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  1. Man, I want to see that incentive clause:
  2. I've got no problem with this, as long as he is kept on a very short leash. Either way, he's got to be better than Mike Wright. Right?
  3. That looks too recent to be surplus or outdated. Of course, I could be wrong.
  4. Actually, if you look at his career stats vs. ALE teams, they don't appear to be horrible
  5. I still say take a flier on team-friendly deal with Tillman.
  6. I never realized Kennedy had malformed legs
  7. I never realized you were a Republican.
  8. Why did he start the tweet with "I am an American"? Was there any question as to his Americanness? Is Erin Hamlin not an American? What is his point?
  9. But did Jimmy G. ever say he was elite?
  10. $90mil guaranteed in the first three years
  11. Not finishing with the worst record was the goal.
  12. Niners sign Jimmy Garoppolo to record 5-year contract
  13. If you have cable, they're still getting your money.