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  1. The firing of Comey led directly to the appointment of a special counsel so your statement is factually incorrect.
  2. What in god's name are you talking about now?
  3. The blame lies squarely with Trump. 1) he jumped the gun and welcomed a meeting that the North Koreans hadn’t actually offered. 2) he did this without exacting any concessions from the North Koreans and gave them a coveted foreign policy objective. 3) he hired war monger John Bolton when everyone and their uncle knew that Bolton wants nothing more than a war with north korea and Iran. 4) He failed, yet again, to implement a coherent strategy and employ message discipline from his subordinates. Trump is not fit to be president. He’s a moron and is in over his head
  4. How many indictments and guilty pleas during eight years of Obama? And with a Republican controlled congress running constant investigations.... How many forced resignations? meanwhile, one year into the odious Trump admistration, five guilty pleas, more than 25 specific indictments, a white house ethics referral for criminal investigation and a record for executive office turnover. you guys are either in denial or just plain stupid. Either way, you’re Trump chumps
  5. Try to think outside your narrow and feeble ‘trump can do no wrong’ world view. Do I, as a natural born U.S. citizen, have a right to petition my government? think hard...
  6. I wonder if it will be like the last time when the fox hosts had to gently tell the raving lunatic to get off the air
  7. Trump did more than comment on it. He tweeted about it, called the individuals who were trying to call attention to the systematic mistreatment of African Americans ‘sons of *****es’ and, from the White House cajoled and bullied private business owners into towing the line. Do you think that behavior is appropriate for an elected official in a democratic republic? More significally, it is behavior in keeping with Trump’s vindictive, thug authoritarian/above-the-law view of his power as president. He’s also trying to cajole and bully the postmaster general Into charging Amazon higher rates because Amazon is owned by the same guy that owns the Washington post and the Washington Post has published negative articles about Trump. Again, do you think it is appropriate for the president to try and set individual postage rates for companies based on his or her view of those company’s political leanings? Trump also routinely lambasts and threatens journalists and journalistic outlets because of his perception of bias in their coverage of his presidency. Do you think it is appropriate for the president of a democratic republic to routinely target individual press outlets based on whether or not their coverage is favorable? these are fundamental questions about the nature of our democracy
  8. Trump needed Chinese help for his real estate project in indonesia, so he caved
  9. Trump is the one politicizing this. It’s red meat for his bigoted base
  10. He lied on his clearance and financial disclosure forms. That’s a felony
  11. Forced displays of patriotism are the hallmark of fascist regimes. Screw any unAmerican ignoramous who doesn’t know this
  12. Morons inherit millions from their fathers and still manage to go bankrupt four times.
  13. I am concerned that trump’s rampant corruption and his campaign’s collusion with an adversarial foreign government will go unchecked because people like you care more about ‘your side’ than the rule of law or the health of our democratic institutions
  14. It’s not the obama administration’s fbi any more than it is the trump administration’s fbi. When are you going to stop acting like a cheap partisan hack?