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  1. 3 Games 5 IP 11 H 4 BB 2 K 2 HR 7 R 4 ER 7.20 ERA 3.00 WHIP
  2. Your typo confused me.
  3. I was just thinking, "How did I not know about this guy?". You're probably
  4. Fun Fact: I was at Ripken Stadium the night Givens hit his first professional home rum. In fact, I had my camera with me, and I just happen to have a photo of the ball leaving the bat. Bonus Fun Fact: This happen on the night that Manny Machado first donned a professional uniform. He didn't play until the next day, but I have a couple pictures of him, too. We sat right behind the Ironbirds dugout.
  5. There's some funny stuff in that thread.
  6. Brilliant!
  7. You win
  8. Castillo hits #9999
  9. Hardy just got moved to the 60 day DL a few days ago. He won't be back any time soon.
  10. Manny hits #9997. Entries closed.
  11. Enter soon. They're up to 9995 and entries must be in before #9997 crosses the plate.
  12. Funny thing, based upon Tillman's history prior to this season, I'd have no problem if they re-signed him. Don't get me wrong, no long term, high dollar deals. I'm talking one year, low dollar, maybe an club option.