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  1. Just the spark the O’s needed.
  2. Maybe that’s what was in Brady’s meatballs.
  3. Maybe eight days off and meatballs from Brady helped.
  4. Funny thing, I always thought Angelos and Markakis were buds. If I recall correctly, the media always seemed to play it that way.
  5. What a kook.
  6. I just hope all of our allies realize that this is likely temporary situation, and there is a chance that this country will regain it's sanity at some point.
  7. Canadian Scuffed Shoe Smuggler. I think I might set up a new account and use that name for the next week and a half.
  8. When does this turn in to a Civil War thread? Those are my favorites!
  9. Well, considering it's not the front office's job to get the players to bunt, draw walks, steal bases and hit against the shift, or to decide which pitchers to use in a given situation, I'd say a great deal of it falls on the manager's shoulders.
  10. Join date: January 28, 2015. Another long time listener, first time caller "lurker"
  11. Pi R round. Cornbread R Square. (My dad used to use that line. )
  12. Lose. It's what they do.
  13. He'll go unclaimed and wind up at Norfolk, only to come back later. Steve Wilkerson (who????) gets called up.
  14. I applaud his stance, but I don't think the removal of one helicopter and four crew members is going to put a dent in Trump's insanity.
  15. Not unless I have another older sibling I don't know about.