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  1. You can have equality or freedom, but you can't have both. The Boy Scouts have their program and resulting product because the Scouts and committed adult volunteers have worked and earned it. To impose an egalitarian world view on how things like this should be run shows a sad indifference to whatever limiting factors will now be encroaching on the boys that are currently involved in Scouting and has as its subtext, "It's not important to keep the 'Boy' in 'Boy Scouts'". And, the thing is, there have been co-ed programs in the Scouts for years: Venturers (age 14-21), Sea Scouts (ages 14-21), and Explorers (ages 10-20). After you factor out the female interests in Scouting that will be addressed by these long standing programs, it's a questionable proposition that you will have any kind of critical mass of interested girls to keep a troop viable.
  2. Because GS leadership is a mess. Very few of the adult leaders have the tolerance, temperament, or competence to deal with the requisite planning, lifting, hauling, dirt, long periods between showers (or baths), cold, dampness, and hard sleeping surfaces that are routine matters when you scout. Active, committed, regular adult volunteers are an absolutely critical cog for Scout longevity. Let's check back in a year and see if anyone is still around. The fact that young girls are looking outside of the Girl Scouts serves as testimony to the GS's failure to serve the interests of the people they are in business for in the first place.
  3. In related news, how's that Luna investigation coming along? Who killed Jonathan Luna?
  4. Lots of experts on "common sense" here today, lol. Look, it's no big loss for Carroll County schools to not visit Baltimore City. If their parents think it's important enough, they can always go to the city themselves. It's not that far. Plus, the CCPS was just following the recommendation of the CC Sheriff's Office (and they might be considered an informed source for ongoing criminal activity here in the region). And, it's no big loss for Baltimore City. The city will never notice their absence. If any of you city-philes feel like directing your anger and shaming more productively, please consider admonishing the city's public school system that continues to crank out, year after year, more and more people that are not capable of doing anything. It's not like there's a lack of jobs in the city. There's just a never ending pipeline of high school graduates that have no skills.
  5. That's ridiculous. Having an active and engaged parent is a good thing. It's the adults who don't have any skin in the game that deserve a second look.
  6. Interesting article here: The Confederate Statue Controversy Isn’t About Slavery, It’s About Ending America I thought the author's language on the lack of any limiting principle was a pointed observation, amongst others. Note: fixed link. Thanks, ericpd.
  7. What a piece of garbage. Too bad the State of Maryland is so soft on the death penalty. A truly despicable character. In related news, the students at her high school were asked to wear all black today in mourning for Ms. Wallen and her family, which sounds appropriately poignant and respectful. But, last Monday, 11 Sept 2017, there was no moment of silence, no announcement, no nothing about 9/11.
  8. The College Park city council voted on Tuesday, 12 Sept 2017, to allow non-US citizens the right to vote in local elections: The gradual, inexorable erosion of things once thought important (in this case, being a citizen) continues. “This is the way the world ends, Not with a bang but a whimper.” T.S. Eliot This is what failure looks like. We just haven't hit rock bottom, yet.
  9. More than half of Maryland students can't pass English and math assessments: PARC Failure We celebrate a heroin-selling felon: Freddie Gray While wringing our hands over opioid-related deaths: Enormous Opioid Death Numbers And turning a blind eye, business-as-usual, hold-the-police-responsible position on an out-of-control murder rate: Baltimore's High Murder Rate Baltimore is the 4th Most Dangerous City in the USA But, we can find the time to remove historical statues, w/o voter consent, at the whim of a vocal few, at the drop of a hat, under cover of darkness (who or what's next?), that most folks did not know about or even object to, and that have - in some cases - been around for a century: Baltimore Removes Confederate Statues and other Statue Deemed Historically Unfriendly Howard County Removes Confederate Monument Weren't we on the brink of a nuclear war? Remember the "Guam Bomb"? And, since when did the outrageous behavior of a couple of hundred idiots constitute a national crisis? Ever been to a professional football game? And, please, do not equate the tragic and unnecessary passing of Ms. Heyer as some kind of justification here. She is only being used as some kind of sad prop for things that people wanted to do anyways and her memory will be cast on to the scrap heap of obscurity once the next cause celebre emerges (which should be any day now). Note to Kim Jong-un: Want to get back in the headlines? Put on a white hood, fly a flag of the Confederacy, or erect a monument to the dead southerners from our Civil War. Any of these seems to be all it takes these days.
  10. === But last weekend showed us that we have some more healing to do. Agreed. We still have active, opposing camps (however small) that are willing to use force to express themselves. That has to stop. We cannot allow people to express their views on how our world should be thru the illegal destruction of property or harming others. Things will only get worse if we can't keep that violence in check.
  11. Lincoln, the Union, and the Confederacy reconciled. The Confederacy received a presidential pardon and amnesty. The monuments and all from that time that still appear "Confederate" are part of that reconciliation and consistent with the elevated sense of wisdom and foresight that was necessary to help our nation heal. No one alive today is so insightful, so enlightened, so as to have an opinion that can second guess the judgment of our countrymen that, for a time, were at each other's throats but somehow learned to put the war behind them and move on.
  12. With the money it would take to deal with these things that a vocal few find historically offensive, you could send some kids to college. Which path do you think would promote a better future?
  13. It is not the school's role to address matters of international humanitarian relief, but they work hard at keeping illegal aliens as students. And, then complain about budget problems. Though school's will cherry pick the problems they want to address (having illegal butts in seats is good for annual budget pitches), I do agree: fixing a lack of parenting is not the job of the public school system. This "black students will do better with black teachers" nonsense is just a distracting racist rationalization to return to segregationist policies and shows its advocates to 1) really have little idea of what they want or what's needed, 2) be content with armchair quarterbacking this particular demographic of our herd, and 3) be possessing of little experience in our current public schools. Want to help? Let's keep this simple: Have a mom and a dad that both live at home with the student are are active in the student's life and education. Stay in school. Don't have children until you are married and can afford them. And see if you can find a high school where whole classes of students don't sit down during Pledge. Kids don't have to do the Pledge of Allegiance at the start of each day here in Howard County and scores of them just stay seated.
  14. This happened back on Thursday, 14 April 2017, in Charles County. What a crushing tragedy. And totally unnecessary. There's no excuse for having a child any where near the drop radius of a tree. If you can't or won't keep them (or anything else you care about) away from the tree you are felling, then you do not fell the tree. And you do not even start that chainsaw. Let this sad event serve as a reminder to anyone that picks up a chainsaw: safety is paramount. There are too many ways to get injured when you are felling trees or even just using a dangerous tool like a chainsaw. My deepest sympathies to the families involved. Pers