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  1. See the post from 12 hours ago on page one of this thread.
  2. The darkness and the light.
  3. July 7, 1970, bottom of the 10th against the Yankees. That's Brooks' only walk-off grand slam.
  4. There is a second option. My mom always taught me, if you can't say something nice....
  5. My brother and I went with our dad, too, about a year and a half before he passed away. We had to leave early though. Dad was getting a contact high.
  6. Always has been and always will be the epitome of a Baltimore Oriole.
  7. It's in the breaking news banner on Fox and CNN, no link yet.
  8. He's the greatest in history at using hyperbole.
  9. Trump attorney Michael Cohen tweets photo of his college-aged daughter in lingerie ew.
  10. National Primary Day with all candidates, fringe left, left, center, right, fringe right, all running at once. Top two go to the General.
  11. You know how they say that there are a certain number of wins and losses per season that can be pinned on the manager? Yeah. That.
  12. I've got him, too.
  13. Welcome to three weeks ago.
  14. I'm having a weird feeling that this is going to one of those games where the O's get to Scherzer early, and UJ pitches a solid 6+. I'm probably wrong, but I hope not.