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  1. Man, what the heck is wrong with white people?
  2. Whoops, Looks like Bannon had communications about the Trump Jr collusion meeting with Spicey, Reibus, and the White House lawyer. A lot of people in the White House seemed to know about this and no one bothered to go to the FBI and then they all stood silent while Trump put out a false statement in a ham-handed attempt to cover up the purpose of the meeting? And the Trump Chumps and trolls on this forum still bend over backwards to defend him while screaming, "nothing to see here!" They're disgusting.
  3. Looks like mcOrioles tried to derail a thread about the fact that voters think the Trump administration is a trainwreck. what a troll
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  5. What are you going to do when the next indictment or guilty plea comes out?
  6. I guess I am not the only who noticed when Bannon used the word 'treason' to describe the collusion between Trump Jr and the Russian agents.
  7. We already know Trump is a misogynistic pig.
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  9. They need 51. They can do it through budget reconciliation. And even if they do need nine democratic senators, the onus is on them to craft a bill that can garner bi-partisan support. If they need democratic votes, they should try soliciting democratic input.
  10. The Republicans control the house, senate, and white house. If they can't keep the government open, they don't deserve their majority status. End of story.
  11. Obama had better job numbers in 2016 than trump had in 2017. Choke on that, sushi
  12. Trump jr’s own emails show collusion. You keep ‘forgetting’ this, or maybe you’re just a lying troll
  13. And there are people here who think the idea of the fsb having tapes of trump playing with Russian pros is implausible. His supporters disgust me
  14. Why are we bringing up Ode2joy’s old threads?