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  1. I was on Verizon for about 12 years, switched to tmobile and saving about 100.00 a month. Tmobile has been good for most of the areas I go to. Some of the areas with poor service were also bad on Verizon.
  2. The big difference Dunkin has good coffee.
  3. I think it is rude for store employees to speak in a language that customers don't speak.
  5. wonder why he did not ask if he could join the party.
  6. Are you sure it is illegal? Here is a link to the Maryland law. Do you have a source that supports your position? Registration List Maintenance.pdf What happens if a voter moves to another state? If the voter tells us by signature that he or she has moved, we remove the voter’s name. Most of time, we learn from other sources that a voter has moved. For example, the United States Postal Service returns a voter’s sample ballot and provides the voter’s new address. When we receive this information, we send a letter asking the voter to confirm where he or she lives. The letter is sent by forwardable mail and includes a return card for the voter to use to tell us his or her new address. This is the called “confirmation mail” process and is required by federal law. If the voter returns the card and confirms that he or she has moved to another state, we cancel the voter’s registration. If the voter doesn’t respond to the mailing within 2 weeks, the voter becomes an “inactive voter.” If the “inactive voter” doesn’t vote or try to vote in the next two election cycles (four years), the voter’s registration will be cancelled. Again, this process is required by federal law. If I’m designated as an “inactive voter” may I still vote? Yes, as an “inactive voter” your name will appear in the electronic pollbook. The checkin judge will ask you to confirm your residential address and the voter registration record will be returned to an “active” status.
  7. I do think Maryland will purge voters who have not voted in a number of elections..
  8. The gays don't want to nail his women.
  9. Perhaps you fail to remember I supported Johnson not Trump.
  10. He was impeached there were too many liberals liberals liberals who gave him a pass for his lies.
  11. Clinton was not impeached for a ******** and you know the truth. Liberals just use that lie.
  12. What are you smoking?
  13. What reason is there to impeach him? Do you think the Senate will convict?
  14. Could be discrimination based on sex and religon.