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  1. I call it a cowboy pie because they always use ground beef here for shepherds pie
  2. So this isn't all about them just sitting there. I guess words were exchanged when they manager wouldn't give them the code to use the bathroom. I can see the manager might have copped an attitude with them if they back mouthed him about not being able to get the code. "The problems started when the men asked for the code needed to use the bathroom and were told it was only available for paying customers."
  3. I don't see anything wrong with what they were wearing, They weren't mouthing off to the cops so I doubt they were making a scene prior to the cops arriving. I don't blame the cops either they were doing what they were called for. This is all on the manager and he/she was wrong.
  4. I don't think they called the kid obnoxious, they called the act of applying to 20 schools obnoxious.
  5. I saw them a lot last summer on North Ave on my way home from work.
  6. I thought last time I filled out the census there was a legal resident/ citizen question. I guess if you are illegal you don't put a check
  7. Of course it is, nothing stays long enough to get rusty.
  8. This doesn't even make sense, the nun wanted to sell it and it was blocked now they are saying they want to keep it. I'm think the nun is somewhat stretching the truth
  9. Sydney wasn't mention in this article and I thought the last time I was there we had converted it quite well into a new suburb. So google being my friend: The Olympic Village has become an opportunity for green innovation and energy resilience. Environmental sustainability was a priority of the Olympic committee, and each of the 900 townhouses and 300 modular homes were built with solar panels and water recycling facilities. According to Australia’s Property Observer, when it was built, the suburb was the largest solar-powered suburb in the world. Sydney’s post-Olympic plan continues to expand: By 2030, developers hope that Sydney Olympic Park will have a population of 50,000 workers, students, and residents.
  10. Hi Cowboyz! Exactly what I thought!!!
  11. I always think that's got to be painful to maintain for any length of time
  12. It's sad that a weekend without a killing is news I'm not sure how much the ceasefire has to do with it but I'm happy for the zero killings! When was the last time we went 72 without a murder?
  13. Thanks and yes I will I will need doses of insanity!!! J/K
  14. Maybe an EU passport. People have all sorts of reasons, I have never became a citizen and don't plan on it - I do plan on leaving next year though.