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  1. And you just made the op’s point for him
  2. More than 16 women have come forward to accuse trump of sexual assault. at least one of them has a case against him in court
  3. Trump admitted to sexually assaulting women. Plural
  4. Just a presidential candidate funneling your campaign contributions into a shell company and then into a porn star’s bank account. You and your fellow trump chumps might not care but it happens to illegal
  5. Trump wants to start a war. He can't stand having these toys and not being able to play with them. I didn't think it could get worse, but it just has. God help us and shame on the buffoons who willingly voted to put an unhinged, erratic, moron in control of a nuclear arsenal.
  6. Obama pulled our troops out
  7. It's amazing this two-bit grifter isn't in prison yet.
  8. Based on information publicly available, there was collusion with Russia and several laws were broken. Let me ask you something... If Mueller turns up, as I expect he will, a pattern of money laundering between Trump organization and Russian oligarch's with ties to Putin, do you think 1) the public has a right to know? 2) Congress should examine the national security implications of such financial entanglements with an adversarial foreign power and 3) since money laundering is a crime, should the president be held accountable?
  9. No one in their right mind believes that today's GOP would put country before party. We'll see what happens if the Dems take back the house.
  10. Beckham can play short. I gotta believe we can do better than Flash.
  11. Actually, the sanctions Obama enforced on Putin have been very damaging to their economy. One of the reasons Putin wanted Trump in office.
  13. Trump funneled your campaign contributions into Trump Org and then into a secret LLC which used them to pay hush money to a porn star. That's against the law. And let's be clear. Bill Clinton was impeached over a consensual affair so if you're looking for the hypocrite, walk over to the mirror.
  14. He fits right in...
  15. Russia acted because we were on the verge of air strikes