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  1. One of those traffic things (the first thing on the list, in fact) also included the following: Looks like he has a felony conviction somewhere, maybe not Maryland.
  2. Yes, very different then the Commander in Chief not knowing military protocol. One is the exercise of one's rights, the other is buffoonery.
  3. Trump laughs and jokes during solemn “Retreat” ceremony honoring flag while on military base This SOB should be fired.
  4. If they renounce their US citizenship and then actively engage in war with the US, then yes.
  5. Of course you don't
  6. In the long run, the 25th still requires 2/3 of both houses (because you know Trump will challenge it). I don't see that happening.
  7. I get that, but it still makes no sense at all in the context of my answer to banner's question.
  8. your comment makes no sense, whatsoever.
  9. White privilege.
  10. He gave therm all those very good, beautiful, soft towels. What more could they possibly need?
  11. Way off on wild cards, but in reality, picking the division winners really wasn't super difficult. Let's just see if Cleveland can pull it off.
  12. I wonder if Buck or Dan even saw that bus coming.
  13. I think I saw her flag touch the ground.
  14. But he feels GREAT!