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  1. Sydney wasn't mention in this article and I thought the last time I was there we had converted it quite well into a new suburb. So google being my friend: The Olympic Village has become an opportunity for green innovation and energy resilience. Environmental sustainability was a priority of the Olympic committee, and each of the 900 townhouses and 300 modular homes were built with solar panels and water recycling facilities. According to Australia’s Property Observer, when it was built, the suburb was the largest solar-powered suburb in the world. Sydney’s post-Olympic plan continues to expand: By 2030, developers hope that Sydney Olympic Park will have a population of 50,000 workers, students, and residents.
  2. Hi Cowboyz! Exactly what I thought!!!
  3. I always think that's got to be painful to maintain for any length of time
  4. It's sad that a weekend without a killing is news I'm not sure how much the ceasefire has to do with it but I'm happy for the zero killings! When was the last time we went 72 without a murder?
  5. Thanks and yes I will I will need doses of insanity!!! J/K
  6. Maybe an EU passport. People have all sorts of reasons, I have never became a citizen and don't plan on it - I do plan on leaving next year though.
  7. LOL, I would say the answer is yes. I would also say if I was a citizen it would probably be better if I don't murder anyone to remain free in the country I want to remain in. You don't seem to understand that not everyone living in the US wants to be a citizen. Have you ever traveled to free countries????
  8. There are varying lengths of time a “greencard” is valid, my first one was for 1 year and I have a friend who doesn’t have an expiration date on his. Regardless of whether ones card has expired or not it does not change one’s status as a permanent resident. It does mean that you can’t legally get a new job but there is no reason you can’t continue to work on an expired card if your employer had a copy of your “greencard” with your I9. You also can’t return to the US on an expired card. There is nothing in the immigration process that states you must work to become a US citizen. People have different reason for not going down that path.
  9. As a Maryland tax payer who just happens to work and live in Baltimore City As a Maryland taxpayer who just happens to live and work in Baltimore City contrary to some people’s opinion, I tend to side with jonsensback. I see this as a positive, if Davon inspires one person to follow their dreams and not a life of crime I say it was money well spent.
  10. Why Baltimore isn't UM owned by the State of Maryland
  11. I think emulating any country that allows their people to have affordable health care isn't a bad thing. The US isn't the best health care in the world just the most expensive.
  12. LOL, 33 - 32 Australia. It couldn't be more even OK health care might not be my only issue here, watching cricket ain't easy either. So that's another bonus for my Aussie retirement.
  13. I'm returning home next year and the main reason for retiring there is the poor and expensive health care in the US.
  14. Very happy to hear from you!!! Welcome back.
  15. I heard he's been transferred back to Pittsburg so that sounds promising.