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  1. My wife read today that no POTUS has attended a former FLOTUS’ funeral since JFK attended Eleanor Roosevelt’s. It is not an unusual occurance.
  2. Question two: How many times will the Orioles strikeout over the homestand? I'm going with 105.
  3. Never heard of him. But, RIP.
  4. I wouldn't call that "supporting her". Your link clearly states that they think it is an embarrassment to the University.
  5. 4-6 1-3 vs. Indians 2-1 vs. Rays 1-2 vs. Tigers
  6. Like most wide receivers, I found him infuriating fantasy-wise. Probably because in 2016, he was basically NO's third receiver.
  7. Overpay.
  8. She stepped across the line when she gave out the phone number for the ASU crisis hotline as her own. That should be the story, not what she said.
  9. And I doubt there are any teams dumb enough to do that for a rental of Manny.
  10. They're going to need a center fielder, a shortstop and a third baseman. That's where I would start the discussion.
  11. He was an Assistant Director. I don't know how the hierarchy works at the FBI, but that was his actual title. It says so, right at the end of the piece. EDIT - Found it...he's down the chain a bit.
  12. If his recent on-field management is any indication, Oriole fans are in for more long-term misery once he moves upstairs with Brady next year.