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  1. It just wouldn't make sense for him to goto SFA, he is really good friends with Leddie Brown and he's actually a pretty damn good player but not on the level of the VA kid and would sit behind him. the ONLY thing I could see is maybe having him play as a pure passer and putting the VA kid in as a WR
  2. I swore I seen that somewhere as well
  3. I didn't know they had a enrollment that low... is that the max the can provide ? You don't think they may move locations or expand ?
  4. Doubt they need to play football to go to SFA though...
  5. If you look up the SFA hudl page they have a pretty good list of the new roster
  6. Does anyone know how much money Poggy actually has ? like compare him to someone ? Because it it seems he shells out money like it's nothing. i think they said on ESPN the trip to Italy was like million...
  7. You are correct, I just meant that it was nothing that kept him from moving in
  8. Yes it was, he is fine and now moved into Maryland,
  9. Where do they rank among LAX when it comes to record wins
  10. Where do they rank among LAX when it comes to record wins
  11. Yeah how about we get back to the topic at hand...
  12. And honestly what benefit is there for them to being in the MIAA right now. It would only hold them back. only benefit I see is scheduling
  13. Little birdie in a tree says there is a VERY good Chance that Leddie brown Will be at SFA next year. he added offers from OSU, UCLA, And Bama This past thirsday, which made me assume he wouldn't leave Delaware but who knows
  14. Ahh gotcha makes sense
  15. Ga you say they are weak at WR and QB , are you saying they are weak in comparison to how strong they will be at OL,RB, and LB? Because to me with the QB, and Fields, Hall, henry, and the other young buck that transferred from a public at Receiver, one would say that has to be one of the best groups in the state