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  1. Where do they rank among LAX when it comes to record wins
  2. Where do they rank among LAX when it comes to record wins
  3. Yeah how about we get back to the topic at hand...
  4. And honestly what benefit is there for them to being in the MIAA right now. It would only hold them back. only benefit I see is scheduling
  5. Little birdie in a tree says there is a VERY good Chance that Leddie brown Will be at SFA next year. he added offers from OSU, UCLA, And Bama This past thirsday, which made me assume he wouldn't leave Delaware but who knows
  6. Ahh gotcha makes sense
  7. Ga you say they are weak at WR and QB , are you saying they are weak in comparison to how strong they will be at OL,RB, and LB? Because to me with the QB, and Fields, Hall, henry, and the other young buck that transferred from a public at Receiver, one would say that has to be one of the best groups in the state
  8. So I finally had some real free time to do absolutely nothing at work yesterday, and decided to try and find what SFA has bought in so far this off season and I was amazed.... the OL alone is one of the biggest differences I see compared to years past. Based off what I found on Rivals their line will be one of the largest I've seen on a high school roster by far. And that's including IMG, and Gilman. 2018 Donavan Robinson 6"7 345 2018 JaeLyn Duncan 6"6 301 2019 Anthony Ogudo 6"8 260 2019 Tayquon Johnson 6"3 290 2019 Darion Dalcourt 6"4 270 Then to go a little further... the overall team size in general is pretty impressive 2018 DE Eyabi Anoma 6"5 225 2018 WR Randy fields 6"3 180 2018 WR Tyree Henry (who's a beast) 6"4 220 2018 ATH Alvontray Foster 6"4 205 2018 DT Ben Amidi 6"3 285 2019 LB Shane Lee (also a beast child) 6"2 230 2019 QB Jalon Jones 6"3 180 2020 DE Clowney (Relation?) 6"5 200 2020 RB Osman Savage (looks good on tape) 6"1 220 I know these are just a few guys but I know GA has said they are bringing even more guys in. SFA will surely be a good looking team that's for sure. anyone else know of any other guys coming in that will be difference makers ?
  9. i haven't heard anything. I would guess they'd wait until the summertime.
  10. Does anyone have a good idea (list) of who has transferred in so far
  11. Millers are from delaware, think raised in Chester PA
  12. it makes sense to them some how and that's all that really matter
  13. who else ?
  14. They are truely bringing in some top end talent unike before
  15. Anyone see that SFA has 2 players in the top 50 for 2018. Including the number 2 overall player. And number 47 overall player who is a OT I never heard of