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  1. 6'3" and 239 pounds? I want to see his Girth Certificate!
  2. Every year MLB Trade Rumors does their ranking of free agents and their predictions of where they will end up and for how much. Here are the two they have going to the Orioles. They touched on all of the things the Orioles seem to love in a player:
  3. What a waste of $12 million.
  4. #1 on my list...customer service As just a simple example, we got a membership to Sams Club, with the offer of a gift card (which they gave us on the spot), and a free rotisserie chicken and appple pie (oh, we'll load those to your membership can get them next time you come in). I went in a month later...oh, i had to get my chicken and pie within 2 weeks...thanks for telling me. Also, they set your membership to auto renew to the credit card you gave them. But they give you a phone number to call to opt-out. It's just a phone tree with no option to opt-out or to talk to a human. So I went to my account on the website. Ow, there's a link to auto-renewal. Nope, just tells me the date that I auto-renew. No option to cancel it. I had originall signed up because I needed to continually buy a particular item in bulk, and Sams had it cheapest. I've now found a cheaper alternative, and no longer have a need for the membership. But now I have to go there and see if they'll kill the auto-renew in person. I don't really want to because.... #2...I don't like the atmosphere. There's just something very Walmart-ish about Sam's Club.
  5. Sam's Club can't hold Costco's jock strap.
  6. The Warehouse has "top prospects"?
  7. Be he was, in actuality, a late 2rd round pick. My doubt at the time was, did he get better by not playing for three years?
  8. I'll admit it. I was w-w-w-w-wrong.
  9. there will forever be Mike Wright, though.
  10. I predict the Ravens will select a Defensive End from Alabama in the first round.
  11. Your work on lightning safety is producing yuge, bigly results. Covfefe to you!
  12. He disses his own publication. :
  14. You must really love Barack Obama's civil air safety record. Eight years straight with no fatalities. Come on, say the words..."Barack Obama was fantastic for civil air safety."
  15. Oh yeah. I went there.
  16. Called it! Orioles Do Not Expect To Trade Manny Machado
  17. While I agree the spoiled ballot should have been tossed, do you really think the GOP is smart enough to cause a tie vote and fix a coin flip? if they were so smart at 'dirty tricks', wouldn't they have just won the election outright?
  18. Just in time for the Second Wild Card Chase! Yay!
  19. She only got 48.02%
  20. I have a feeling we've seen the last of Zach Britton in an Orioles uniform:
  21. Should have traded him last winter.
  22. That boy needs to get some help. Alcohol, drugs and PTSD aren't a good mix.
  23. That's what I was trying to say, but wasn't explicit. The maximum speed limit for the train was 79. I am assuming that meant on a clear straight-away. Around a curve, across a bridge over the Interstate, it would necessarily be slower.