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  1. Exactly. If anyone trades for him, I'm sure they're going to stipulate that they have to be able to sign him to an extension as part of the deal. Why do that now and give up players and sign him, when you can wait a year and just sign him, and keep your prospects, too?
  2. That "B12" is amazing stuff.
  3. Time for a history lesson.
  4. I was thinking of Vic Mackey's crew, but yeah, Training Day works, too.
  5. Is that a rhetorical question?
  6. I think we can all maybe like 'Ernst #1588'. I'm sure, though, that's the one that will be stricken.
  7. Beef to the White Sox
  8. Only if "Mother" is in the room.
  9. And people talk about Trump having dementia. Yikes!
  10. I heard or read somewhere that the machines and tabulation systems are not internet connected for that very reason. I believe the systems that the hackers got to, and my understanding is they simply 'scanned' them, were more like voter rolls and such.
  12. One thing DD said that struck me a complete BS, and maybe I'm wrong, Hunter asked him about maybe signing Tillman to a one year deal, and Dan replied that "the rules don't let him talk about free agents". I'm sorry, it's the off-season and Tillman is free to sign with any team. GMs aren't allowed to talk about free-agents? I get it during the season and while a player is under contract, like the Yankees can't go around talking about signing Machado next year. Am I wrong, or is Dan just blowing more smoke. Also, his notion that Gausman would be a much better pitcher if only he could field his position better. Or, when it was mentioned that Schoop should have been in the Gold Glove discussion, he replied, "well there's lots of good players out there". What? Way to stand up for your players. or are you getting ready for the arbitration hearing where you're going to use the fact that he didn't win a Gold Glove as a reason to low-ball him?
  13. ...and infuriating, than listening to Jim Hunter interview Dan Duquette?