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  1. Like the 17 charities that have canceled fundraising events at Mar a Largo since he went off the rails over Charlottesville or the former Intelligence chief who is now saying publicly that the thought of Trump having access to the nuclear codes should terrify any rational person?
  2. I already said that I do not condone violence or the destruction of property. I think they are misguided in their tactics but, as their name implies, they are anti-fascists. They are standing up against hatred, racism, and bigotry. It is ridiculous to compare them with people marching under the flag of the third Reich. I have yet to see someone from the antifa proclaiming that one group of people is better than another simply because of the color of their skin or their ethnic background. Quite the opposite
  3. Where is the list of the number of people killed and hospitalized by the antifa?
  4. We cannot let this become the new normal. We have to point out the lies every single time. His behavior is on hinged and disturbing. It is a very serious concern
  5. Thank you for the punctuation note. This is from my phone over a glass of sancere
  6. Well how about this? How many people have the antifa killed in the past 36 months and how many people have white supremacists, neo-Nazis, and KKk members killed in the past 36 months? produce a list again, it is not really clear where you stand here
  7. Look up Emmett till to start with documented instances of white supremacist violence.
  8. Which group has the track record of burning crosses on minority peoples' front lawns, lynching African-Americans, and promoting a society in which white people are granted positions of power solely based on the color of their skin? and you're upset because a bunch of 22-year-olds set some trash cans on fire?
  9. OK, again. List the casualties and deaths inflicted by the antifa. Once you do that, I will provide you with a list of the deaths and injuries inflicted by the KKK, white supremacists, and neo Nazis. It's pretty clear-cut
  10. I don't know what would've happened and neither do you. Maybe the fascist goons would've still put that African-American guy in the hospital outside of a police station. And maybe that disturbed neo-Nazi terrorist would've still driven his car through a crowd of peaceful protesters. In fact, maybe left unchallenged, the fascist goons would have smashed more african american skulls. Maybe left unchallenged, the nazi pigs would have painted a false impression of America to the world. Maybe they would've given the world the impression that we are bigoted hateful country that's determined to roll back the rights of minorities and create a new apartheid in a nation that one stood for freedom and inclusiveness. which side are you on? It's never very clear to the rest of us
  11. Please change the title of your thread. In his effort to discredit the so-called "fake media" Trump told a blatant lie about his own statement last week. He reread his statement but intentionally left out the fact that he said "both sides" when he assessed blame. he stood in front of thousands of his supporters and simply lied about what he said when anybody with access to Google could quickly disprove this audacious lie. The thread title should be, "Trump uses blatant lie in lame attempt to brandish media as dishonest. "
  12. I do not condone violence or property destruction. But let's be clear, the so-called antifa showed up to speak out against hate and bigotry. The KKK is the ideology of Lynch mobs and burning crosses. Neo-nazis marching under swastika flags are endorsing the ideology of gas chambers, mass graves, and slaughter. These white supremacist, fascist goons came to Charlottesville to terrorize the citizenry. the antifa made up a minority of the courageous people who came out to speak against their racism and hatred. Finally, why don't you put up a list of the people injured and killed in this country by the antifa and I'll put up a list of the people injured and killed in this country by neo-Nazis, the kkk, and white supremacists. Deal?
  13. Davis was a sentimental signing and I was very on the fence at the time. He actually plays gold glove caliber defense at first but we've always known that he was strike out prone and streaky. With both Mancini and The other first baseman knocking on the door, we should have let him go and spent that money on either pitching or somebody like Upton. what's frustrating is, we let that other first baseman go for nothing. I am drawing a blank on his name right now
  14. My understanding is that he tried to make an insurance claim on it.
  15. It's the ideology of that gave us the lynch mob. What the heck is wrong with people?