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  1. I had a very scary and horrible experience at here that I need to share with others to spare their families. I went for lunch with my friend and 18 month old daughter. My daughter spilled some water on the floor and the owner got very upset and yelled at my daughter. He told us to move to another table and got even more upset and threw a booster seat across the room violently. At this point, I was getting very scared and wanted to leave. I told him to cancel my order and he said I could not. I got up to leave and he blocked the door. He was yelling and swearing at me and my daughter the whole time. I had to call the police so I could get out. This was an extremely scary experience. Since then I have found reviews on Yelp and other sites with similar stories of the owner yelling at customers because they didn't like their food or didn't leave a big enough tip. Save yourself a traumatic experience and go someplace else