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  1. To those who are non believers, today is the first day of greatness for Joe Flacco.
  2. Joe Flacco has impressed me with his handling of the no huddle offense. Now believe it or not, he seems to be more comfortable and that makes him dangerous for other defenses.Kind of reminds me of Peyton in some ways.
  3. What is sad is, he thinks what he writes gets us upset. Truth be told, he has been getting laughed at from everyone on the sports sites. It makes for a good comedy and if ever one is in need of any of their predictions coming to fruition, it is numbers.
  4. Schatz believes “there is a lot of value” in having an above-average quarterback like Flacco -- and yes, he feels that Flacco should be considered as such -- even if that player never becomes a truly elite quarterback such as Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady.
  5. interesting read.....http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/ravens/ravens-insider/bal-ravens-insider-aaron-schatz-football-outsiders-joe-flacco-20120712,0,5870840.story
  6. hmm I think you stretch the truth..lol
  7. anyone hear the name of Joe's baby. I bet it was locker room combo.lol....
  8. Not only this but will Milk and bread be next. Watch out butter.
  9. I have eaten at MacDonalds and at different ones. I order a regular or medium and sometimes they give you a large or bigger size. I think they don't care what you order, you will get what is easiest to give. lol
  10. This mayor is a independent , I wonder why not many think this is not Nazi Ideology?
  11. So buy a 16 oz and go back for refills. They are usually free. 7-11's are considered a super market so the big gulp will be spared.lol
  12. Calling out Locker Room Boy. This is just for you and it looks like Joe is ready. http://blogs.baltimoreravens.com/2012/05/21/joe-flacco-excited-about-new-weapons/
  13. Take a look for yourself and answer the question. If this doesn't prove to all that Joe is very good, you are blind. Now be fair and watch with open eyes.
  14. first time ever in my bar I saw Steeler fans and Brown fans rooting for the Ravens to win. It was amazing at the end, the whole crowd stood up cheering crazy when Joe threw what appeared to be a TD pass to Evans and than no one spoke. Everyone was in shock. I would have made thousands if the Ravens had won because they were all ready to party but than boom, they all left. Later the SF fans did the same thing as that punt returner drops the punt. Talk about a dejected day. I never saw so many sad people and how do you think ma and pa Harbaugh were dealing with it.
  15. Today Joe was better than Tom. Nuff said