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  1. Watch it, you're making too much sense, logic, and stating the truth. It' obvious what georjec2 agenda was. Why so many questions to admin. about moving this thread from Locals? Could it be: Everywhere else this is a lighthearted topic. Or could it be: In 'Locals' it's sixteen pages of racist ranting.
  2. Many parts of Harford County before Middle River, Essex and East Baltimore City moved up there.
  3. "Put your pants on boy".....Clint Eastwood....Coogan's Bluff "Nothing wrong with long as the right people get shot" Clint Eastwood......Dirty Harry
  4. "We waste our lives working at jobs we hate to buy **** we don't need." ......Tyler Durden, 'Fight Club' "You've all been expurgated. You are dismissed" ......Morgan Freeman, 'Lean on Me' "Do you believe in Jesus? (Yes, I do) Well, you're gonna meet him." .....Charles Bronson, 'Death Wish' "Mess with the Best, Die with the Rest." .....Hackers "Like a blind man in an orgy, I'm going to have to feel my way around" .....Naked Gun 33 1/3 "I have to go now. I'm having an old friend for dinner" ....Anthony Hopkins, Hannibal Lecter, Silence of the Lamb