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  1. I live in California and even I know that it’s BS and it’s been BS since the last coaching staff was there. Only reason ashy anyone cares that it is BS is because they are very good. they are going to be out of the MIAA soon hopefully, and rightfully so because the league is only softening their schedule in all honesty. When this happens people shouldn’t care about them taking out of state kids and what not.
  2. I agree...QB brings a lot more to kill a defense
  3. Yeah most def a athlete, I’m just wonder for the next level? Seems like if they had a better pure QB coming in, it would help everyone in the long term to place the senior all over the field
  4. Is anyone else not too impressed with the SFA kid as a QB ? Based off the film I don’t really see a kid that translates well to the next level as a Thrower. reminds me of a slightly better Locksley at Gilman.
  5. Again I said he’s the best I have seen, I’m a jersey guy, don’t watch that much MD football, but have seen the Guys you’ve named, and I still believe he is up there. I’d actually put the Vincent kid above him, he was a monster when I saw him in person.
  6. Top recruit guys... not top player. He he is the best player I’ve personally seen in the last 8 years I’ve followed Md football. and best player I’ve seen in person period. idk what games you’ve watched GA but he has one of the best motors I’ve seen. Never gives up on a play.
  7. It’s is, look at the sidelines, and the referees
  8. Grey, now you are going in the excuse mode... you werent saying the gilman guys only looked good individually because the Gilman teams were so stacked when they were beating up the MIAA. this a freshman (held back or not) playing at what looks like a future D1 level on a top 10 team in the country. you keep bringing up mesurables, we aren’t talking about getting recruited. We are talking about how good of a HS Players (which they both are good) these kids are,’and mesurables aren’t important in HS. so based off this again I will say the Willis kids tape looks a lot better, he just flies around. btw Dixon’s tape is fast forwarded the entire time... usually away to make a kid seem more explosive,
  9. Just watched both kids tapes, and within the first minute and a half of watching the Willis Kids after watching Spankys Tape entirely, I thought the Willis Kid Had A Slight Edge. also just in that first minute and a half, they were all one-on-one tacckles from not only LB, But Also a DE position. UPDATE: After writing this post and going back to finish watching I just realized we are comparing a JR to a Freshman !!!??? Yeah the Willis kid is going to be a problem, GA is talking about size as if he doesn’t have time to grow. And even if he doesn’t he will STILL be a baller, maybe not as high of a ceiling being g recruited BUT surely a baller
  10. Because why the hell would they want to stay ? Only reason I see them staying is for schedualing purposes. That's (X) amount of game slots they don't have to worry about. Bit other than than that they'd gain more from schedualing who ever will play them in the DMV, then add all of the Jersey squads (2 or 3), add Philly teams (Imhotep, Joes, or NG), IMG, Maybe a STA from Florida, Boshop Gorman, and a Cali team
  11. SFA will more than likely be out the league next year, and the coaches and players know it. Why not go out with a bang
  12. The Bosco game showed different imo. He made atleast 8 plays on his feet to extend plays that 90 percent of QBs can only dream of
  13. A little context to this score is the fact DLS had a few guys get injured early
  14. Bosco is not better than SJR, not even close. going into the weekend the favorite team in Jersey was SJR to be the only top 25