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  1. Only thing I don't get with the Terror plot theory.... When terrorists strike, they almost always claim responsibility...no one has here. So it is suspect to me. However there are an awful lot of oddities on this whole thing.
  2. From your link: Social scientists have defined spirituality as the search for the sacred, for that which is set apart from the ordinary and worthy of veneration, "a transcendent dimension within human experience...discovered in moments in which the individual questions the meaning of personal existence and attempts to place the self within a broader ontological context." This is a fairly good way of describing what I had in mind. It is a broad definition that leaves it to the reader to consider their own heart whether they are an adherent to the perspective of religion AND sprituality vs that of religion OR spirituality.
  3. I think a vivid imagination helps us to connect the dots between what we experience and what we hope to find in our spiritual life. And I think that is a good thing.
  4. There are "religious" demons and spiritual atheists. Religion need not be involved to be spiritual...and vice versa...or one can be both religious AND spiritual. There is no single answer to the question. But someone here said it farly eloquently....Spirituality is being in the present...I think that sums it up pretty well. I tend to think of myself as a little of both. A "salad bar" Catholic with some Buddhist philosophical stuff running through and around the judeo-christian upbringing...
  5. And I thought of myself as a rather hip 40-something. Plus...my memory is fading...I don't remember that episode of Happy Days. Not sure if I saw it and forgot or maybe it aired when I was in HS and had "better things to do" and missed it.
  6. Not saying Ray Rice should not be held accountable. If he did truly knock her out and that is yet to be determined...it is a reprehensible act, deserving of serious consequences.
  7. I suppose I am FAR more old fogeyish than originally assumed. Crap!....I am not even 50 yet.
  8. Second time I have seen this term "jump the shark"...what is this new buzz phrase, maybe I am just getting to old fogeyish.
  9. I hear you. I think my wife and I watched half of Season 1 in a day last year...then took a week to finish it out. Eagerly anticipated Season 2. One thing I would say by way of a "criicism"... I think I liked the show better when there was a sense of mystery about Underwood in that you didn't have to feel bad about liking him. That came unraveled about episode 9 or 10 I believe....somewhere around there anyways and then moreso Season 2 Episode 1. Now there is no denying Underwood is as evil as he is ambitious....but the show is still riveting.
  10. ...and that is not to exonerate the abuser. That behavior is unacceptable on any level....all the more reason for the abuser to get help so it doesn't happen again.
  11. There is a reason they are viewed as heroes. After the incidents they were involved in they found ways to overcome them. Ray by reaching out to the Baltimore Community to give something back, Suggs apparently reconciled with the girl he was reported to have assaulted...they are now married. Bad stuff happens and it need not be the end of a relationship. Often, probably the vast majority of the time, it SHOULD be the end of the relationship however NFL players have the means to obtain better treatment for themselves and their families. I don't know what Sugg's family life is like...it may still be abusive....or not. But for us as outsiders to judge is grossly unfair. The one thing we SHOULD be saying and doing is sending our best wishes for both sides and hoping that they will both heal. Both the abused as well as the batterer need help if that is indeed the situation ...as it appears.
  12. It is sad indeed and inexcusable. However it is also wrong to make assumptions without all the facts. And...their getting married is not necessarily the worst thing that could happen. Events like this suck for all parties...but also may provide the impetus to change for the better. Not likely, but possible...it wouldn't be the first time that ever happened. Jeez, I hope you are right for Ray AND his fiancee. ...and their kid(s).
  13. Just curious...what is the take on this new Netflix show out there...being a Baltimore built product and all, I was surprised there is not thread to discuss it here. I watched season 1....found it very entertaining. Anyone else?????
  14. http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/ravens/bs-sp-preston-column-0218-20140217,0,615064.column Preston does it again.... This is a hatchet job on Rice IMO. The guy had an issue with his fiancee. It got physical...and I cannot condone it or support Rice for that ...but they went home together....so, it can't be THAT serious. And then an article like this ...kicks the guy when he's down. R Rice has performed at a very high level here long enough to get a shot to redeem himself for last season.
  15. That the man died is sad. Making jokes is human nature and isn't necessarily disrespectful even if the jokes are a bit off color. It's how people deal with difficult emotionally charged subject matter.