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  1. That would have been some pretty bad PR if they had beheaded her.
  2. You forgot "Born here and never left"
  3. They need a third baseman, too. If you know what I mean....
  4. Yes. But I have zero confidence that DD will make a good deal.
  5. I'd have no problem bringing Tillman back on the cheap. He'll need that year to re-establish himself, and based upon past performance, he'd be worth another chance. He says he's not, but I have to think that he is still injured. He may not feel it, but something isn't right.
  6. Baker and Hogan should run as an independent ticket in 2020.
  7. I can't really disagree with him. I rarely sit and "watch" a baseball game. It's more or less just on, and I'll check in on it periodically.
  8. I'm scared the Orioles are going to go on a five game winning streak, and get a false sense of competitiveness.
  9. My guess is the Baltimore Orioles. He's just the kind of pitcher they like.
  10. That's ain't happening. The orioles and Nats have never made a deal.
  11. 47-27
  12. God forbid they take a night to have a little fun.
  13. Joe West and Angel Hernandez? Is CB Bucknor out there, too?
  14. Did I just see Manny wearing a jersey with an A's logo on it? I get that Alonso is his brother-in-law, but that seems like bad form.