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  1. I've wondered why the current Gov is out of state campaigning for other state's democratic candidates? Doesn't the current Lt. Gov deserve his support?
  2. And the liquor license was pushed through on the 1st try, why? I know the youth of Baltimore who are "hip" ride bicycles but it's a little weird they need their own bar/coffee shop to congregate in. Isn't Baltimore supposed to be a city of neighborhoods who get along?
  3. BmoreK, I agree. It seems the GOP in MD can't get it's act together when it comes to promoting a good candidate for governor. Ehrlich wasn't all that bad, but he just didn't have the backing of the people of Maryland, and that can get you un-elected real quick.
  4. And Shad, who or what have you every led? This election will effect everyone in this state for the next 4 years. Possibly for the next 8 years. What happens if nothing gets done that the "people" (meaning you and me, you know the normal people) want and possibly need?
  5. A friend of mine plays in a band that appears there a few times a year. Hopefully, the police can find the fool who did this horrible thing.
  6. But will the video from the officer's "body camera" be admissible in a trial?
  7. And now back to the topic of this thread. Frank, have the police found whomever might be responsible for this young man's death?
  8. James Dean, that is a good question.
  9. Dryfire, some times even that doesn't work. It's only when the addict decides "this is even too much for me" and really wants to quick their addictive life will they finally quit.
  10. But can they be counterfeited? I agree, in a way, this is a good thing in order to keep all restaurants/food sellers on the up and up.
  11. Well, maybe not as often as when the program began. I watched a newscast last night and the program now will only bring out one bike at a time when someone wants one.
  12. I'm a 50 something white woman and I have been "closely followed" in a large department store in White Marsh. This happened as I wasn't dressed to the "9's" or in a fashion that reflected my monetary ability.
  13. What does this excerpt have to do with the progressive estate tax?
  14. Didn't see the picture of Shad or the tee shirt, Dryfire. I have recently retired but worked downtown and saw the same type of "weebles" not only on Howard Street, but also on Fayette and Liberty. See, I worked at a substance abuse program a long time ago and learned that people cannot be made to stop substance abuse. The only person who can stop someone using an addictive substance is the addict themselves.
  15. Shad, do you have personal experience with the inner workings of Section 8 also? Just like you have several homes, vacations homes, automobiles, etc.?????