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  1. Every year MLB Trade Rumors does their ranking of free agents and their predictions of where they will end up and for how much. Here are the two they have going to the Orioles. They touched on all of the things the Orioles seem to love in a player:
  2. Really? Why don't you think he'd frame white men?
  3. Al Franken was 55 years old in 2006.
  4. His hands look tiny. What is it with these guys with tiny hands?
  5. It's not an article that takes 5 minutes to read. Maybe for you, but not for most people.
  6. I read it. I also have read many other articles about the same case, both local Chicago media as well as national media. Time seems to be the only (or one of few) to highlight the race of the framed men. Most other outlets refer to '15 men'. Are you, and Time, insinuating that if the corrupt cop, Sgt. Watts, had been assigned to a white neighborhood, he wouldn't have railroaded them, too? Corrupt cops are corrupt. I seriously doubt Sgt. Watts took the race of his victims into consideration.
  7. Correct. We don't call him just 'of Nazareth', do we?
  8. Why the race of the framed men important to this story?
  9. Eric and Donny Jr. have probably already booked their next trip to go shoot some endangered animals.
  10. What you're saying is, is that if Hillary had won, there would still probably be 210,000 gallons of oil soaking into South Dakota? And in Trump's defense, this is creating jobs. Think of all the people they need to hire to clean it up!
  11. Also, he's a Cowboys fan.
  12. It would have been even better if they had done it last year.
  13. Yeah, heck. Roy Moore didn't make that 14 year old girl touch his junk. He was wearing underwear!
  14. At what thickness of clothing does it become appropriate?
  15. I'm guessing she's dead by now. And wouldn't they both be Leonardo daVinci? Wouldn't everyone in town then be 'daVinci'?
  16. So what if she's wearing a flak jacket?
  17. Or as Dr. Eckles, my college Art History Professor would correct you, "Leonardo". daVinci just means he was born in the town of Vinci.
  18. My wife renewed last week with no problems. Just her renewal form and old license. She must have everything on file.
  19. But rest assured, they'll pretend they are in the hunt.
  20. Why not Alabama?
  21. Uh, the black guy held the door for the victim. Watch the video again.
  22. No matter how many resources and how much jobs education you provide, Deputy Chief Foley, the fact is, some people are just rotten to the core, and Leroy Mims seems to be one of those people.