallacy that our youth tend to fall into is that they're legal....so they must be safe. Legal Pot (largely regarded as relatively safe...even in comparison to alcohol) might serve to keep our young adults safe from some of this other shyte.
  3. Were you in Colorado on March 14 Researcher? ....Just saw the thread title and couldn't resist
  4. The ultimate ADHD person in history... Leonardo D'Vinci Only guy I ever heard of who could write with both hands, simultaneously....in different languages! Might be an urban legend but it sure makes a great story for the ADHD folks out there!
  5. I used to be a believer in the over diagnosed, over medicated philosophy. Having recently changed careers...entering the mental health field...I see this an awful lot. I diagnose kids fairly often and it is NOT just that they are a little active or bored... The ones I refer to Docs for meds are OFF THE CHARTs with impulsivity, hyperactivity, defiance, a complete inability to sit still for 2 minutes. For some, it isn't a matter of using meds...more a case of using the ADHD to advantage or at least just pushing through it and learning to cope by setting oneself up for success. I was never dianosed with it but realize it was there all along. I live and die by reminders on my phone now or e-mail calendar/reminders because I have always been forgetful. In this one case, technology (which I am generally NOT a huge fan of) has helped enormously.
  6. Noce post sir. Glad to see you put something up beyond the usual political bitterness. This is actuually very interesting...sincere THANKS!!!!
  7. Words take on the power of your sticks and stones especially when they become accepted into the lexicon. Calling bad names is the seed of bad actions. First dehumanize...so as to remove the cognitive dissonance regarding how wrong it is to do wrong to our neighbors. If they are less human, they are somehow less than neighbors, they are "Other" ("Out Group" or not "Us") and thus it becomes easier to trample them under foot. Those are the words....which later become actions because the proscription of unequal treatment or in more extreme cases, violence, has been removed You have become impossible to reason with. You care not to debate, but to impose your sensibilities. Again...read a little about social psychology...you might even find it interesting.
  8. Being called bad names was just the beginning. As those bad names got traction and people began to believe them because it made them feel better about their lot in life....they had a target. Yes...weak people took heart in the name calling and murdered 6 million BECAUSE they had already dehumanized them by calling them bad names initially...ascribing bad traits and evil tendencies. Similarly, African Americans took umbrage to being called ******s by the frightened, uneducated white bigots who were afraid that African Americans would somehow hurt them if they gained full rights. The constant use of the N word among other filfth created the mental space for them to justify terrorism in the name of white supremacy. Read up a bit on social psychology Kudzu....you might learn how words really DO make a difference.
  9. I think you fail to see the damage that may be done with words. How many jews did Hitler kill....I mean....how many did he physically murder with his own hands? It was Hitler's words that killed 6 million. He used words to dehumanize a race and legitimize first their ostracization and later their murder. Your example, while certainly not as extreme...is still wrong. Words matter and they can be devastating and even deadly. Callig Mexicans wetbacks and Gays homos or f-gs...on the surface is innocuous....but that is an insidious way of perpetuating a wrong. And YOU KNOW IT.
  10. "A strong human would let that crap slide off their back like a duck in water." Strong or weak....no one should HAVE to let it slide off their back. When those kinds of words are used to enrage, or to dehumanize and thus lend false legitimacy to the speaker's superiority it is WRONG. It creates an environment that is hostile and that ripples through the target's life experiences. To say that "Oh...they should just get over it"... gives a wrong thing legitimacy in its own right. It is this very thing that created the psychological and social permission for Americans to keep slaves 150 years ago, or for Nazi's and their sympathizers to kill jews 65 years ago. It is WRONG, it is classless and it reflects poorly on us as a society to legitimize it and tell the victims and the out groups to just get over it.
  11. There is nothing "genuine" about pizzing on out groups.
  12. I aint aboyut being overly sensitive my friend. As a 21 year NCO ...I can let fly with a lot of stuff that might be considered "insensitive". The difference is that it isn't RACIST or otherwise dehumanizing of my opponient based on the color f his skin, his sexual orientation /preference or otherwise. I stick to the issue at hand. It makes for better, more interesting discussion and debate. And it stands half a chance of maybe winning some over to the cause that I happen to be supportive of. Too bad otherwise intelligent peole can't see their way clearly to do the same. In the end, that element is what is bringing down our country...quite shamefully.
  13. It isn't so much a case of Obama is weak as the conservatives so desparately wish to insinuate. It ir more like the fact that it isn't hard to see from American media and politics that we are war weary as a nation. America does not have the resolve to involve herself in Ukraine, a traditional Russian buffer. That, in concert with a very opportune situation in Ukraine sets the stage for Putin to take action in a way that recaptures a measure of Russian Glory.
  14. Using bigoted epithets is not about sticks and stones. Those are simply easy words to throw about anonymously in a discussion forum. Outside that environment, those words HAVE been used to dehumanize people and keep them in an underclass. To continue to use them is classless if not morally wrong. Further, I am nearly certain you would not use them in the presence of whatever group fits the particular epithet you choose to spout...because it would put all on noticem fairly or not of your character...if not cause you to suffer legal or even...physical consequences. I don't know if you'd use those terms face to face with a Mexican or Homeosexual...but even being a non betting man..I'd take the bet that you wouldn't do it in a face to face, in person situation. That unfortunately reaks of cowardice. Too bad Kudzu, you're a smart guy on so many levels and I have tried to remain respectful of you but on this you are WRONG!
  15. To be honest, I don't follow it THAT closely. However, there are few in the political world today that are given to consensus building and that is a major problem for us today as a Nation.