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  1. And you see it All The Time from the usual suspects. Or as one poster recently said to me,"SSDD." Same as it always is. Some sterotypes are too true to be ignored.
  2. This is the type of gun the Founding Fathers had in mind when drafting the 2nd Amendment... No, actually, I believe this is the actual gun they had with them when they drafting the 2nd Amendment. Or, The Smithsonian is missing the gun used by John Wilkes Booth to shoot Abraham Lincoln.
  3. For some folks, it's better to be alive in the suburban Outback than to be dead in the city just cause you wanted a crab cake. It doesn't take bravery to place oneself and one family in an unnecessary and dangerous situation just to prove a social point. Besides, the animals like the ones we saw in this video will travel anywhere the bus will take them, even to the suburban Outback, to cause harm and commit crimes. They're raised that way.
  4. Oh, so the people who voted for Trump, who couldn't find d a real politician anywhere in Washington and instead voted for Ringling Bros. other bro. are suddenly more sane and reasonable than anyone who didnt vote for the non reality show host they placed on the white house? And now your waiting for peace, love, dove liberals to get violent ?!?!?!? Lol.???? Don't hold your breath. Another 'fake' thread from the right.
  5. I bet my pinky finger it's completely false, ie, Pres.Obama or his administration did Not maliciously or illegal "wiretap" that man's telephones. (Obama is soooo much smarter than Trump.) Trump suspects it because it is something He and His Administration would do. More precious than winning a suit is how stupid DT is going to look when his claim is proved false. He can't always be lucky. No one ever is. The Don is gong to skid off the tracks and into a mountain and the look on his face when he's exposed will be priceless. Drip,drip,drip,week after week, it's just a matter of time.
  6. Wonderful suggestion! Wouldn't that be nice! (Or if your from the 40's...swell!) Likewise, I too learn a lot here from so many people. When you stop learning or wanting to learn one might as well just close the lid. (Anyone know the difference between a casket and a coffin?) I alays enjoy you even if it's not often that we agree. Goodnight jdsample!
  7. He doesn't embarass you even a little bit? Never? You are very loyal OR there is something else going on in your head. Keep in mind it hasn't even been four months since he's been in office! We've Never seen Anything like this before. Have we?
  8. Just in time for Meet The Press, Face The Nation and the long week ahead of us. Autopsy, from the Latin for 'to see for one self'. I do believe that the news media is going to perform a continuous 'autopsy' on that man currently occupying the Oval Office. It's impossible for him to walk a straight line. He can't help himself from pulling on Trouble's braids and it'll probably be his downfall. I think he's trying to keep something Really Big from coming to light. I hope he fails to do so.
  9. Cover the lead tips with garlic and if it doesn't kill em, it'll give em gangrene poisoning.. ....The Godfather.
  10. So why didn't you post it if you read the same thing? You just don't like the information. If what you're saying was really a rule, then cut and paste, posters like grggngll, mcorioles and a dozen other Trump sympathizers and supporters would have considerably less to say. All that should matter is how accurate the information is and if it's relevant. Not whether it has already been said or written in some source that everyone may not have seen. How accurate are the 'non linked statements', claims and affirmations by the above mentioned Trumpians and are we expected to believe them just cause they 'say it's so'? Imagine how deceived we'd all be! Edited to correct grammar.
  11. At the expense the country?!?!?!How about maybe 5% of the liberals here fitting that discription. I've read too many times "I didn't vote for Trump I just love seeing liberals squirm because of him", or some simile to that phrase. Stick it to the liberals no matter what it does to the country. How "patriotic" is that? How does that "Make America Great Again"?. At least you Admit that that is exactly what the Republicans do and have been doing all of these past 8 years and 'still' going strong. See, slight progress toward being honest. Now I'll watch as you take two steps back. Always a pleasure.
  12. I'm 100% certain that if this were Hillary, Obama or Any Democrat politician you, jdsample, would be furious and calling for their head. I've Never read a post from you where you did not defend republicans No Matter what they said or did when questions arose about some impropriety committed by a member of that party. Never. It's seems your reflex is to defend the party even if it costs the country.
  13. Thank you for this information! It gives a peek into just how misleading this administration is going to Try to be. Thank goodness we still have a media. If Anyone thinks the media is All corrupt and that Trump & Co is being honest and forthright then he or she has been propagandized ala 1930's and 40's Europe.
  14. I don't see how this administration will survive 4 years yet alone the 8 years that some of Trump's are bragging about him doing here and on other forums. Talk about counting the chickens. I miss GW Bush something fierce right about now. And that's saying a lot.
  15. Jobless claims at lowest level in 40 years. Obama after 8 years?