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  1. Many of the points list are true for nearly every demoncrap.
  2. I will predict Chelsea Manning, He has a Zero chance of winning.
  3. obama is a delusional low life, untrustworthy, minion of the AntiChrist.
  4. No way. She would want to say, you get a pardon, you get a pardon, everyone gets a pardon.
  5. Congress is the place for decisions like this. Pass the bill, get the president to make it the law.
  6. Hospitals are mandated to treated life threating and some other conditions, they are not required to treat all conditions or elective surgery.
  7. The union was stupid to agree to a one time bonus instead of an across the board raise which would give workers more money in the long run.
  8. How can anyone be so gullible to think obama was a good president?
  9. Do you ever post anything that is good about a white person? Do you ever post anything bad about a black person?
  10. They can't feed themselves, only makes sense there is someone to help them.
  11. It is a tax a just as the tax on my hourly wage.
  12. Have you gone to genealogy societies?
  13. Maybe they can impeach obama at the same time.