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  1. happy holidays
  2. Booming economy. Low unemployment. Rising wages. Budget Surpluses.
  3. Frankin did something inappropriate and he apologized. Roy Moore has been accused by multiple women of molesting them or making sexual advances toward them when they were teenagers and he was in his thirties. Multiple women. Numerous witnesses. He should not be elected.
  4. Thanks. Although it won’t be the same. usually i put the nativity on the front lawn with a little baby obama in the crib. Sigh...
  5. hey, it's just the country's biggest aquifer and the breadbasket of the nation. Why not shove an oil pipeline through it? More carcinogens in our water please!!!
  6. For most sane people, yes. But like the whacked out pizza pedophile fraud, once this stuff is out there it travels throughout the rightwing beta verse at lightening speed. There are thousands if not millions who will never accept that this has been debunked.
  7. If you’d drop the shrill hyperbole we could have an interesting discussion
  8. doubling down on stupid, I see.
  9. What a stupid thread
  11. Where's the proof that Clinton raped anybody? Meanwhile... You are a hypocrisy exposure... your own.