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  1. Phillies utilityman Ryan Flaherty plans to opt out of his minor league contract, Todd Zolecki of tweets. The Phillies will have 48 hours to add Flaherty to their 25-man roster or let him go. Odds are that they’ll grant him his release, per Zolecki. The 31-year-old Flaherty was a member of the Orioles from 2012-17, and Baltimore reportedly made an attempt to keep him before he joined the Phillies. Now, he could head back to the O’s, Roch Kubatko of suggests. As long as he doesn't play everyday, I've got no problem with him as a utility guy or late inning defensive replacement. He can play a lot of positions reasonably competently.
  2. Wait until next year! He probably salivating at having Machado, Jones, Brach, Britton and Duquette off the books.
  3. Until there is a new managing general partner, it'll be SSDY. You should be used to it by now.
  4. Who's going to fire them? The owner does the firing. They're doing his bidding.
  5. Congratulations to K-State for becoming the first 9-seed to beat a 16-seed in tournament history.
  6. Some Republicans want to stuff a state sales web tax in the omnibus
  7. Because Amazon has a physical presence in most states.
  8. The problem is the effect it will have on small internet businesses. My wife and daughter run one, and I handle the books for them. Currently, since we are based solely in Maryland, twice a year, I have to send the Maryland sales taxes we have collected (on orders shipped within the state) in to the Comptroller's office. It will become a much more onerous task of sending in sales taxes to 45 states and God knows how many local taxing authorities if this comes to fruition.
  9. Trump's Reggie Love, perhaps?
  10. Every year MLB Trade Rumors does their ranking of free agents and their predictions of where they will end up and for how much. Here are the two they have going to the Orioles. They touched on all of the things the Orioles seem to love in a player:
  11. I doubt Obama would have even considered Romney for SoS.
  12. "Falsehood flies, and the truth comes limping after it," -Jonathan Swift
  13. Lynn (#39), Blackmon (#72) and Kimbrel (#96) haven't been too shabby.
  14. Oh, there's a strategy. It's just not a good one.
  15. I found this interesting. You may not. 2008 MLB Draft #1 Tim Beckham #2 Pedro Alvarez #4 Brian Matusz #12 Jemile Weeks #19 Andrew Cashner #41 Ryan Flaherty #43 Wade Miley Within 10 years, 15% of the 2008 first round has played in the Orioles organization.
  16. Next, someone will tweet that water is wet.
  17. With two outs in the bottom of the ninth, down 6-0. Yup. He's a true Oriole.
  18. Are you saying that a 16 year old age of consent is a southern way of thinking?
  19. What makes you think he would have read this link. He doesn't seem to read any others.
  20. Man, I want to see that incentive clause:
  21. I've got no problem with this, as long as he is kept on a very short leash. Either way, he's got to be better than Mike Wright. Right?
  22. That looks too recent to be surplus or outdated. Of course, I could be wrong.
  23. Actually, if you look at his career stats vs. ALE teams, they don't appear to be horrible