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  1. Because why the hell would they want to stay ? Only reason I see them staying is for schedualing purposes. That's (X) amount of game slots they don't have to worry about. Bit other than than that they'd gain more from schedualing who ever will play them in the DMV, then add all of the Jersey squads (2 or 3), add Philly teams (Imhotep, Joes, or NG), IMG, Maybe a STA from Florida, Boshop Gorman, and a Cali team
  2. SFA will more than likely be out the league next year, and the coaches and players know it. Why not go out with a bang
  3. The Bosco game showed different imo. He made atleast 8 plays on his feet to extend plays that 90 percent of QBs can only dream of
  4. A little context to this score is the fact DLS had a few guys get injured early
  5. Bosco is not better than SJR, not even close. going into the weekend the favorite team in Jersey was SJR to be the only top 25
  6. 2nd Worse loss for Bosco in recent history
  7. SJC ? What? Sorry they would never compare their sports program to SJC... maybe Dematha atleast ! They are one of the most storied programs in the state. SJC hasn't won anything. MD has won MNCs, A boat load of STAR College/NFL and NBA players, and their coach is a legend. for you to say their alum compared them to SJC means they have Know idea who SJC is. its always one thing having talent in Cali, it's another thing having Championship talent. MD hasn't had Chanpionship talent in the past few years like Cen10 or Bosch has, so then took a back seat to them. Before that they were the big boys in town, and are back now
  8. I saw MD in person this past weekend and they are Big, Fast, Skilled, And Have the execution of DLS with the Speed of Oregon. Also saw Cen10 in person, they aren't losing to them baring injury.
  9. This is their most talented team ever, with their best QB ever. (yes better than Barkley) they are not losing this year.
  10. Lol GA this is so laughable coming from you. you bring up scores called back in and Gilman loss
  11. No matter what they were missing... they lost to a public from rural DE aha... with no Leddie brown and new QB line play alone should have out matched symrna
  12. Interesting because I heard Smyna, De, (a public) who lost Leddie brown and a very good QB in the offseason beat GC in a scrimmage...
  13. Yeah idk, I think a real game trumps a film day, but that's just my opinion.
  14. If you move it to Sunday, are you losing a day at all ?
  15. If they knew a day a head thatbthe kids didn't have the days, why not postpone the game instead of losing one all together