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  1. If you are including private, yeah a number of teams could beat Wise. Someone referenced DeMatha and McNamara. They would both likely handle Wise. Throw Riverdale Baptist, Rock Creek Christian, Capital Christian, National Christian and possibly Bullis in the mix too . G'Town Prep as well possibly. Wise would spank OLGC. I think I saw someone ref OLGC as a team Wise could beat. Not happening. Ed Note: whoops. Thought this was regarding hoops.
  2. I dont know that distance matters all that much. Look at Petitbon (who I dont believe Brady can take credit for) at Gonzaga. Didn't he commute from Annapolis to DC every day to get to HS. Mileage to Downtown DC from the likes of Annapolis is shorter than a trip from DC to Leonardtown, but when you factor in traffic, the rides become almost equal time-wise. Long and short, if you can get a coach to make a compelling enough case, the kids will come. And, while the cubbard is far more bare in Leonardtown than it is in say, PG, SMR would be pretty much competing against only itself. Just my two cents.
  3. Not trying to be a wiseguy here, but are you asking me, telling me, or being sarcastic? I would think that to make an all-State, or in this case Big 33 team, team you should be playing in the state you were named all state in, no? Case in point - I doubt the kid from PA going to St. Johns High School will be getting a sniff from the PA team.
  4. Bringing in the old Malvern/Gonzaga coach was a nice step. Not a knock on Franks, his second and third to last years at SMR weren't too shabby but Brady is in a different world from a recruiting standpoint. And the facilities there arent half bad.
  5. Very well said.
  6. Yeah, admissions/leadership are giving him (and his players) a very long leash.
  7. No rules regarding a kid actually attending a MD school to be a participant? Don't remember ever seeing a DC HS student (public charter, public, or private) making the roster before but I might just have a short memory.
  8. SMR v ABC = Apples v Oranges. SMR: Nice facilities, space, $$, increasing enrollment. ABC: Declining facilities, enrollment, $$, and no space. Franks is a good coach but there is a reason he retired and SMR isn't playing a WCAC schedule next year. Not an ABC hater in the least, but there are a ton of problems over there. Rooting for Harris et. al. but Tweeting one's announcement to go to ABC to play football is odd.
  9. A quick look at their W-L record would be a dead giveaway - something like 0-10 or 0-11 this season. Vastly improved coach and administration, but tough recruiting to that school relative to other WCAC programs.
  10. Kids tweeting that they are going to ABC to play football? Not to be rude, but with the current state of affairs over there, is that really worth tweeting about?