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  1. Good for them.
  2. Abortionist kill more children each month than mass murderers kill in a decade.
  3. Thank God she did, now she can go to jail.
  4. More children are murdered by Abortionist each day than by mass murderers in a year.
  5. It has been my position, tax revenue from controlled sales could be directed to health problems caused by drugs. A win win.
  6. No, not the government banning companies from offering discounts, The companies not providing discounts to liberal or conservative groups.
  7. A better idea may be to cancel all discount programs for liberal and conservative groups.
  8. Might be hard to find one who meets that requirement.
  9. Everyone knows you are truth challenged.
  10. You are very biased. The value of your contribution is diminished by your hatred.
  11. Just like the demoncrats do. Bill slick willie Clinton, and obama to examples of immoral evil people.
  12. It did not matter when bill clinton did it.
  13. I did put in a link here it is again.