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  1. The War of Northern Aggression, many war crimes were never prosecuted.
  2. the trumpster should have waited for the appeal. The original order was unconstitutional and the conviction would have been overturned by the supreme court.
  3. Sounds like a low life judge who was upset with the trumpster.
  4. What is the point he has been dead for over 147 years.
  5. You can call it what ever you want I will call it obama
  6. Difficult to find an unbiased view. However even some biased views are fact.
  7. There are many reasons a few are on this page some points supporting he is a racist
  8. He was cut and not picked up by any other team because he is a mediocre player with very negative fan perception. When the Ravens were contemplating an offer the outrage posted to social medial was very vocal. Why would any team want to bring on someone who tarnishes the team?
  9. What is there to explain, it is simple obama is a racist and a traitor. What was the problem with my SHIFT KEY?
  10. This just does not add up. Violent offender known to have possession of a fire arm is confronted by police and he is taken into custody alive.
  11. Low life p.o. c. was captured. Hope he is convicted and spends many years in jail.
  12. which racist traitor are you asking about? obama? he is a racist and a traitor.
  13. They should have considered someone respectable to name the school after. obama the worst president of the U.S.A.
  14. I agree, life in prison for many years is better.